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The Technotic Times
January/February '98 Edition 
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This report contains lots of cool info on things going on both underground and elsewhere that have somethin' to do with electronic music........ all kinds! The Technotica Top 20 Chart and Three monthly playlists are included, and are compiled from vinyl and cd's played on 'These Technotic Times' (a/k/a 'The TYME Project'), on WTSR 91.3fm (TCNJ) Sunday nights 9pm-12mn, Dj L3's live gigs, and RealAudio sets and programs created for Technotica/Music. The music is obtained via purchase and promos received (if your record isn't listed here, and you think it should be, PLEASE send it to me, cause try as I can, I CAN'T BUY EVERYTHING!)

The Technotic Times is produced by Linda Leigh/Dj L3 & (restless)Robert of, and is published monthly. Info on being added/removed, etc. from the subscription list, as well as contact info, is at the end of the report. Thank you!

Greetings to All Y'all out there!
Thank You All so very much for all your wonderful support! We get really charged up when an e-mail, snail mail, or a package with a note arrives! It's been a lot of work doing this, but it's all good when we hear from our many friends 'round the world, hee hee! I know it's been a few weeks since the last issue, but I'm sure you'll agree that this one's a winner! What with the holidaze and it being 'the height of the social season' the past month has been flying past in a blur!!! I've been playing out so much at a number of different style events that my studio looks like a tornado hit it! The next issue will be out Feb 16th.

And now, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone and anyone who has ever worked to help press and release a batch of vinyl for your vision and commitment to the musical arts. At a time when so many people have taken to self-serving manuvering, in-fighting, and back-stabbing, and a virulent thread of elitism seem to be snaking it's way thru 'our scene', a great deal of debt is owed to all the small independents out there with vision and passion for keeping it real, because their creations are the basis of our culture, and all of this would not exist without the music!

So, 1997 is over, and such a year of musical excellence it was! Technotic music soared beyond the boundaries of genres (ie techno, house, etc), blending and melding an analgamation of influences to deliver the goods.

This year we really got to see a lot of the mechanations involved in the machinery of the music industry as it continued to find a way to market this music. There's a 'widespread disenchantment' with the larger labels, who have been trying to find a way to market what are, for the most part, 'one-off dance singles' What stubborn stuff this 'underground electronic' is! Heh heh ;-> It seemed for awhile that this well-spring of inexpensive one-hit wonder profitmakers could continue unabated. But, with the soaring rise of re-mixers fees and the trend towards making a remix for every situation (ie, a tribal, techno, house, etc mixes, all of course done by respective masters of that genre, or at least, the ones that are 'Hot' at the moment.) Take that, and then add the huge costs involved in pressing, distribution and promotion, and then factor in the fractured genres of the dance scene, and it's easy to see why many majors are less willing to put out dance singles now-a-days.

Oh man, I am hearing some atrociously bad remixes of alterna-hits (like 'what's going on') with cheesy old-school rave synths and a big 4/4 beat and a touch of driving percussion.....Jeeze, what is going on!!!!???????? Is this for real? Hell, give it here, I'll remix that puppy for you dude!

The L.A. Times, on Sunday December 21, 1997 had this to say:
"The fact that techno didn't explode commercially means that only artists with a genuine love of the music will likely gravitate toward it. There will be collections of it that will occasionally connect with mainstream audiences the same way some of the Clash's albums did during the first era of punk. But the primary audience is likely to remain a subculture."

Hm, that's an interesting observation. There is always an 'underground' element to almost all facets of modern it the media, politics, fashion, music and so on ad infinitem....There will always be those who either delight in and/or feel it's their sworn duty to 'upset the norm'........we like to call it 'exploring the technotic edge!' So it is fairly safe to assume that there will always be an underground music culture...and well, going back to the roots of it all (electronic music) & dance music, there have always been those who have rejected the consumer friendly, mass-appeal product that is easy to digest and leaves no unpleasant aftertaste...and which, heaven forbid, doesn't make you have to think too much. Well, some of the best Techno/Electronic Music is nothing like can be harsh, unpleasant and disturbing, something you'll definately remember the next day, and it may even foment an inspired thought or two!

Whether you "grew up" with the Techno sound, so that it came almost naturally for you to enjoy or if it happened suddenly 1 day (or night ;-) that you realized how much you like the music, it evokes a response in you....but then again, this particular music, when made very, very loud with lots and lots of booming bass that gets that sub-sonic massage action goin, and then there's all these people all around you and they're smiling and dancing and you smile back and dance and trance as the beats keep moving you along and as you flow into it you feel so natural and free and maybe you're afraid a little bit cause you feel this thing rising in your chest, the tightness starts to feel like the body wants to eject this tightness so you do, you close your eyes and let go and now you're dancing and in some other wonderful place glowing and smiling and then, you take a huge cleansing breath as you slow down, dazed for a short time, almost shaken up but really enjoying the feeling, god, do I dare say the "O" word? ;->

Whew! Hmmm...anybody got a light ? _,

That primal urge to dance, the need to let loose, the natural urge and human desire to find rythym and recurring patterns in our daily life is something that can't be denied...and remember, it's all about stimulating your sacculus!

One thing that's been sneaking up on me is the number of tracks that have some excellent vocals....vocals that don't overpower the music, but compliment it as a subtle blend of voice and machine. For a while, many peeps in the electronic scene were not into any lyrics at all, save just a repetative phrase, or well placed sample.

And yo, that reminds me... lemme take a moment to remind y'all about 'the seven words you can't say on the radio', well, as far as the FCC is, if you really don't give a squat about ever having your track played utilizing that standard, I guess that's cool, I mean, sometimes it sounds real good, and those tracks I'll use out live occasionally. I gotta tell ya, it is so much easier for me and other state-side Djs when y'all put a little sticker or somethin' letting us know when one's gonna fly by ;->

Booty!!!!! we need more bass, moreflava...bring back da funk!

People are callin for the funk, they want the bass, the booty shaker, the grooove...Electro has been popular lately, but, Yo! Check out Mad Mike on UR with 'The Turning Point' Now there's funk for ya!

Sure 'nuf! The French are coming on strong in all fronts of electronic dance and lounge gear... Laurent Garnier used to be the only dj/producer most peeps knew, until Dimitri from Paris and that Yellow label knocked us out....Cosmopolitan France has warmly welcomed it's international influences and then seen fit to Francophile it - adding that attitude, romance, and je ne sais qua.... giving it an unmistakable stamp. For awhile there's been some lovely stuff on F Communications, as well as some small press excellent dark, hard, not too fast progressive hardcore, and now they have nearly a monopoly of the Lounge/Trip-Hop thing with Kid Loco, Air, Dj Cam... And we all know what Daft Punk hatth wrought.....these 2 guyz have a whole sub-genre of tunes that owe thanks as it's parents! David Caretta is one of the new techno guyz, and the releases are flowing freely along this genre now... I'll get back to you on some of this tres chic stuff! In the meantime, check this webpage for an in-depth analysis!

Hmmn, we are seeing more and more music being described as 'technotic' or as 'technotica' in point, page 85 of the Jan'98 issue of Muzik!

So, like, what does this really mean, AND, how does it apply to you?! OK, I'll tell made using technology that has an affect on the listener that makes an impression......yes, all music, even Classical is made utilizing technolgy, the technology of the time, and the technology of the modern age when it is recorded and distributed via vinyl and CD's and the airwaves. And, yes, doesn't all music have a effect? Yeah, listening to Mike Bolten makes me cringe, that's an effect! The music of 'These Technotic Times' is truly a rich blend of the technotic, past, present and glimpses into the future. But why am I nitpicking? Oh, for the fun of it I guess! :)

You wanna nit-pick? Well, continuing in our series of decipering the genres, let's explore Trance, deal out some Breakbeat, have a gander at Hardcore, and learn more about Bhangra.

