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Welcome to the Technotic Cinema, a repository of
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You  might  consider  them  to  be  the  mental
equivalent of  a  rigorous  physical  workout.
You may love them, you may hate them, but we
promise you won't feel neutral about them...
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Altered States
Just what is the meaning of life, anyway?

Technotic Connection: Psychoactively Evoked Alternative Reality

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Another form of altered state, methinks.

Technotic Connection: Dazzling Document of a Trippy Time

Blue Velvet
David Lynch and Dennis Hopper, two seriously divergent minds.

Technotic Connection: Another Strange Trip to a Parallel Dimension

Bright Leaf
So that's how this tobacco thing got started.

Technotic Connection: Trust Hollywood to Tell It Like It Was, Sorta...

Casino Royale 
How many directors? How many Bonds?

Technotic Connection: Thinly Plotted Eye Candy of the First Order

Dead Man
So what if you pretty-much know where this somber, violent, oddly calm and surprisingly absorbing movie is going from just about the first frame? Just as the esssence of life is in the living, in Jim Jarmusch's meditative Dead Man, death is in the dying.

Technotic Connection: Basically a two-hour long mind trip into the deepest reaches of the human psyche cleverly disguised as a period Western

Dr. Strangelove 
Who knew the end of the world would be this funny?

Technotic Connection: Seminal Work on the Dangers of Entrusting Control to Technology Over People

Easy Rider 
Dennis Hopper again...  Is he the Grand Poohbah of Technotic Cinema?

Technotic Connection: Another Pre-Apocaplyptic Vision From A Time Even More Paranoid and Hopeless Than Ours

5,000 Fingers of Dr. T., The 
Strange 50's reflection on the dangers of Technology and the Cruel Pursuit of Musical Perfection. Based on a story by Dr. Seuss.

Technotic Connection: It's Atomic!!!!!

The Monkees (yes, those Monkees) in the most surreal music movie ever.

Technotic Connection: Sit Back and Relive the Psychedelic Excesses of the Sixties in the Comfort of Your Living Room

In Like Flint 
More evidence that the 60's were a very, very Technotic time.
(and we didn't even suspect it)

Technotic Connection: Man or Gadget, Who's More A Product of an Outsized Technological Oreintation?

I Love You Alice B. Toklas
Peter Sellers, Technotic diety, presents an incisive 
clinic on 'the generation gap,' and how to bridge it.
(And don't forget those brownies)

Technotic Connection: Another Shard of Rosetta Stone-Like Evidence of how We Got From There to Here

Jacob's Ladder
Prepare to be very disturbed...

Technotic Connection: Is There a Movie That Does a Better Job of Mixing the Psychotic Components That Have Joined to Create the Shattered Psyche That Informs Today's Souless Popular Culture?

Loved One , The
Now we understand why dying is such a delicate subject.

Technotic Connection: At the Dawn of the Space Age, the Technotic Sense of Senselessness-as-Normality Was, Surprisingly, Already Well In Place

Madame Sin
Bette Davis is Madame Sin, diabolical villian, and only Robert Wagner
(Robert Wagner?) can save the world from her destructive wrath!

Technotic Connection: Madame Sin, Mistress of Low-Budget Technological Terror!

Man With the X-Ray Eyes , The
These ain't a pair of those hokey Johnson Smith X-Ray specs, baby!

Technotic Connection: Another Cautionary Tale About the Perils of Technology Without Temperance


Fritz Lang's chilly and brutal yet strangely beautiful vision of future class-based conflict.

Technotic Connection: Jeff Mills' "Music Inspired by Metropolis." Nuff said.

Mr. Hulot's Vacation
Jacques Tati, master of pure cinematic, non-verbal comedy.

Technotic Connection: A Clinic On the Narrative Possibilities of Cinematic Technology

Our Man Flint
Derek Flint, the hippest secret agent there ever was.

Technotic Connection: Flint is the Cinema's Premier Master of Technology and Psychedelic Culture

Party , The
Peter Sellers rings in again with more evidence that the 60's
were seriously out of sync with the rest of human history.

Technotic Connection: This Film Embodies the Hipsters vs. Innocent Battle That Rages Against Technological Complacency

Point Blank
Being dead isn't enough to stop 'Bullet Proof' Lee 
Marvin from exacting some serious revenge.

Technotic Connection: A Movie That Takes the Art of Cinema to Its Technological Extreme

President's Analyst , The
This movie answers the eternal question, "can you really
be paranoid when they really are out to get you?"
Technotic Connection: Now, More Than Ever, Don't Trust The Corporation, Man...
Prime Cut
Lee Marvin returns to show that, the more things 
change, the more they remain the same.

Technotic Connection: More Visual Mayhem That Foreshadows Today's Violence-Drenched Cinema, But In a More Symbolic and Creative (But No Less Disturbing) Way

Produced by Dick Clark (Yes, That Dick Clark). Watch out for the STP, man!

Technotic Connection: None, Really. Just a Strange Document of a Stranger Time

Trip , The
We think the title gives you a pretty good idea of what's going on here.

Technotic Connection: Now That's Traveling Without Moving!

Up the Sandbox
Barbra Streisand loses it big time!
Technotic Connection: Sometimes There's a Fine Line Between Technotic and Twisted
Wicker Man , The
Always make sure someone knows where you're at, especially
if you're flying alone to a private island populated by pagans.

Technotic Connection: Evidence That Technotic Doesn't Have to Mean Technological

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory , The
The movie that Gene Wilder was born to star in. Titularly about a happy go lucky tour of a candy factory -- a prize won by a handful of lucky young contest winners -- Willy Wonka is actually a searing indictment of modern society's breakdown.  Make no mistake, this movie is strictly about the perils of unbridled greed. Perhaps the only movie ever made that can truly be said to have something for people of every age and interest. Filled with eye popping images from start to finish, brimming with some of the most amusing dialog in film history and, amazingly, never once dropping it's entirely realistic air of fantasy, it's a masterpeice of Technotic Cinema.

Technotic Connection: Wonkavator!!!

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