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The Technotic Times
1.2000 - Spring Edition

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==================THE TECHNOTIC TIMES==============




Hi-Ho and a Doe-See-Doe !

Here it is again…news, views and reviews you can use and abuse! All info regarding subscribe/unsubscribe, and what the heck this is all about, if you need to know, is at the bottom…Thanks! Oh, and by the way, if you decide to unsubscribe because you don't see a rekkid in the style you promote/produce/enjoy, then hold on a second there good buddy, my motto is, "you never know what you might hear!" Give us another ish or 2, and I'm sure we'll manage to make you happy someday!

Linda Leigh/L3

These Technotic Times - Mondays 9pm-11pm (ET)

Box 1383, Newtown, Pa 18940, USA (street addy available upon request)

(215) 750-1560



PRODUCT (UK) blistering thick innovative techno

SLUT SMALLS…Whoever said good things come in small packages was right! 7"double artist releases with genre bustin tunes….I can't stop playin the recent one with Luke Slater! Wish I had the one with Andy Weatherall.

PLAYHOUSE, KLANG!!!Ooohh good…You gotta check it, along with all the new quirky housey stuff comin out of Germany, and some from the UK….It's been part of my 'secret arsenal' long enough, now the word seems to be spreading among 'those that know'!


REPAP ! - a sub-label of the wonderful Paper label. The goods are truly represented here, the goods being some kinda odd, quirky, deep, cool, neat, funky thangs….You MUST try this!

DOMESTIC (USA) D&B…Thermal, Wideload, Ghetto Safari, Higher Education, Sound Sphere, Green…whoeva sez the USofA doesn't have the goods don't have a clue…check these labels out!

INTERNATIONAL DJ GIGOLOS…Eccentric eclectic German techno.


B BOY 3000 - very funky guy rockin the breaks with hip hop sensibilities and a jungalized attitude.

SKYLAB -back once again with a cute 7" called 'Generic Promotion' on Eye Q, containing 2 different tracks with the same name, 'Nickers of a Girl'…does it mean something skin to the fact that are often too confusing and 2 tight?;->

PUNISHER - on the rise!


Berry drinks to boost yer brain, grape juice during the day wine at night

IRON CHEF (TV show) "LIKE A DJ BATTLE USING FOOD' - probably the best show to ever be on TV!


Here ya go! This one is by Tony of NYR fame. Have something you'd like to share? Send it to



by Anthony Magsajo

White Visor Raver/Nike Visor Raver

D.U.B. Sound System

The A Kru

Grover Holder

My two cents on what I expect at a large event and I sure hope production teams present and future are reading this:


With event admission pushing the $25+ mark, there are certain things that I've come to expect:


If I'm paying $25+, I expect the speakers to:


-not be totally distorted by bass so that all you are left with is this earthshaking sound and everything else gets drowned out

- have surround setup so I can get focused soberly.


- a couple of multi-paged programmed goldenscans and/or argon lasers the lasers should not put you in an awkward position acoustically (i.e. if you pay attention to the laser, you shouldn't only be hearing music on one side--this is easily solved by having surround sound)

- Anything over $30, I would like a multiwatt argon laser (preferably with a 3D cubicle scrim).All other lights should be off or at the very least not left in "suicide lighting" mode for the entire night

- How about a video wall? Or a couple of video walls??

- How about some "theme" lighting??


I appreciate big names, and I understand that they may require a large salary.However, how about an hour and a half to two hour set?That way they have ample time to warm up before they really let loose.How about a talent meeting before the event?That way they can get together and talk about what kind of set they are gonna play; maybe even work a bit of continuity??


- prompt start times

- competent versatile and efficient talent coordination

- multiple entrance security checks.Also, as far a security goes, they should be virtually invisible at a party.Present but invisible.Security should keep a zero tolerance policy on violence, vandalism and open use of drugs.But they shouldn't go looking for them.They are not the police, they are not physicians, they are security.