Yep....those Big Crazy Breakbreats are doing a smashing business! Sony Music has acquired substantial shares in sister labels Skint and Loaded. This increases Sony's British dance music presence. Skint/Loaded acts include Lo-Fidelity Allstars and Fatboy Slim. They also aquired Yo Mama, from Germany, who have hip-hop and electronic dance acts. This usually means Sony takes over distribution rights for the independents outside their home territories, while the indies retain creative control and domestic distribution.

A beat-heavy collection of electronica and hip-hop will mark Gee Street's first foray into film music. The soundtrack to "Senseless," to street Jan. 13 on the label, features new songs by Moby ("Graciosa"), Fatboy Slim ("Song For Lindy"), and Crystal Method ("Busy Child"). "Senseless," a comedy starring Marlon Wayans, will open Jan. 9 across the U.S.

Check out this cool website for all yer Breaks needs!!!!!

Oh man, this just keeps growing....Now I have heard everything, Dan, DJ Doormouse is doing a hard hardcore mix cd (Noisecore), and Moonshine is giviing Hardcore of the Happy and Gabber varities more importance in its roster of rekkids!!!!!!!!!! Holy Hardbeats! Well, there are a lot more hardcore parties, lots of little weekly and smaller one-offs with a dedicated crowd of energetic dancers (who also are are tad older and consume beer, so it's been easier to book smaller bars for these things, and everybody's happy! I also spun a bunch of hard techno at a cool party recently (Damnation, Brooklyn, NYC, 1/18) and slipped a bunch of raw complex techno (mostly from Belgium, and in particular, 1 from Future Frontier made them Nuts & inspired a bit of serious trainspotting.) amongst the Mokum, Fax, Fischopf & Rotterdam ('Loving You' is always a crowd pleaser, it was soooo funny watching these big bad Brooklyn Boy-yz making fun at being cute and sweet during the lovely song part and then go into this thing where they play at fighting each other, like playing at feigning moves as in Judo, or Kung Fu during the hard, wild parts!??! Well, I see a lot of this thing now, more (and better, cause it's a lot more fun & funnier than a mosh pit!) this past weekend...We also experienced a Delta 9 DJ set, and well, Thanks Dave!!! But as an aside to this, to all you who are involved in this scene, it's important to keep it about the music, and not let politics in the scene interefere with your right to party, don't let some silly 'crew rivelry' keep you from properly enjoying yourself and having the most fun you can have without worrying about who's dissin who. Get it? Peace to all y'all then!

It seems like the people involved in this particular scene know what they like, and know they love it...but it's pretty clear that it isn't for everyone! The super high energy and strong vibes are a real attraction. There's another scene that's small and vibey, I've been talking about it growing the past few issues, and it continues to grow stronger. The Psychedelic Trance scene has made a strong impression on the East Coast with several large events that have gone off well, and several weeklies scattered from Boston to Baltimore. The people in this scene are not as vocal and 'in yer face' as the Hardcore, but they are non-the-less devoted to their music and its culture.

Most people are pretty confused when it comes to this...many times I classify a rekkid as trance because it has a trancing effect or quality, such as psychedelic trippy sounds and efx, and/or repeating elements that when dancing to encourages repetitious movement and thus may induce a trance-like state. When you ask around, many will say they don't like trance, but I think they're not really sure what it is, perhaps thinking it's like 'Dream House' (eg. R. Miles 'Children' or GiGi Agnostino's epics) or melodic trance or Goa......but most of it is actually akin to progressive house. So, aside from knowing what labels are likely to publish a certain flavor, how do you tell? Only by listening and asking, so when you hear something you like you'll be able to get more of it, and knowing what it is certainly helps.

Goa has a heavy flat, popping bassline with psychedelic synths that create a continually building and swirling tapestry of engulfment, it's usually high energy and may be flavored with exotic sounds and feelings. Look to Europe for examples of acid trance. Germany does a particularly fine job with this stuff . This has patterns of buildups and breaks, usually with one major super big breakdown/buildup with lots of wonderful elements in the background, including all kinds of samples, like from movies. There's also techno trance, and that's easy to spot with the classic techno elements it contains. With the gaining popularity of world music, in particular, African rythyms, a more global trance-house sound is emerging.

The best bet here is, if you like the sound of it, and it moves you, and it is something to really get a groove going on to, then does it really matter about the classification so much? Fer instance, I bought and played many a hard acid trance rekkid with some slight exotic elements to it, and then, the term for this stuff became 'Goa' and then it took off to even more exotic heights, now, much of that music is more in the hard trance vein, with various psychedelic elements, and has been re-named 'psychedelic trance'.

One thing is clear about Trance, it does fit the growing trend toward 'Good Times' music. Big Beat, speed garage, even Puffy, Missy and the newest wave of Ska. The darker edge that was creeping up and over is seeming to dissapate as the millenium approaches, and we all get a bit slap-happy (see, I told ya!) There'a a general sense of gleefulness that pervades as people rediscover their strengths and a sense of hope for the future grows. We're all tired of dressing in grey and beige. (well, I prefer black with flashes of red, purple and occasionally, yellow, but that's just me!) We're tired of crap and gloom, and the warm feeling a good party with good music and good friends seems like a great boost to help get us through the night.

Along those lines is Bhangra. You know you've been hearing about it forever now, like perhaps Baeleric, or Goa. It really isn't techno, nor feels more chill D&B with an exotic flavoring', hmmm, just like Goa is labeled as another form of trance, but with an exotic psychdelic flavoring? :) Talvin Singh is getting tons of attentions and write ups all over the place in regards to the CD 'ANOKHA, Soundz of the Asian Underground'. I listened to it, and while pleasant enough, it doesn't really do much for me...a lot of it was interesting tho and I'll be sure to check out more of this stuff when it comes along :)

Here, FYI, I have quoted from some press materials regarding this - "Does anyone still believe that Bhangra, the pop Indian sound from the Punjab, is the wave of the future? Talvin Singh is the young Indo-Brit mixologist who's been causing a sensation with Anokha, his popular London club night (and compilation CD), could set them straight. Singh was adding Indian flavors to the Jazz of Courtney Pine and Sun Ra before he decided to electrify his tabla drums and key them to the dance floor. Singh is part of a generation of British South Asians who have kicked the UK's music scene to a new level, infusing drum 'n bass, jungle, hip-hop and dub with the sounds of Hindi film soundtracks, tablas and sitars, and folk and classical music from all over South Asia."

NEIL LANDSTRUMM. This Guy!!! Oh, yeah, and he's ours now, well for awhile he's here (NYC), and I'm hearing him perform most every chance I get. If yer around town when he's doing a live performance, I highly recommend that you go and experience this!

Satamile via NYC continues to build a solid reputation for understated, elegant wall of sound textures of beats and rythyms, whether it's a Dj set or a live performance.

Major labels may be taking a cue from smaller, independant labels that often take a hands on, 'family style' approach in the production as well as the promotion. There's an industry insider tip sheet called 'Hits,' and it has a promotions arm that the majors hire to get airplay on TV and radio. But now, some labels are pulling away from this and either doing it themselves or hiring a separate company to do it directly.

There's nothing better than a nice fresh slice of shiney wax! The people that publish M8 magazine know thast also, and that's why they've purchased Wax! Wax magazine has an excellent reputation among independant/underground music people. The combination of the 2 should make for some great all-in-one something-for-everyone journalism, and if they do a good job with keepin it real, well, we may be seeing M8 explode big time! The return will be in Febuary, so check it out!

