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The Big Blep

A New Year's Story by 'Dad'


A long time ago, in a town called Broccolli Acre, there lived the biggest blep ever known.


People would come from far away, sometimes traveling for days to see the Big Blep of Brocolli Acre.


One day, a young boy named Weevil asked his father just exactly what a blep was.


His father said, "Let's go see."


So, they travelled to Brocolli Acre, even though the trip took many days.


When they finally arrived at Brocolli Acre, they looked at the blep.


"Well, now that I've seen it, I still don't know what a blep is." said the father.


"Me either, Dad." said the boy.


But both father and son agreed that it was indeed the biggest blep they'd ever seen.


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