THE 411 -

the fliers don't have to be extravagant -- damn I'm waiting to see pop-pop and scratch 'n sniff next, hehehe =).But...


-directions via public transportation

-parking options

-start and end times

would be greatly appreciated.

-how about a more accurate list of what security will take away?? (i.e. no gum, no vics inhalers, no water bottles, no long wallet chains) instead of the usual, no guns no drugs, no markers, no bad vibes--no duh!!Those inhalers are quite expensive for a little peice of plastic and some menthol $3+!!)


-no overcrowding

-large dance area

-chill out space


-proper ventilation(Large fans are easy and cheap to rent (as compared to lighting and equipment and will combat oven temperature heat which can aggravate hostility)


-how about some practical things like earplugs, and plain pbj or ham and cheese sandwiches??


I really wouldn't mind paying $25-40 for events with these criteria guaranteed.If you could pull it off, I'm willing to pay.If you pull it off, you DESERVE to get paid.If you pull it off, I wouldn't consider myself a sucker for paying you $25-40 because this environment breeds incredible nights.If the environment is right, maybe we can all concentrate on vibe again.

EXTRAVAGENCES (things that i'd love to see)

-cotton candy vendor

-fresh cold water bottle refill station (not the bathroom sink) this is worth a $5 water bottle w/ a squirt top for sharing water not germs..

-carpeted or gym matted chill area

-order forms for DAT recorded to CD burned volumes of each set or PA (if

DJ's have 1.5 - 2 hours to spin then you don't have to worry about uneven time restrictions

-1 room of music with scheduled styles. (i.e. jungle, then hard techno, then trance, then goa, then hardkore)


The Playlists for 'These Technotic Times' are published weekly in the CMJ (College Music Journal) and also appear in other various music publications. The reviews are exclusive to and are made available on the website, to subscribers, and to music makers everywhere by regular e-mails. Thanks!


REVIEWS AND PLAYLISTS from 'These Technotic Times' Internet Broadcast (Mondays 9pm-11pm ET, Mondays, go to for the link!)



EPISODE #46 -Loving Confusion

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

r-BASSFACTORY - *RISE/CHEMICAL - ANTI-GRAVITY RESEARCH===Deep down and steppin hypnotic trippy, dancin in your own headspace….very vibey stuff! ---- Slyly evil Techno Trance that demonstrates with style that you don't have to club someone over the head to overwhelm their senses. Atom Smasher and Tom O'Hara present 2 long, involved, well produced cuts here that are a necessary ingredient to any heady musical stew that needs to be kicked up notch! On the A side, 'Rise' is appropriately named, because rise you will, just try not too, ha ha ha! Real deep, thick, runny, trippy sounds of light percussion and strummin acid that has a didgeridoosound…it all builds such a delicate suspension bridge of tension…then the beats come in, yeah! There's an edge of dread edge to this with some eerie sounds and slight Aphexisms as subtle acid snakes thru…the beats get bigger and it really rises to a massive building shaker with a wild psy rock 'n roll feel that plays with you up and down. 'Chemical' on the B side has a hypnotic bassline and weavingand bobbing sound lines gating and pulsing…you'll not only dance, but LIQUID, even if you don't knbow how or even what it is…and you'll look & feel good doing it too! The elements are added slowly and used to great effect for maximum impact in such a minimal tight setting. Btw, is that sex I hear in the background?

older-HAPPY DREADLOCKS RULE THE NATION - FREE LOVE - CRASH===cute sample, "free boy, free girl, free love"…….hey, I still like this! Ravey but not cheezy, trancy and a fun ride!