AwArDz TiMe
Are we actually seeing people being nominated that actually deserve it and have real talent?!?! Wow, is this a great time to be alive or what? Well, seems a backlash of some type may be startin up...I've overheard and observed that lot'sa peeps are a tad dissapointed by Puffy's new output, basically it boild down to being tired of the recycling! Dot Music News had this to reprort in regards to 'The Brits' (the British Music awards), "Absent from both the best international male solo artist and best international newcomer categories, Puff Daddy seems to have fallen victim to changes in the voting academy which have given the awards a more musically 'credible' and less commercial edge." A spokesman from Puffy's label Arista says, "Obviously we're disappointed but these awards aren't based on sales." Hey, that's interesting, and check this out, Dance music and R&B got a lot of attention - nominees The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Roni Size & Reprazent, Daft Punk, Erykah Badu and DJ Shadow "have all benefited from the awards' more cutting-edge sensibility". Good news, eh? At the least it means that the music as an art form has some respect. Why is that important? Well, with respect comes money to go further out there and explore new realms. Ya know, it's good that you can make money, keep your respect and stay true to your visions.

All GRAMMY winners will be revealed during "The 40th Annual GRAMMY Awards Show" at Radio City Music Hall in New York on Wednesday, February 25th, to be telecast live over the CBS network from 8:00 to 11:00 pm ET and to an international viewing audience of over 1.5 billion in over 190 countries.

Lifetime Achievement & Trustees Awards for '97-'98 will be presented. Bo Diddley, Paul Robeson, The Mills Brothers & Roy Orbison receive Lifetime Achievement Awards, and Holland-Dozier-Holland & Frances Preston receive Trustees Awards

With over 460 nominations in 92 different categories, an extremely diverse group of talent has been honored... go to for more!!!


Grammy Nominations of interest to the 'Dance Community'


Category 10 - Best Dance Recording
For solo artists, duos or groups, vocal or instrumental. Singles or tracks only.


Category 18 - Best Rock Instrumental Performance


Category 21 - Best Alternative Music Performance

For solos, duos or groups, vocal or instrumental. Compilation albums by various artists are not eligible.


Category 78 - Remixer of the Year

Frankie Knuckles

David Morales Mousse T. Todd Terry Armand Van Helden

There's a total Solar Eclipse near Aruba. February 23-27. It's the last total solar eclipse of the millenium in the Americas, the next is in 2017. On February 26th, witness over three minutes of totality of the solar eclipse.

Want to O.D. on the cosmos and risk the possibility of feeling really insingificant, like, are we Really just the spawn of waste from Outer Space? Well, Ok, but I warned you ;-> Check out

Cosmically Technotic! Shockwave'd Art
A series of Schocked arty tidbits to explore, some are a bit more fun than others, but I guess it should be taken as a whole, so do it when you got about a hour to play and are in the right frame of mind.

"We are still within the narrow circle of knowledge covered by our sense-experience. Space and time do not widen that circle; neither do the categories. The knowledge, therefore, which we acquire by the understanding is confined to the appearances of things, and does not extend to the noumenal reality, the Ding an sich."

"SyncSite ( is a new Web page that features song publishing and royalty information. At SyncSite you can look up songs by different categorizations including genre, subject matter and author. You can also listen to RealAudio samples and even request quotes for a synchronization license." <Pollstar>

BOYZ II MEN, The TEMPTATIONS, The TOPS, and Smokey Robinson will all perform at this year's SUPER BOWL, as part of a salute to MOTOWN's 40th Anniversary.

WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE - MIAMI, FL - March 7-11, 1998 -at the Fontainbleau Hilton, 'nuf sed Bill Kelly at 954-563-4444, and tell him Linda Leigh sent ya!!!!!!!! ;->

CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK - Dates: March 3-8, 1998
Canada's leading international conference, festival and exhibition designed to promote the art and business of music.

5399 Eglinton Ave West, Suite 301, Toronto Canada M9C 5K6

Phone: (416) 695 9236, Fax: (416) 695 9239

Email:, Internet URL:

President: Neill Dixon, Festival manager: Chris Teeter (416) 463 5482


PO Box 4999, Austin TX 78765

1000 E 40th, Austin TX 78751

Phone: (1 512) 467 7979, Fax: (1 512) 451 0754

Email: Compuserve: GO SXSW, Internet URL:

Dates: March 18-22, 1998

Creative director: Brent Grulke, International liaison: Charlie Llewellin

One of the world's top talent showcases and seminar venues. Early bird registration deadline is usually in September. Showcase applications are generally accepted from September 1st through mid-October and should be made to the Creative director. Late applications accepted through mid-November.

Rants? Raves? Oh, yeah, well, here's 2 of note that I'll be spinnin at:

OU8E2 - Jan 31 - Philly,Pa(Center City)

Frequency Access - Feb 28 - NYC

For more info on the above events go to

And finally, this came in 'over the transom'...

Deeper, harder dance sounds, especially in (US) Clubs, but three neighborhoods away from hard techno music. Still, the trend for techno events to be held in clubs (in the US, again) should accelerate.

No industry concensus on the 'next big sure thing.' (i.e. last year's damaging hype about 'electronica.') But probably a new novelty category (i.e. last year's Ska revival) for the industry to buzz about as a surprising, out-of-left-field 'big new thing'

More recent acts will dominate touring/music sales (unlike the nearly dominiating tour of the long-in-the-tooth Rolling Stones.

Once again, Industrial music will fail to reach its former (can you say NIN) height of popularity.

More female-singer oriented music coming out, but a sense of been there-done that starting to emerge.

Some kind of frenetic, young rock band will blow up big (think of the Chili Peppers crossed with KISS and Pete Townsend-esqe guitar blasts)

Millenium mania will begin to warp the music scene, just like it's going to warp everything else. This will, however cause a general sense of optomism to emerge, with the exception of those who are convinced that Armageddon is coming with the millenium. Don't look for a break until the year 2002 (if we make to then ;-)

As far as this Summer, it may be too early to tell, but there seems to be a lack of leadership and vision as far as reviving the Summer music tour scene. Sorry, but my crystal ball's still cloudy on this one.

A big nostalgia wave for something that hasn't yet gotten the treatment, and for who a few performers are still alive (big hair heavy metal perhaps?)

Technotic music will be more grungy-electro-underground focused at the beginning of the year, but a ray of happy rave music (evoking the sounds of circa 92-93) may emerge in the Fall. (Think Utah Saints meet Daft Punk).

Ambient/Experimental will still be looking for the right venues at the dawn of 1999 (1999!!! Man, that's gonna be a partyin' year for sure!!!!)

In fact, I almost can't wait for my 1999 predictions. In comparison, this year's gonna be pretty quiet!!!

Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Send them to

POST YOUR NET STUFF!!! Display your Cyber Art in our Gallery!!!!!!! Send us funny and weird stories for the VTR!!!!!!!!!!!! Make YOUR mark in our GuestBook Maasive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The Technotica Top 20 Chart






6. DEMON - A-TYPIQUE - 20000 ST















Top Technotic Tunage for December '97 thru January 19, 1998

Rating Key:
6  rarified & essential
5  great to have and hear
4  good tune
3  some value
2  you never know
1  no way, no how

6/ MEMORY FOUNDATION - YOUR LAST CHANCE - M PLANT...Nice Detroit style house via Vienna. An EQ'ed bassy steppin beat, pulsing organ tone & sticky 'n swishy percussion piece, a more far-out deep circular slice running with ringing keys and pulses and sharp sticks, and a bassier, dubbier swaying groove with a sweeping organ and filtered hypnotically cool percussion.

6/ ARGONIC - VERF EP - SUBSOUNDS...Argonic keeps getting stronger...this 13th release for the Subsounds division of Different Dance is powerful stuff indeed! 2 cuts from this puppy have been gracing my audience the past few weeks...'Xer' and 'Form One'...Manic techno that's totally slamming and mental!!!!!!!!

6/ PUNISHER - BALANCE OF POWER EP - MATRIX...It's all good here, even the experimental track 'Assault Reactor' with deep beaty beats and gurbly dark monsters slurping with a sinister susseration. The other B side track is 'Assassin' with swishy shooting, 4x4 beats, sticks tappin and deep percolating with hypnotic driving patterns and bam bam bam bam blasting! A side's 2 cuts are the stars here, 'Systematic' is very deep, with primal beats, bongos and percussion knocking & building up, taking you within complicated drumming and winding, buzzing acid in & out and all around. 'Revolver' a trippy 4x4 strong beating hypnotizer with staggered horns and bell-like tones.

