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Who? What? When? Where? Why?

  • Are you confused by the many, many different faces (not to mention places) on the Internet?
  • Do you think your organization should have a presence on the Net, but don't know where to begin?
  • Do you want to utilize the powerful communications potential of the World Wide Web, but haven't been able to locate a resource with the skills and knowledge needed to make your goals a reality?
  • Do you want to make sure that your organization's Web site is a "Wow!" instead of an "also-ran," to ensure that surfers return again and again?

Well, you're not alone! If you know you should be on the Internet, but you haven't yet pinned down the 'hows?', or more importantly, the 'whys?', give us a holler!

Who is Technotica/Design?

Glad you asked! Technotica/Design is a partnership of communication, computer, and marketing professionals, led by noted Internet expert "World Wide" Rob Levin, who have banded together to offer technology-based communications consulting services to those people and organizations who are seeking a no-nonsense, effective way to get onto the "Information Superhighway" with the speed and performance of a Ferrari Testarosa...

How do we do it?

By knowing the Net, by listening to your goals, then by matching your goals to the best Web design and programming solutions the Internet has to offer - powerful technologies like JavaScript, CGI, Animated GIFs and more.... Combined, the LoL Internet team has over 40 years of on-line development experience.

What's The Difference In Web Sites?
Good Better Best!

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