-PUNK FLOYD - FLOYD AS FUCK FOR THE Y2K/*OPUS PF - SMITTEN===Totally rockin out, high energy tune that's sure to rock just about any crowd! A driving feel with lots of psychy sounds. I did prefer the 'Opus' cut for it's rock 'n roll trance feel with great acid and an enticing depth that's very good! It really pumps it with wild sounds that really drive this puppy! The 'Floyd as…' cut is an rockin acidic stomper with lots of yells and call outs and some nice breakbeat action. BUT, Smitten has released a Special version of the 'Floyd' track, 'Floyd As Dub'in which the vocals are nearly all removed, making way for the massive beat action - this one will really satisfy your ravey rock 'n roll needs.…if you can find it…copies are very limited!

older-REYES - NO ESCAPE - WELCOME TO THE PAST - K.N.O.R.===Old school sounds and feelings abound! Great monologue welcomes you to rave hard.

-COZMIC SPORE - VECTOR EP - B - SEISMIC===Thick runnins that roll ya deep inta the fog…see that strobe, that's yours, use it how you wish, that's ok, no one's looking…let this one talk to you… Mike Brickman, aka Cozmic Spore and label head of Seismic out of Michiganreturns with a very strong and appealing 3 tracker. On the A, the first cut is a powerful ravey fog lifter that starts dark and deep and gets bigger and more expansive as it runs along with cool percussion and a coursing mind sound line throughout. The second cut is a rollin tribal workout that flys you up high above the tall trees and submerges deep within the lagoon. On the B side, it's a big'un! A mental run-you-over thang with an inlaid vocal and lots and lots of beats 'n percussion…funky! It'll make ya dance kinda wild!

older-THE CUBASE CREW- BIGGER AND BOLDER - ST INFO 1 - OUT RECORDS===Fun take on the rave core classic…where's my damn glowstick?!

-OZONE LAYER - PLANETARY DETERIORATION - ANTHONY ROTHER 1999 REMIX - INTERNATIONAL DEEJAY GIGOLOS===Sexy slammin electro with a great Rother mix that lays down some sweet old school samples that'll get 'em breakin and poppin those poor abused bodies the poor slobs!

older-J 'N' J - THE BALLET - ROTTERDAM…Classic ravey shenanigans.

-HIROFUMI SAKAMOTO - GO TO HELL - OWN MUSIC===Sinisterlymelodic, pumpin dancers…if this is hell, well, i dunno, because God must take some pity on the sufferers of eternal damnation with at least some good tunage!

older-NEOPHYTE - REAL HARDCORE - BRAINCRACKING - ROTTERDAM===Ha Ha Ha!!!I love this silly stupid thing!Bangin HC beats and all the trimmings, and this sick horn sound, that is apparently, the sound of your 'Braincracking'. 3 other classic tracks here also on this fun picture disc.

-PUNISHER - THE PLOT SICKENS - B2 - SEISMIC===She just keeps getting better and betyter, the sound is so well thought out and evolved in such a way that you'll experience…One of the most enjoyable and invigorating things is seeing/hearing great talent and following its progress…..some people will stick to their original style, while others reach beyond….Punisher continues to reach beyond and offers something more each outing. On this third release of hers on this label, she keeps the techno theme, but works it in new ways that make all 4 tracks very satisfying.A1 is a big comforting stomper with nice deep pulsing acid, space3 signals and percussion that all adds up to a driven tune with a dark edge. A2 goes a deconstruction/reconstruction road with the elements adding a comfortable smooth and deep feel that makes it whole, and a slightly experimental feel adds edge. B1 runs cool 'n deep with bloop ' bass, yum! Very, um, pure JThe bass plays tricks and various percussive elements take turns signaling and guiding.B2 is, well, Oh my, Oh so good! It's 4am and the fog is thick…Intellibeams cut thru and move in time with the music…..very trippy and ravey, hypnotic and strong.

older-RUFFNECK - 000 B===Indians chant, digeradoos do, weirdness and big 909 beats reign here!

-MIKE PARKER - DRAIN HUM - ORIGINAL MIX - GEOPHONE===Parker continues his sound explorations with this very deep, hard edged, thickly resonating, mental tune with this awesome otherworldly hum…serious attitude and enough atmosphere to run the fog machine even if it already ran out of juice! Where are you? Where am I!?

older-SENICAL - HAZARD UNITS PART 1 - BINH - SIX SIXTY SIX===This short lived label made an indelable impression on those who knew it….mad, evil shit to f**k u up! This here track is thick and distorted enough for just about anyone and filters, loops and swoops thru the muck 'n mire like a mad dog with a bad case of tinnitus.