5/ CORTEX JAM - SOMEPLACE EP - ORBIT...Mysterious music! 'Someplace' is a steady banger gettin deep 'n ruff with an insistent zippin and a strange far-away horn to trance, clippity, clopity, popity diggin it up. 'Skyfarm' has huge runny primal beats that vibrate along with the hihats, accenting some heavy bass driving urgent deep pulses. Then ya gots some horney ducks quackin up the beats doing that stomp, talking to you, drawing nearer and rushing past traffic on 'Dr Satans Robot'. 'Terrafirma' features driving, kinda tribally drumming, metallic galloping with heavy bass beats and a trippy trancing effect as the percussion snakes thru the mix.

5/ ARGONIC - VOGEL EP - FUTURE FRONTIER...Lucky number 13 here, and it's been a Trainspotters delight I tell ya!!!!! Peeps just runnin over to the booth to check this one out :) 'Klont' is the gem, slap-galloping like an insane train! The other 3 cuts are no slouches either, 'Sweka' and 'Off' are wild bangers, while 'Freak' goes a bit into some deeper trackier territory.

5/ TRIP POWER - DISNEY DOLLAR - INPUT...'Rising Science' is pumping acidic trance with energy and involving rhythms that really gets 'em moving! 'Disney Dollar' utilizes percussion to the max, lining a crisp 4x4 big bass beat under fast padded bongoes, trimmed with sticks 'n claps garnished with a healthy dollop of crunchy acid and a sprinkle of cute, quik vox hits 'n whistley hiccups.

5/ ELECTRONIC HOME ENTERTAINMENT - DELERIUM RED...Urgently moving, shifting, involving technotic beats, rhythms, and percussion in 'District'- flowing, popping, hittin 'n steppin 1234. Then flip it for Da Monsta! 'Exit Spin' grows stronger throughout with marchin beats 'n claps...Rolling drums!!! The beats filter down, come from under and pound on top!

5/ DIMBIMAN - GOOD MORNING EYEBALL - PERLON...Ha Ha! I played this early AM New Years Day just as the peanut gallery was coming to ;-> It's got a stompy deep beat and trippy efx with this odd vocal repeating, "Good Morning Eyeball, it is time to catch the will love what you will see." Another funny one is 'Do the Dimbi' with odd 'pig snorts' along a steppity poppin beat and reppin vox samples. The flip's 2 cuts are pretty good, one with weird beats that pop 'n stop, voices in & out "freaky freaky" gets scrapey & jazzy 'Minsp', and 'Aloha' , a deep beaty 'n scrapey flipper with tribal tonalities.

5/ STEVE O'SULLIVAN - VERSIONx3 - IDEAL/WHITE...No track names to tell ya. A long dark heady trip slowly building with menacing bass, metallic echoing beats and spacey feelings, brushy percussion and acid opener or builder. The flip offers 2 movers, very funky tech-house that's real effective and deep with great sounds throughout.

5/ SEMBLANCE FACTOR - SEM FAC DUO - STATE OF MIND...A big tune that work the floor really well, with hard 'n fast hitting squiripity, squidgin 'n poppin, acid bass and cool vocalizations. On the flip side, 'Factor of One' is 1234 big beaty 'n frippy kinda staccato stuff with gated sticks and zippin back efx, and 'Hit it Off' is a harsh chomping 'n brushy affair that beats along with flying squids and spacey sounds.

5/ DEXTER WATKINSON - FREAK SYSTEM VOL. 1 - MINIMALISTIX 10...Really good 'n banging techno here! 'Techno Dissidents' does stand out with it's bang 'n shake drama, building zippy efx and buzzin that filters deeply, Wow Wow! "Check it out!". 'Squeeker' has got subsonic bass and ruff blowing, 'Freak City' is simple & coolly squidgy with things talkin cute and actin horney, 'Intervention' is fast 'n ruffly, hittin 'n stickin.

5/ SOUL PURPOSE - SOUL PURPOSE TOO - LOW PRESSINGS...A beautiful piece of music here, very uplifting, nice for a closing! A steppin 1234 moderately paced bass beatin deep groover with violins and long sweeping spacey synths gets deeper and deeper with a bleeping, beepy melody and with the bass forming the rhythm.

5/ OSTIA - CLAMP - SEICO...'Idioms' will make them crazy!!! Deep, hard trippy bangin 4x4 big beats, a ruff long digideroo, and ringing metallic twirls 'n hits, Oh yeah! The flip's 2 cuts go in a bit of a different direction, 'Paved' lays down hypnotic runnings with twinkling bells layered throughout, and 'Rota Appendix' is a staticky step 'n run 'n hide experience, with deep acid that whips 'n bleeps.

4/ MIND DROP - TIME KEEPS SLIPPING - RED LIGHT...Yes!!! Big, Bangin, Bouncy and Buzzin!!! Great use of the sample makes this a real mover and crowd pleaser that's truly fun to dance to!

4/ DARK AGES - MASTERPLAN - DEFINATIVE...A popular record with UG jocks. 'Chemical Imbalance' may help to explain why ;) The beats gallop, dark voices intrude, sounds of thunder and gated fast mettalics squidge and shoot intensely as the camera cooly clicks and records your involuntary imbalance. 'Take Over' nearly does, as a bangin beat steps 'n slides while a gurbly acid line movers under and over intricate percussion that intensely grows and flitters. The flip's 2 cuts both rock, with dancin beats, diggin deep to open the groove up.

4/ CEASEFIRE - MOKUM...YOWZA! 4 slammin hardcore tunes to knock out out! 'Who's Afraid of Noise' is really good, fast, deep and a bit dark with some 'Faithless' synths, 'Only if I Had One' goes off like a freight train with a good male rap of the title and a vox sample "Do women beat their drums". "Outer Space' has got a bangin vibrating HC rhythm with fast percussive breakbeats on top while a dark vox repeats "Outer Space", wrap it all up with 'Unconscious World,' featuring some great screams and acid.

4/ SOMATIC RESPONSES - SOURCE OF DISTRURBANCE...Another fave act of mine...consistant hard, menacing techno. there's 1 track of scarey sounds to play with (Horrorflick), a noisey grinder with a steady HC beat and a scratchy vox (Dark Voice), a wild sonic ride along HC beats bouncing on top of each other (Acid Racket), and the best cut is the title track, a crazed banger with some sqeekin squidges that'll eat you alive!

4/ FARMMAN - EP i EP a - MINIMALISTIX...Yeow! Sounds and beats to trip you up and freak you out! Complicated rhythm, beat and percussion patterns overlay, bang and propel these tracks into another dimension. 'Drunk Chicken' stands out with steam valves, farty horns, minimal marching and general cranking around, and 'f.i.Genio' does the shakey butt dance!

4/ MONOBOX - DOWNTOWN - M-PLANT...Very nice rekkid here, delivering deeply banging, minimal growing urgency with odd flutes and a silly slide whistle, filters along with dubliminal speech as sonic blips shoot by......the flip grows minimally and urgently along the same lines, but with a chiller feel that's involving, entrancing and mezmerizing. These tracks are very deep and complicated and will reveal new elements every time you listen or mix them...a slow building groover of the highest order.

4/ GILLANDRAX - SIEZE UP - INIQUITY...I've really liked Gillandrax in the past, and here we go again, only this time it's caffienated! 'Seize Up' (Espresso Mix) is a mezmerizing booty shakin percolater, and 'King Cappuccino' is a hypnotic deep whirlpool of voices, percussion and primal beatings.

4/ CLAUDE YOUNG - SCARRED EP / TWINE - SURFACE...Hectic goings on here! Zippy quick confusion to get lost in. But don't fret, cause some clear, stomping steady beats are here, along with a scrapey bass that burrows beaneath the 'surface' of your skin and some poppity bongo's to keep yer feet happy. On the flip (b, there's no track names) there's a good dose of the mettallic twirly stuff with big steady beats, hi hats and scrapings weaving in and out of all the elements. Last up, there's some spooky, beatless ambience, a fine Dj tool! Not surprising, for Claude Young is also an excellent Dj that makes records a dj loves to play!

4/ MARK VERBOS - COMPULSIVE PERSONALITY EP - SUBSOUNDS...Well programmed beat monsters to help you along the road to rock 'n roll destruction!!! Check out 'Confusion', it reminded me of that 'They're coming to take me away' song, speeded out and with an increasing intensity!

4/ ARGONIC - ANOTHER DAY IN GLASS EP - FOCUS...Cool, chillin techno that's deeply moving...all 4 cuts are kinda like variations on a theme, and really do make you feel like yer gliding on glass :) 'Klok' is my fave, with huge zippin bangin beats, shooting signals and lovely synths. Then I go for 'Broken', a cool chiller with a melody fragment from a long ago forgotten dream that's sweetly flutey among huge echoey beats and sound ladders. 'Siel' is bright and uplifting with hard beats and flubby acid.

4/ REJUVINATION - PHAZE 2 - MUSIC MAN...'Estrada' comes bleeping in with space signals and big dancy beats as a trancing wash pulses all gets real harsh and squeeks along...Oh My, what is happening to me? What did you say?!?! 'Vertigo' starts whippin 'n whooshing with bangin beats, weird chomp 'n zips and twinkley bells with a flying, twirling organ that flanges without mercy.

4/ WICKED XXX - MOKUM...'Out of Control' is the big winner here, get 2 copies and dancefloor domination may be yours! Awesome wild hard stuff with acid, "Yes, yes y'all, you don't stop, to the beat y'all!"

4/ CHOSEN FEW - MOKUM...Number 79 on this label that still delivers the hardcore goods! I've been a big fan of Chosen Few for quite a while, and 2 cuts on here remind me why...'Zlam' has great squidging 'n scratchin with a vox shout of the title and air raid sirens for an awesome sound. 'I Show Trickz' is crazed!!!!!!!! Woo!

4/ MK-ULTRA - OROJUNA - AUM...Well done and involving psychedelic trance...classic goa! Delivers all the expected beats and wild spacey acid lines with cool confidence.

4/ DJ DEMIGOD - SEISMIC RUMBLE - SYSTEM...Sproing whoot 'n holler bam bam bam. It ain't happy, s'not gabber, nor darkcore, just good old fashioned insane hardcore that's "the new style" in 'Hardcore Twist', yo! Dig that crazy rubber beat and 'psychedelic patterns.' Here we go" with 'Cookn' insane sounds filter in & out whirl and twirl , with a ragga vox.

3/ THE PRIEST - ICEOLATION (TOO COLD TO HOLD)- PLASTIC SURGERY...Kinda interesting release here that's a bit commercial, cause of recognizable influences ranging from Chems, to Jungle to electro and all out funk yo ass! Woo Woo train blasts on 'So Cold' come along for the ride with big beats and breaks, lots of cool efx. The flip '' goes more in the 1234 big steady beats and synth direction, picking up steam as it goes along into male spoken vox, and Bam, dances off into a 'Faithless' inspired break with synths.

3/ SPACE DJZ - RAMP LOGIC - NOVAMUTE...Jamie Bissmire and Ben Long have produced a lot of great music, but, I dunno, there's so much of this trancey bangin twirly stuff around, and while this latest 12" offers 3 main cuts and 3 tools (loops), I basically found 'Ramp Logic' alone to have some original flavors and good sounds, being an intensly good groover, gettin all hypnotic and percussive on ya.

3/ PASSENGER - BLACKSPIN - MOMENTUM...Well, it really isn't 'techno' techno, not tech-house, more like euro dream trance stuff...Big tune that's really well programmed, with a big sawing beat and energy. The breakdown's a bit cheezy for me, but this would probably go over real well in a club environment. It sounds Italian made, but it's from Rotterdam!

2/ STEVE POINDEXTER & MR BARTH - ONE SIDE EACH EP - TRAINSPOTTERS NIGHTMARE...I used to like this label...I'm really not thrilled with most of this issue tho. The first track by Steve is good, it's got a steppin beat, shakey percussion and ducky whippin amongst space waves, the other is Ok with cute synthing pulses. Now come Mr. Barth's turn, um, it sez, "If you don't like this sh*t, then turn it off." Ok, I will.

6/ KHAN & WALKER - RADIOWAVES 2 - HARVEST...These 'Shorwaves I-V' just may short out yer brain ;-0 Travel sound-studded hallways lined with poppity tribal primal leaning beats and experience pitched pulsings, cacaphonies of drums with rock and psychedelic influences. Feel yourself floating somewhere where time stands still as your travels ring the strings in yer head, recalling the march of the ancient tribal leaders, then we drink the potion that recalls that memory about the jazz cafe on top of the nightclub melding the funk with the acid as you made a wish on a falling star.

6/ DARKHORSE - DARKHORSE EP - THREE SIXTY RECORDS...More Weird stuff from this interesting label out of San Francisco. Moody manipulations of downbeats and sonic spaces to take you places inside and outside yer head. It's all sooo far-out man!!! Mellow pianos, odd horns, drummy trip-hop and jazzy influences predominate on the A side (Check 'Jupiter'!). The flip's 3 are bassier with 'Savage Bass' being a bit more experimental echoing sweet sad strings thru deep space. My fave cut is 'Savage Kick Remix' with a very deep atmosphere that's thick with fear as dark whips snap in echoey hallways of bass in space that shudders with efx and most excellent percussion poppin 'n drippin.

5/ MEYER - STYLE - GROOVE ATTACK...Whether 'Playing Out' or 'Staying In' you experience some spacious atmosherics, evil subterranian feelings on the chiller D&B tip...'Playing Out' isn't As evil, and gets some cool fun going with cute yelps. It's rather abstract, and you can dance to it in a fashion, but if your dogs are barking, it's the perfect track to lounge to!

5/ BULLITNUTS - SAVOIR FARE/HEAVY AIR - PORK...Very cool chillin here in the 'Heavy Air'! A funky and relaxing tune with a slight breakbeat, a spanish guitar, and a familiar melody that feels real nice, layin' within layers and layers of feelings that are complimented by some keen deep acid and spacey sounds. 'Savoir Fare' goes deeper, with spacious synths, deep bass and beaty beats, while a chill organ intones with rhythms of cowbells and poppity percussiveness.

5/ ROB ACID - DIE SINFLUT - JUNKFOOD...'Die Sintflut' is nearly 13 minutes of a very deep mind starts beating 1234, steadily growing with ticking patterns overlayed with clicking and sticking, gets all primal feelin 'n drummy with whooshing and buzzing, boring into your brain. The 2 on the flip 'Der Krieg im Koph' (roughly translates as 'the war in the head') gradualy bleeps & pulses in and builds by squeeky turnin buzzin an' beepin cycling beats come in underneath and far away trancing, not really a war, more of a skirmish, pretty trippy tho, sometimes our German friends are just too darn calm ;-) Lastly, 'Pfad der Gerechten' will take you down dark hallways where strange things are going on...electric shocks, voices echo as sharp steppin clear beats wind and wander deeply.

5/ DARLESIA - MY DREAM/CAUGHT WITHIN - SKYLAB...'My Dream' is a lovely female song set to a soft rockish downbeat jazzy groove. 'Caught Within' in the Skylab Remix tunes in past some voices to a gentle female song with soft brushy rock backing, then just as gently, tunes out...The Skylab Instumental is the bomb, it tunes in past the voices, goes into some trip-hop and gets really tripped-out and spacey with long violins, horns, and psychedelic effects to some slow rock, then there's some opera going on, and the TV in the other room is a bit loud dear, and Whew!