-AUTOPOIESE S - LA VIE A NOIR TRANSPOSED - GEZ VARLEY - MILLE PLATEAUX===One disk is a collection of loops from a stellar list of artists, and, oh man, are they ever useful! The other is a V/A selection of tracks ranging from experimental ambiance to Intelligent funky, bangin Techno (the Gez track which I played here)…The Mille Plateaux label has been crankin out thinking persons stuff for awhile now in limited runs, this release is one of the first I've seen that has gotten widespread editorial/review notice.

-D.DIGGLER - CHOCOLATE LOVE - FORCE INC.===This is the second release I've purchased of this producer (I believe he has 3 releases out)…anyhoos, this stuff is absolutely delicious, I say, you must rty this…really, I insist! Deep house with muted hardcore beats….genius!

-NORTHEAST MOTOR CLUB - RADKE&OLSON - FILTERLESS OLD MAN - HI PASS MUSIC===This one kinda sashays a bit, struts a bit, pushes and pulls a bit…..pulsating deep chill cool minimal…I wanna say house, because it feels like I would want this at 5AM when things are really getting weird in that club I always end up in on nights like this and always get lost in the maze of stairwells, hallways, and how the hell many rooms and Dj's are in this place anyhow, and Oh, yes, I see you there, and what you're doing…yea yea very nice.

-DE MARKUS LEWIS & BRETT JOHNSON - UPSIDE - DOWN FOR WHATEVER EP - AESOTERIC===Uptempo room brightener to help wash away the darkness. Very fun 'n funky stuff that never gets too obvious…wonderfully new feeling and well produced using a deep, dubby approach and layers and layers of perfectly modulated sounds…and lots of laughter!

-DJ VALIUM - DEEPFROZEN TECHNOLOGY - TRIP TO THE NORTHPOLE - INTERNATIONAL DJ GIGOLOS===Oooh, yeah, it feels kinda icey and smooth….and ya know, they say when you're dying of the frostbite, you become real peaceful like…it's said that the poor victims sometimes are found with a trace of a smile…Ok, so, what's that got to do with this?Chilled to the bone minimal brushy techno that's elements are so subtle that you'll fall under it's spell, and while it progressively gets harder, it's so polite, that you never seem to mind.




-PAT THOMI - FAIRYTALES - IN THE DISTANCE - BLUE BLIMP=== Sometimes you need a bit of the soft stuff to see ya thru. This may be classified as 'New Age' by some, and that label would immediately turn off many potential listeners. Lovely pulsating soundscapes are accented beautifully by sweet spanish feelin guitar work. Using the tracks as bridgework for any other type of music works so well, and you may just find yourself getting a bit deep into some of the tracks on their own, noting the musicianship, structure, influences and just all around soothing character to see you thru sometimes when the rest of it all just seems to be getting just a bit too much.

-SUPER-A-LOOF (KIRK DEGIORGIO & JAMIE O'DELL - THE SKY EP SERIES NO.1 -INNER SANCTUM - EXCEPTIONAL===Great label name, and they ain't full of hot air on that claim! Starry nights, feelin alright, with you honey by yer side sippin on somethin nice, feelin kinda sexy…kinda trippy, deep lounge stuff that'll make the bartenders very happy!