4/ SINCLAIR - L'EPREUVE DU TEMPS - SOURCE LAB...Some more tasty French jazz/downbeats/chill stuff. I love 'Georgy Porgy' lazy vocals, darkened ambient waves that's queerly downbeat. 'L'Epreuve Du Temps' remixed by La Funk Mob has a French song woven amongst sweet sounds and a downbeat groove, while the Mozesli remix adds Drama and big beats.

4/ ISSAKIDIS - NAKED EP - ARTEFACT..."What's going on" she sings, as a bluesy trumpet finds it's way among lazy breakbeats, optimistic percussion and winding trippy feelings...tres cool. The flip goes deeper into the mood, the trippy, otherworldly use of piano and synths feel strangely unsettled yet totally absorbing...then some guys yell out to "drop it!" and a funky breakbeat kicks up, with a 'talking' saw and some psychotic samples...yeah!!!!!!

4/ RARE - KILLER - ARTIC...Strangely attractive downbeat funky, boozy, out-there chiller with exotic woodwinds and strings and acid and a lazy sexy fem song. "Hey man, I mean just what I say....." 2 mixes by Cooler and Mr. Scruff for maximun exposure.

6/ ZIMT - U.O.A.A. - LADOMAT..."Baby shake it" Oh! I Really like this :) It hit my 'big tune potential alert' with it's pop underpinnings, trippy musical waverings and simple, danceable rhythms accented with interesting percussions, clicky-switch sounds, cool bass, deep phat acid...and topped off with a great male downbeat vocal! Chill and funky with a refrain that'll sneak into your subconscious, then, a few hours or days later, you'll hear it in your head and wonder what it was from, and go crazy trying to figure where you heard this..."I hopin' I'm high."

6/ NICK HOLDER - EXPERIMENT 43 - DNH RECORDS...Very Cool!!! 'I Got You Wondering' has a great male vox singing so nice! it's deep 'n funk jazz hip swinging good time house with some great 1234 beats, squidgy acid, hi hats and filtering chords and disco leanings, could just well inspire some "Kissin, Lovin"! 'Singing the Blues' has mellow beats groovin along with muted claps, fuzzy keys 'n horns with a kinda melancholy Diana Ross type vox singin "Lady sings the blues, she's feelin sad..." This may send chills down yer spine ;> Then 'What I Feel' has a guy talking about music, a big piano and sticks run under, then big 1234 struttin beats and far away soulful horns rule this house deeply.

5/ TOXIC 220 - SUBLIMINAL SEWAGE - SUGAR SPLIFF...Techno influenced drum & bass? I dunno that, but I do know that B side is Damn Good! Fast D&B that does lots of cool things with the sound and is dark dancin Fun, whooshing 'n rollin with an echoey vox ? "wally sed" and vocal stutters. The other cut has sharp hits 'n deep farty bass D&B stylee in long eerie darkness "you can't meddle with the forces you cannot begin to understand."

5/ THE PERSUADER - STOCKHOLM BY NIGHT - SVEK...Ahhh, I'm going crazy trying to figure out where some of the melody used in 'Stureplan' is from...but my suspicions are that The Persuader has captured a feeling, an amalgamation of inflections and influences expressed by a steppin mellow groove, and a sweet flutey whistlin melody line that's lot's of fun! It sounds great on a big system and has a touch of the Latin feel...people like this! The flip is more on the deep sweet melodic house tip with really good beats, an organ, bright synth sweeps and gentle knocking.

5/ BATTLE SYSTEMS - HARDWARE EP - BATTLE TRAX...Does Electro belong under techno or here? Well, it's technotic for sure with an industrial edge, and funky as all get-out, so I'll put this one here, I guess and add to the maddness! It's all harsh hard electro with lots of popping and shooting, sound ladders, some old schoolisms....... 'Hunter Killers' is really good with alarming & acidic beating, breaky electro, banging, hitting, brushing percussion, and lots of kids scarey wildness, Woo!

5/ TWO RIGHT WRONGANS - THE NOT QUITE RIGHT EP - WRONG...Anything but wrong, this baby is right, alll-right! My fave cut here is 'they'll never get it right, them two' with weird tribal chanting, twirly high sounds and flippy gated synths, utilizing sparse elctronics building beats into a sweet stepper. Then comes 'straight ahead, then take the next wrong' a tech houser with a deep funky bass that's deeply relaxing to the brain , re-energizing it via smooth stompy beats and shooting things. Lastly, an excellent mellow funky pumper with squinchy acid pleadings and bubbly poppins grooves on in 'system error'

5/ Q BURNS ABSTRACT MESSAGE - TOUCHIN ON SOMETHING - ASTRALWERKS...Q Burn on the floor, sending out the message of the steppin beats 'n funky rhythms ala Shaft, some rockin percussion trancing acid, guitars, organ swipes & vox hits 'n samples. It gets wierdly funky chill percusively brushy and multi layered with that special Abstract touch!

5/ GENE FARRIS - BLACK HISTORY - FORCE INC U.S....'Time & Space'! It's loud and lovely deeply stompin gettin trippy with voices.'Smiling Faces' will put a smile on yer mug, it's deep smooth house with a laugh all thru. 'Brave Heart' is spacey stompin house ala Felix with violins and a slight disco flavor.

5/ DEMON - A-TYPIQUE - 20000 ST...Big rekkid here! A current funky fave among housier Djs. 5 cuts, 1 with Porn samples (Lil'f*ck) =:-O 'Neo Paris' and 'English Lesson' stand out with big marching beats, sweet, snappy 'n stompin with deep tones and sexy vibes. 'Petite Ceinture' shouts "The whole wide world is in a rage" servin up a very funkin groove, and 'A.T.L.A.S.' is a dense downbeat slightly exotic chiller.

5/ AFRICAN NIGHTFLIGHT - 4REST EP - U-TRAX...What a strange and interesting bird this is! The 'Dotted Version' of the title draws you in with the wind rustling, you hear drums in the distance, then, the calling lure of the flute and other exotic instruments come into play with a slight Plastic Dreams feel, as the beats become ruffer, clickin 'n snappin and off dancin then gradually goes deep into the subconscious. The 'Triplet Version' of it twists a melody from a childs wind-up toy into a wild psychedelic ride with a Spiral Tribe beat 'n twirl, tribal sticks beating, and eerie "Weeeee-ahh wee wee weet" voices. 2 other A cuts attributed to Brubaker have some dubbed-out, manipulated to the wazoo raeggae all thru along winding, flowing backround efx and sharp acid stabs and it's all rather amusing, yet kind of frightening. The last cut, Make up Your Mind (Thirst) just may hurt you! A wild sharp falling screech builds up wildly in patterns of clickity clackity click as the echoes hit up and down and all around with barbed acid weaving and space sounds soothing...mental.

5/ ROZZO - INTO YOUR HEART(TERRY LEE BROWN REMIXES) - PLASTIC CITY USA...I think y'all are gonna really like this one! The original is a steppin 'n horney bleeper with percussive elements that speeds up in funny ways with a cute flutey slide whistle thing and fem vocals. The 3 remixes do it justice, 'Guess Whose Club Remix' is almost speed-garage like, but better! Deeply steppin and percussive with space signals, timestretched vox and flubbin pads that pull you thru. 'Terry's Hearty Remix' is deeply comfortable house with snappy beats and jazzed with guitar like pluckings and long strings along with that fem vox :) 'Terry's Heartbeat remix' combines beaty heartbeats with percussive backing, bongoes, and a lovely fem vox to evoke deep primal feelings.

5/ WULF N BEAR - REMIX EDITIONS VOL 1 - 20:20 VISION...This is a nice package! 'Raptures of the Deep' remixed by Stacey Pullen is the bomb! A thick vibe with awesome stomping bassy beats, hi hats, lovely synth organ, flutey stuff and harsh flippins, rubbin the message in. 20:20 remixes their own on 'Body Music Revisited', some mellow feelin hard house with a smooth organ trilling rhythm and sweet sounds gettin funky and growing in intensity. 'Body Music Defunked' remixed by Urban Farmers is a rockin drums and percussion with dirty funken acid.