The next 2 tracks I used are from the wonderful and well-acclaimed various artist LP, 'Statra's Paradigm Shift'. This compilation represents the artists who will be releasing full-length albums on the Statra label in the coming year. The first release on this label, 'Harry The Bastard Presents Club H' is a staple in any/every lover of a delicious jazzy house groove in the world! Now on this collection of tracks, the emphasis seems to be on not what has come before, but what lies ahead…seeing beyond a set-limit of a 'type of sound label', the music here is like a bowl of treats, tasty enough each one alone, but a banquet all together J

-STATRA'S PARADIGM SHIFT - V/A - LYPID - UPTOWN - STATRA=== I LOVE this track the best of all of them! Spacey atmospheric Trip Hop with ghostly whistlins and voices mumbling of transgressions past - partnostalgia, part uneasy truce. Lypids also does the track from which the comp takes it's name'Paradigm Shift'has a really nice, long intro of beautifully atmospherics dripping with spacey feelings that goes into a lovely D&B track loaded with neat sounds.

-STATRA'S PARADIGM SHIFT - V/A - SUPERSOUL - ALPHA NUMERIC===Tone steps along watery and chill percussions in a hypnotic sway that's altered and funked up in an experimental way. The second Supersoul track, 'Giant Birdz', has eerie climatic beats that roll ', break for a deep 'n bold space city 3000 feel!

Regarding the rest of the album - All the tracks are definitely worth checkin out, and the album as a whole can be a very useful tool in any type of DJ's box…useful for segues and mood enhancers. Susumo Yokota, on 'Kodomotachi' has an excitement building intro…then percussion streams and tension inducing sounds come in announcing the arrival of big, deep, stomping 4x4 beats. Lovely trancey sounds and a thick atmosphere really takes you there, a great ending piece. Denver McCarthy does 2 tracks- first, 'First Reflections' is a jazzy, chill tech-house thing that starts with wavering quavering sounds, then Big hard, sawing 4x4 beats at a moderate pace are added for a delightful sweet'n'sour contrast that works it! Then on 'Rainbow City' you got an updated, more fun, more zip 'n panache 80's stylee electro-pop sweet retro thang. Laurent Brondel' is full of 'Happiness'…a bright kinda jazzy, kinda housey, kinda electro track (that I've used quite successfully in Electro sets recently) with a big, darkish vox and squirmy Meat Beat touches that's very different and engaging! Jeff Sharel brings up the rear with 'Organic Dancin'. Deep, dubby, breaky chill downbeats in a groovy clap along with da funk tip and a wah wah wonderful guitar…oooh, it feels good! :-)/

-SUPREME BEINGS OF LEISURE - STRANGELOVE ADDICTION - PALM===I really liked this cut from their self titled full length out now. It embodies the spirit of the album for me, with sweeping lounge-pop instrumentation that gets kinda trippy and keeps it funky throughout. The female vocalist has a sexy delivery with a hint of mystery that sits just right. A very nice full length for maxin 'n relaxin with a tall cool one - be that male, female, or beverage.

-ARLING & CAMERON - MUSIC FOR IMAGINARY FILMS - ZONA SUL - COCKTAIL MIX - EMPEROR NORTON RECORDS===Cute concept album on the funky tip. The liner notes has a movie poster and description of the plot of each of the 'Imaginary Films'. The tracks are supposedly from each of the films. There's some real good stuff here, and more than enough giggles to go around…'Hashi' is a real upbeat, funny tune about a drug sniffing dog and, 'The Only Guy' sings and plays his ukulele for ya. Most of it has a jazzed up feel…'Zona Sul' makes ya move it, shake it with a tight jam, 'Let's Get Higher' is a nice 'lil party groover. The influences are all over the place, and I found the entire CD to be quite an enjoyable listen!

-PLONE - FOR BEGINNER PIANO - TOP&LOW RENT - MATADOR/WARP===Oh I love this album so much! Very, very cool 'n snazzy stuff for those special, dark, secret places and trippy times. The track I played here is on the Marconi edge, all spliffed out. Others take electronic noodeling/experimentalism in directions of funk, sweetness, silliness, and some deep serious feelings…all of which are a treat! Check, in particular, 'Plock', the ultimate Plone song, that has a slight 'Air' feel to it.