5/ UTSUMI - FINDING A NEW WORLD - DISORIENT...A fun rekkid! 'Finding a New World' is some shakity trip-hop with a cool piano that puts you in the thick of a party chillin out and havin' some laughs with yer buds. it gets a faster D&B funky feeling going with shooting space signals, and cools out again, very neat! The Mr. Scruff remix adds some breathlessness, to the funk with steppity poppin beats in a spacey setting with chill piano, a flute melody a tamborine, and "do-do"s, kinda feelin like a Daft Punk & Hall & Oates offspring.

5/ SEVEN DUB - ROCK IT TONIGHT - PROZACK TRAX...'Boolez' takes you in deep 'n quick, getting you down and ready...the beats pulse as the house organ spreads its welcoming become enveloped in a cloud of sweet spaceyness, a refrain echoes as beats pump and percussion ticks and the groove kicks. 'Rock it Tonight' has a lovely female vocal woven within a deeply steppin house vibe. This has been getting some talk going!

5/ DOYLE FACTOR - OLD GETTING DUMB - D FUSION...'Old Getting Dumb' is groovey soaring spacious fast 'n funky, bassy 'n breaky that gets real trippy ...real good. 'Body shock' is Ok, a very deep, slow beaty funky bass dubbed chiller with trippy efx flying around a mysterious vibe and vocal sample.

5/ D'HEADBANGER - ELECTRIC MIND/ SHOUT TO THE GROTTO - DON Q...Yes, it truly is a 'Shout of the Grotto Beast'.. Spacey, atmospheric D&B, prying open some nasties, doing a bit ole' roto rooter, ya know ole chap?! heh heh. A baby cries, the acid distorts 'n sproings, and you listen, dumbstruck as the Big Ass Bass drops All The Way Down....OOOhhhh =;-O In 'Electric Mind,' you're taken down to the sewers to experience secret games and other machines complimented by sharp D&B filtering with percussion, rollin with phat acid lines and lots of wikkid change-ups!

5/ BUSCEMI - DOLORES DEL SORTE - DOWNSALL...Funky stuff that's good for the lounge also, especially 'Soap Girl Nina,' some deep fun with percussion, bongos, a waggly gee-tar, lovely fem vox reps and "zubba zubbas," and some disco flava thrown in de mix gettin echoey and slap clappy! The title track is similar, with added breakbeats and an 'Apache' like feeling to the bongos. 'Seven Days in Spain' has got the breakbeats and the beating of a heart that smooth 'n ringin some chill tones with timestretched vocals. The last 2 are on the D&B tip going deep...In 'Gloomy Business' she reminds us she's "in gloom", and in 'It Might as Well be Quiet' the beats are muffled and far away with lovely sounds weaving in & out amongst acid pulses and beats gettin echoey, with a fem vox rep.

5/ UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE - TURNING POINT - UR...4 flavors of excellently arranged, produced and pressed slices of got some deeply funky electro-house on 'Soul Circuits', 'Spirit Caller' has soaring ruff synths, percussive marching and a guitar line rockin out that's wild yet peaceful, 'Hi Tech Funk' percolates wit de flava, boyee, adding jazzy trumpets and and acid to da mix, 'First Galactic Baptist Church' finishes things up on a funky disco house note, with a Diva wailing "so good...the feeling." A definite acknowlegment of his roots here for Mad Mike!

4/ THE KRAFT - FEEL GOOD - CHARGE...Dark D&B stepper that's deep and loud with vocal hits and tons of atmosphere on 'Just Roll (V.I.P.)'. 'Feel Good' about the fact that this is only a rekkid, with it's horror film-music synths and hard steppin Jungly darkness.

4/ SPACETIME CONTINUUM - REALTIME EP - ASTRALWERKS...Someone familiar with this guy was surprised, hearing this, she said, "this is Spacetime Continuum?" A funkier Jonah Sharp emerges here with 'Neoteric', a sharply plucked groover of funky space music that's kinda weird and sweet with an odd foriegn male rap and slight breakbeats, the 'Strange Attractor' mix of this takes it to the floor with a bangin 4x4 beat, scrapeily turning with the beats flopping over and chomping some excellent bass and a neat organ. The flip's a bit more heady, with the trippy 'Microjam', a blend of bass pulses, submarine blips, housey tones, beaty beats and sweet blips. 'Pressure' (live) feels good with D&B and exotic touches, with neat echoing hits and flutes.

4/ SAVANNAH - ALLER SIMPLE - RAINDANCE...Oooh, I love 'Les Jasmines', it's groovey and cool with amazing horns and deep beaty beats, a house organ and popity bongos. 'Aller Simple' is deep hard house with a horny sound line, hittin 'n stickin percussion, pulsing tones & keys and flying things that feels real chill. 'Way Up' is groovey moovin house with hard 1234 beats, a whistley line and happy feelings.

4/ DAKAR & GRINSER - THERE AIN'T NO TURNING BACK - DISKO B...Wow, cool...This is the first time I've placed a DiskoB rekkid in the funky/house bin! This is quite funky indeed too, with tracks to prove it. 'Rush' has a strong electro flavor that beats 'n claps with a hi note all thru, 'Lazy River' is kinda sweet, mellow deep electro funk flavored with cymbals and a jungly horn 'n bass and squeekin turnin. 'Let it go' has got a rockin breakbeat, some zippy fuzz and a cool Rhodes organ.

4/ CARLOS SANCHEZ MOVEMENT - LOVE AND RESPECT - MAXI..."Love yer Brother, Respect your Sister" Wel,l nuff said! A feelgood, deep stomper here, with clipity clap percussion, and a Latin influence, rolling drums 'n bongoes, soaring synth and washes of sweet sounds, the vox sample whispers amongst jazzy pluckings 'n feelings. There's also a very deep bassy jazzer with cool horns and an organ melody.

4/ GROOVE ORCHARD - V/A - DIY DISKS...Head on over to the Rainbow Garden for 'Scrumpin', a groovy funk fest with some singin, fast bongoes, an organ and that crazy guitar pluckin. Thursday Lads take 2 turns here, 'Sharksoup' is deep, lovely groovin house with jazzy horns and a chill piano line, while the other, self titled cut is smooth 'n trippy with deep beaty beats, long strings and funky sounds on the chill tip.

4/ MARTYN BENNETT - BOTHY CULTURE (EXTRACTS) - RYKODISC...A cool blending of exotic elements and a dance-floor sensibility! This stuff ranges from atmosheric loungey vibes with horns, guitars and vocal chants 'n warblings ('Joik' & 'Tounges of Kali'), to beaty movers with exotic rythyms and acid ('Ud the Doudduk') and violins, ahhh's and a slight Plastic Dreams feel (4 Notes). Great stuff for lounges, world music venues, progressive clubs and house/tribal Djs!

4/ DJ TEMPEST - WAREHOUSE EP - BLOOD...'The Warehouse' percolates with crazy, weird weird, "Inside you is a tiny medicine pill", then bangin 1234 beats & fun flying synth twirls, moody bass pulses, drips & spoingees, vox reps and pulsings, claps and odd may be slightly cheezy for some, but it's fun and made me :-D

4/ BLACK ROCK - COSMIC WINDOW - LOADED...1234 Big beats, growing percussion, Daftesque filtering of a funky muted song, with wildly groovey effects. The Dub mix is a Large Tune! Steppin 'n stompin 'n smooth with flying things and disco strings with a pulsing spy-like melody that filters wackily...very deep and funky!

4/ DJ SHADOW - HIGH NOON - MO WAX ...WoW! This Rocks seriously! I really can't explain it...a funny intro, then you rock out, then ever so smoothly it's chill and deep and funky and then yer rockin out! Hah ha! 'The Devil's advocate (Heaven v Hell) has excellent found vocal snatches regarding Rock & Roll, along with an evil sexuality to the beat...Woo! Lastly, in 'Organ Donor' keyboards are featured doin' some fancy organ-grinding, giving "the sound so much body", backed with a groovy downtempo beats and scratchin.