-MONKEY +1 - TO HOLD THE BLUE FLAME - OUTWARD MUSIC COMPANY===I picked this up at a music shop that specializes in independent music, so I have no idea how easy it is to find, and that may be for a reason…this is very good, but very demanding listening….what seems simple sometimes is deafeningly complex…On one side, Monkey+1 does 3 track: deep funky ambiance that's a mash-up mix-up sounds 'n feelings, rolling circling loopy bells with lots 'n lots of layered sounds, and noisy big beats with talking all harsh'd and scraped and rubbed and filtered. On the flipside, CNS Engineering does 2: a deep brushy all rubbed up & down the spine of cats then licked by dogs jazzy D&B hybrid, and a weird fun beats 'n sounds thing that's deep cool and odd.

-PLURAMON - RESERVOIR - FORMANT : PANTYTEC - MILLE PLATEAUX===Ah, that label again. My second or third venture into Pluramon territory…it's gotten so that when I see something by them, I just get it.They have a deep, intricate, muted yet strong sound, utilizing elements of D&B, controlled noise, and lots of neat sounds in unexpected ways.

-JASON SPARKS - OUR PEOPLE - FROM THE V/A COMPILATION, URBAN FUNK EP - BOTCHIT & SCARPER===One of my all time fave fun'n'funky, usually breaky, sometimes jazzy labels. This is the second v/a compilation that comes as a great low-priced mix CD for maximum enjoyment! This one gets all spacey and on the D/L…flow along and feel good baby!

-PHUNCKATECK'S UFO! - ROLLCAGE - STAKKA REMIX - HIGHER EDUCATION===With a nice string of good releases, this label has been rollin with a real rep. Here, the clock ticks, or, is it the timer on a bomb? Rollllin deep 'n sinister D&B that's slow and methodical in it's path of devestation.

The next 3 rekkids on the playlist are recent releases from the Ghetto Safari label out of the Drop Bass stable in Milwaukee. Now, if you know Anything about the Drop Bass label, you know to expect some of the sickest, twisted, innovative tunage with top notch quality and production. From their roots in Hardcore, Acid, and extreme experimentalism, mixed with a healthy dose of that Midwest pioneer spirit…they now bring all of those past influences together to inform this new labels sound…dark, wild, experimental, underground tech-step D&B.

-EYE-D - DOWN FROM THE WAIST UP - EYE DESIGN - GHETTO SAFARI=== Tech-step D&B on the 'care to dare' tip. 'Slipgevaar' makes a powerfully strong entrance, crashing and burning it down…and all along in the backround, there's these deceptive sweet sounds. Is that your alarm going off, wake up from this dream…once your up and want to know what's been going on, whole bunches of Detroit techno sneak on in. "metallic tech-step that rolls along in the darkness" 'Eye Design' has deep atmospheric darkness, threatening acid and subtle nervous percussion...rollin off the cliff with the bass in place! Check the cool vocoder action and slight electro influences…a four star track!

-DAVID SKIBA - FAME AND GLORY - FAME AND GLORY - GHETTO SAFARI=== David is also known as 'Bomb 20' whose releases on Digital Hardcore exemplified that labels sound to the extreme! Here he brings all that angst, along with his talent for programming some of the biggest, baddest soundscapes to this label.'Fame & Glory' gets the fame and glory here as the standout track. Starting out with a sample with some guy talkin about "livin underground" as helicopters circle in a thick, evil atmosphere that becomes so crazed and rockin out with some hip hop elements….this is the kinda song you don't want to meet in a dark alley!'Ice T is White' has mechanical buildings in an experiemental setting with great, slow Jungly bass and Hip Hop shouts.'What They Want' comes in flying deep & low as a female vox warns you - dark, low slung D&B. 'Fame & Glory II' has people talking about an execution, "you have done wrong and for that you are being punished". Big 'ole messed up D&B exploding all ova da place!