4/ DJ DECENT - WAITING FOR WHATEVER - CHUNK...Decent indeed! Kinda insane acid breaks here with a slight chem feel that's deep 'n slow in the original, then Simply Jeff does a 'Megamix' on it, playing with the sonics to great effect and melding huge fun electro funk with spacious acid breaks flavored with vocal hits and old-school touches. 'f.a.v. there' has spacious, trippy breakbeats going deeper into the excellent pulsing acid lines that suddenly break loose.

4/ ANTHONY - SEX WITH MACHINES/THE MAN - KANZLERAMT...This label issues some Very interesting records...the tunes often seem almost otherwordly, and always add great touches of interest to any set. Here's some Kraftwerk inspired 'tronics on the deep, dark electro tip.

4/ TOXIK TWINS - MIND FUNK - AUREUS...Rockin acid breaks that meld early 90's rave sounds with Chem influences...the 4 mixes also explore some funkier acid territory... check out 'J.V.s Toxik Parlor City Remix' for a builder, like a train coming in, with tribally beats, pumpin acid and a 'witchdokta' like horn! This is the cut to throw down in the club, friend!

3/ MEDCOM PRESENTS - V/A FREE YOUR SOUL - ROADRUNNER...Kingsize takes the cake with 'Acid or XTC (Breaks for ya Face Mix)' a deeply winding combo of acid and bass that'll take you down and turn you out with the funkly breaks. Daylight Society turns in 2 acid funk peices that are kinda groovey with electro-ish acid funk.

3/ POOCH - LET THE BASS - SATELLITE...Speed Garage here, with it's bassy happy house feelings and pumpin fun D&B influences, ragga touches, gunshots and a great funky bass guitar.

3/ DRUM FACTORY - IN THE MIDDLE - OVER X POSURE..."Evidently" some deep, spacey, atmospheric electro on 'And the Beat Goes' darkly nodding good stuff. 'Beatdisaster' injects the concept with fun - a weirdly flutey sound and some D&B flava, then 'Overdrive' gets choppy and out there, bleepy with vox shouts and cool scratchin.

Full Length LPs and CDs

FURRY LO91C - 2X12 V/A ...
What a chill-out gem! 12 tickets to ride the groove train :) Excellent collection of artists such as Fila Brazillia with the jazzy 'Obrigado', Larry Heard does a supa-sweet 'n beaty space chiller on 'Microgravity', Dub Alchemist expresses some sexy sounds via D&B patterns in 'Wild Straberry', and Jose Padilla's 'One Day in Paradise' washes waves of water and sound chillin along feminine voices........all this and more!

Billed as being techno breakbeat electro. Quirky weird 'n cool poppity electronics and choppin staccatto pulses ringing deeply cool. That's the A side (there are track names, but whoever designed the typeface for the info made it too hard for me to read). B side is a minimal, deep, trancey journey with funkola farting, woodwind tones and brushy stimulations. C goes for the poppity funk with far-out old school sounds and electro feelings. D has a harsh staccto 'n scrapey ruff pulse, quirky rythyms and mellow synthing, choppy 'n poppy beats layered with bell tones...makes you feel odd... but a good odd ;>.

Oh yeah, btw, this stuff is beautiful for remixing! All you artsy tinged creative Dj types (like me ;) will have oodles of fun with this stuff.

Minimal techno. Syenewave signals some spacey and surreal sounds sweeping sensory stimuli... and it may just reprogram some of yer neural pathways in its wake! Damon Wild, Function, Norman, CDC crew & Chris Sattinger team up to deliver the message of minimalism. Most effective are trax 'Flightdance' and 'Decoder Ring', with 'CNTRL' and 'Skyline' coming in close.

What a lovely thing this is! In the first cut 'A Grand Love Theme' a guy sez, "It's not about getting drunk, it's about being in a room with a sense of how very very short life is." Well, there ya go. There's a bounty of lucious, chilled, sexy selections that range from chill, downbeat and atmosheric to trippy waverings with interesting vocals, to some rockin groovers and exotic flavored jazzers. I want to say so much more about this peice of music art, but like all art, to be fully appreciated, it must be experienced by oneself. Experience this.

Inteesting concept about some spy-guy who's hiding or something and here he relates some of his adventures and voices his paranoia.....and then there's the tunes, proper bangin techno, that's what the Holy Ghost have always been about, and bringin it to you with a humorous aside and sly wink. 10 tracks that flow as a whole or as a special seasoning to add to your mix!

Cool concept with excellent execution. 6 turns here, the only one I was a bit dissapointed by was Plaids remix. But, do check Kirk Degiorgio Future/Past Mix of 'Transparent' for a head-spinning weirdly groovy 'n trippy blend of twinkling, flutes, military drums, a go-go bar in the distance, a child's toy spins and dark pulses as forboding yet sweet sounds wind down. Doves Lithium Project 3-style mix of 'Another Sun' is dreamy cool with sweet minimal 'n mellow deep synths and jazzy cool beats 'n percussion. A very deep, multilayerd experience!

The first disc's got 17 pounders that do the job the hardcore/gabber way, lots of big faves by respected artists/producers...Disc 2 is a gem of a live mix by DJ Chosen Few that there's a way to start up yer day!!!!

I reviewed the main cut a little while ago, and I liked it okay and it continues to grow on me...and there are a few other cuts on here that I consider outstanding...Check out 'Filter 2' a driver that bangs alongst an acid whip 'n flip that ruffly speaks something only you can interpret. Get feelin all F'd up with 'Engine One' a darkish repetitive poppity zippy mover 'n shaker. "Origin' twinkles in space with beats of a moderate pace, 'Love' has got a deep pulsing groove and sexy male voices, and 'Walking the Line' is chill and downbeat, kinda strange with mechanical sounds and voices.

The adventures of Kirlian continue, as Mr. Duque continues to share with us his unique Hollis-ized and worldly view and interpretation of all that is, was, and will be....well, in the world of electronic music and general sillyness. The title track is a deep sexy bassy groover with whipers of the title, and other suggestive suggestions, it's both hypnotic and funny! Every track here is sooo good, and I recommend listening to it as a whole, and it's especially great for dinner music (well, at my holiday dinner parties, listeners really liked it!). There's a wealth of influences, from some experimental discordance (To See Her), to deeply bangin and hypnotic twirlers (Porzellangasse), to deep, downbeat groovers (Mission), electro funked up rubber bassed chimin (Follow) to extreme silliness (the last 2,Yo! Check your friends out, um, expressing themselves!).

I'd rather give this CD an overall rating....why not of the individual songs? Well, whenever I listen to this, I (and whomever I'm with) get caught up in the general very pleasent feeling of the ride! 'Mr. Brown' brings his pedigee into line here and shatters your pre-conceived notions of the roots of soul. Very nice, really good as backround party music during that after dinner sittin' home with red wine type of thing or gettin yerself ready to head on out! There are tracks to move you (Magic Prison, Back to Reception), soothe you (Looking Beyond, Straylight), and groove you (Chord Progression, Nightshift) here.

Another player on the big beat/chem tip. Most of it's pretty rockin stuff! Check the indy/goth/rock/chem/techno of 'Billy Club' where "Life is pain, Life is Joy", the jungly ragga and crazy acid rockin beats on 'No Remorse', the wild breakbeats and sweeping fat acid with acid house touches on 'War', the steppin sharp beats and acid gurbles galloping wildly in 'Fight', and the rock fest on 'Def Beat'. Lots of manic energy here, I don't particulary care for some of the 'Beastie stylee' raps, but that's me. Be sure and let the CD player run past 12 for the Ultra funk that rocks out and ends up with these sick horns!

I'd like to extend my sincere Thanks for all the great feedback I've been receiving on behalf of 'The Technotic Times'! You know, information IS power, and I believe in sharing it, so, send anything you may might want included in future editions on over!

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