-BOMBARDIER/ED TURBIN - PSYCHOSIS - ED TURBIN - CONSPIRING AGAINST REALITY - GHETTO SAFARI=== First up is some real madness, Bombardier with 'Schizophrenia' ! Noise? Music? A ruff, tuff exploration of the untamed, the unknown that Rocks Hard! (btw, baby Tommy was singing during this one!)On the flip, Ed Turbin is 'Conspiring Against Reality', an extremely versatile track that'll have Dj's from many genres slappin it down for their sets from hardcore to acid to D&B. It builds up deliberate and steady…up, up, up, then smooths out…then Bam Bam Bam…check this bass! Rockin with big acid stabs and hard breaks…nice.

-CAPITOL K - ROADEATER EP - BIG SUBMARINE (POLARIS MIX) - PLANET MU===Capitol K have been garnering quite a reputation and following that cuts a wide swath from ravers to rockers.The sounds of too much time on the road with too little sleep and much too much coffee. Percussion, rhythms, sounds, effects, sweeps, and an unshakable sense of paranoia make these tracks a psychedelic joy! Join in the merry mash-up mayhem and rejoice, the next rest stop is near!

-BEANFIELD - THE SEASON - SWAG'S ALTERNATIVE DUB - COMPOST===Do you know beans? J Well regardless, you should know Beanfield. Funky, deep, trippy, chill stuff from the always delightfully jazzy and cool Compost label. On the track I used here, Swag contributes their considerable talent for and endless whirlpool of soulful sounds.

-JEAN MICHEL JARRE - C'EST LA VIE - FUNKSTERUNG REMIX - SONY===This track from JMJ gets re-mixed by Hybrid, and the current darlings of the "IDM'/experimental dance scene, Funksterung…their mix is, as expected, vewry deep, flowing, and yes, experimentally inclined, yet retains the spirit of the original, with a bit of 'Twin Peaks' flava thrown in.

-SYSTEM 360 - SNEAKY - AIRBAG COMPILATION, RECORD O1===This 'Sneaky' track really is! Subtle rhythms and melodies induce a hypnotic state of melancholia and nostalgia with whispers, far-off PA announcements, soft muted beats, and exotic touches. The other 3 tracks here are all very usable and enjoyable...I've been keeping this record handy for awhile now! Number 2 on this label is out now also, so now you know.

-DIGITEK 4 - LAST OF THE FINEST - HUMAN EXPERIMENT - MOTOR CITY ELECTRO COMPANY===2 Electro tracks…this one I used is a "experiment gone wrong"…straight forward, hard hitting 'n trippy downtempo Electro for the new breakers and poppers out there. The other side is even better, with more energy.

-LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE - NO MESSAGE - INVASION PLANTE===Very nice Electro via France. Big bass, flowing synths, dramatic builds 'n breaks, wooo!

-BOCHUM WELT - MARTIANS AND SPACESHIPS - THEME - FUZZY BOX RECORDS===Kinda unexpected stuff here…I was more familiar with their Electro type output. The first track is Electro-pop based, smooth, moody retro feelin with a German vox and low cello synths…but then all bets are off as the music slides into easy listening territory, as in a soft flow of chill tunes, some with a D&B approach, some in the more classical vein(put this one in the player of yer car, open it up on a winding tree-line slightly mountains road on a sunny day and be happy.….

-PHOENECIA - ODD JOBS - ECTOMORPH & GODFATHER VERSION- SCHEMATIC===Ah, Phonecia…even the name rolls off the tongue with a pleasant feel. Another package of remixes, this time by some stellar names….best thing here for you is to slip this one on at your local shop, or look them up on the net for more info and perhaps a sound clip or 2…Soul Oddity found their muse. I used the Electro like version in my mix here for its slightly off center approach and the uneasy edge.

-SOFT VERGE - FEVER/DELERIUM/SUBMISSION - OUTPUT RECORDINGS===Excellent record! Another one of those must have chameleons that adds flavor and substance to any set. This full length vinyl features 7 tracks to cool you off, just like the fan pictured on the sleeve. There are are few shorter tracks, full of a flowing ambience and hypnotizin that are more usable as tools (Molten Timbre, Club Fantasmo). A few have some kinda spooky, menacing feel (Microbial, Fever, Delirium), featuring spacey organs, chilly reverbs, deep dubbed out beats, pulsings and water trickles. Then there are 'Mosquito Mattia', in which a great feel of sonic solace rings deep and bassy chill with twinkling, rubs and watery accents and 'Submission', a serious, slow deep beats and filtered space signals that wraps up this package with a satisfying feel.



Episode #48 - Mix CD's

DJ DAN - ANOTHER LATE NIGHT - MOONSHINE===I love Mixes with cute intro's, they really help set the mood, and get ya smiling! Dan gets all massive real quick going for maximum dancefloor loading with a Bomb of a funk tune and then keeps up the hard lovin! Lotsa hard funky house and party music, a bit of filtery French disco stuff, some tribally/jazzy tracks anfd great mixin make for a real fun time.

DEISELBOY - SYSTEM_UPGRADE-MOONSHINE===What's more to say about Deiselboy…girls love him, boys dig the tunes, boys love him, girls dig the tunes….a D&B mix from this long-standing Don of the US Jungle scene for you to cut your own moves in the privacy of your abode.

CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE - TRILOGY - PART ONE EMPIRE, A TRANCE DJ MIX - MOONSHINE… Trance, for me, sometimes tends to get a bit formulaic in the mix, but this one is nice, I enjoyed it :) This one starts right in with the trance goodies, no waiting for the fun to begin! A great selection of tracks that ride a sweet course! Bumpin stuff indeed, ranging from deep, hypnotic swirls to harder, slightly dark, to ravey, to funky, to full out dancefloor saturation with lots of acid thrown in for good measure, this mix is made for movin! Baby Doc fans will be happy to hear 'Hard Work' and 'Bubble and Squeek'. Two of Christophers own tracks appear on here, the stormin'Renegade' andthe subdued twilight of 'Rush Hour'.

GO DEEP WITH JULIUS PAPP - VOL. 2 - MAXI/RAZOR&TIE… Lovely, smooth moving all night House music with perfect vocals…The intro track is one of my faves, 'The Way We Used To'…and that basically lays out the attitude that permeates this mix. Soulful deep vocals and jazzy feelings are the order of the day here (with a nice touch of tribally grooves) making for quite a sexy and heady brew to be shared with someone special or to make yerself feel real fine. The flow of the tracks is quite perfect as they satisfy both the feet and the head in luscious waves. "Music Saved My Life" sums things up smoothly as the funk flows and your knowledge grows.

Speaking of CD's, here's a good one if your into the sounds, feelings and grooveof House -

CEVIN FISHER - UNDERGROUND 2000 - MAXI/RAZOR&TIE… Starting off with a real funky, deep tribally T-Total remix of 'The Way We Used To', some of the tracks fade and some flow into each other at a nice pace to provide a perfect setting for Cevins wonderful tunes. '(You Got Me) burnin' up (Queen St Orchestra Mix) has a 'Fly Life' kinda feel that gets the heat rising as the pace quickens. 'The Music Saved My Life' is such an enormously satisfying track with it's lyrics, and the Pete Heller remix really does it justice! Pumpin 'n bumpin! A bunch of the original versions ('Check This Out', 'Mas Groove', Raise Your Hands' among them) drop in after those first 3 remixes for a bit of a deeper feel, then it jacks back up with a coupla a cappellas of the big 2, then winds things up with an 'Old School Mix' of 'Music Saved…' that mere-feeling that ole'acid house vibe in a downtown kinda way. Fisher uses a large array of musical ingredients, freely using a multitude of influences ranging from ragga to disco for tracks that are accessibly enjoyable from the weekend suburbanite clubber to the die hard house music aficionado.

That's it for this issue folks!      In the next issue we'll have a
'round table' discussion of it, "About The Music" ? 



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