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The Technotic Times
Issue 1.99 - Winter Edition 

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The following music report, The Technotic Times, is an electronic publication. Complete info on subscribing/unsubscribing/redirecting and archives is located at the end of this document.

The subject matter is music - mostly electronic - covering the areas of experimental/head-set stuff, techno, dance/funk/house, chill out/space out/go crazy/breakbeats, and fusions of the above…and, all of it cutting edge. It contains some news, views and lots of playlists and reviews 'ala the Technotica staff. Contributors are welcome to submit material for publication in a future issue, with full author credit as payment, and the satisfaction of knowing your words will live forever! :-)


- These Technotic Times (Radio)

WTSR 91.3 fm CNJ Sundays 9pm-12mn (EST)

- These Technotic Times (Internet) (hosted on Mondays 8pm-10pm (EST).

I am also doing Techno reviews for a new zine that will be distributed throughout the US named, ‘HUGE!’

Where do I get the music that I play? Well, it's stuff purchased from local music stores, mail orders, promos sent to me, stuff friends give me to check out, things I find round and about, and from people like you!

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Ok, so like, this is the way I'm doing 'The Technotic Times' (for now! Who knows what the future holds!) What I do is give you the playlist of my weekly Internet show, and then the reviews of the record. If I have done that record before in a previous issue, I will refer to the issue that review appeared in, and you'll be able to find it easily, either in your file of these reports, or in the archive on the website.

I've also attached some additional reviews below the playlists. Most of these have been used in previous net shows, and/or on my weekly radio mix-show on WTSR 91.3fm, or at gigs. There will also be some guest reviews in the future. And, of course, I'll have an editorial each issue on what I see happening in the underground music scene, possible trends, people to watch and things to do.

Please let me know what you think! Do you love it? Hate it? Have some suggestions? I'd love to hear from you, cause I enjoy getting the information out, and want it to be as easy, fun to read, and understand as possible!

Well, as more and more electronic tunage seeps into the general consciousness (Seems like every car company is using lots of Drum & Bass and even some IDM stylee tunage for their commercials, Detroit like sounds are heard backing many other info spots on TV, and sports programs love the acid!!).

But, as this growing acceptance of the music-as-music develops, the state of the scene continues to fluctuate…promoters are learning how to deal with authorities when permits are necessary, and the 'ravers' themselves have become more responsible…the excess and total abandon of 'the old days' has given way to a more mature appreciation of the music. The price of the big parties has seemed to peak, and there's lots of smaller events to fit any budget. There's a bit more variety in the DJ's being presented (finally!) and the program is of a more mixed variety, with more DJ's taking bigger creative challenges with their sets…of course, some spinners continue to seem to be afraid of moving beyond a certain sound, and, unfortunately, a few seem afraid of even changing what records they play…come on guys, mix it up some, have some fun with it! After all, when we cease to grow, we begin to die…

But, back to speaking of fun, the psychedelic trance scene is having a ball! Scattered throughout the world are happy black-lit enclaves of energetic revelers. So, what is it that is making this stuff so popular lately? Is it just a newly discovered trend wagon to jump onto? I don't think so! The first time many are exposed to the music, they are struck by the energy of the music, the way this stuff just gets you all involved within it and hyped up and the extreme fun and positivity of the scene….people getting dressed up and painted up all crazy, why, it's nearly akin to the ‘golden age of rave,’ circa 91-92, when the music was fun and people felt it was both an obligation and a right to get silly! There've been numerous articles on the psy-trance phenomenon in major publications (Such as the New York Times). Even the Entertainment Channel (E) showed up at a recent night at Vinyl with cameras in tow to check it all out. This scene is growing slowly and steadily as people come back for more, and this time, they've brought their friends! And they told 2 friends, and so on and so on and…..

Regarding Trance music in general…I’m talking the Paul VanDyk, Sasha/Digweed stylee…well, jeeze louise, that stuff is Finally blowing up all ova the Us where lots of weeklies are poppin up in cities everywhere and trance DJ’s are in demand at one-offs.

Because of the prejudices against and the problems associated with throwing large scale events, the well-produced/well-organized ones are becoming less frequent…and coupled with the fact that going to a 'rave' is a rite of passage now-a-days for teens, and the huge popularity of the parties with people who recognize their love of the music and it's unconventionality's…to be able to dance and be free….well, this has created great problems within the scene…parties are getting overcrowded, lines going around the block, people being frustrated and despairing about what is happening on starting a dialogue anew…on mailing lists around the world, people are discussing these problems and what to do about them. One solution seems to be a back to grassroots movement within the scene…it all started out as a DIY thing, and it looks like what goes around comes around as peeps realize that they knew what they were doing in the beginning of all this, because they knew what it was all about…the music and the vibe.

Techno seems to be becoming more of a connoisseur’s thing in some places, where smaller groups of people are invited to gather to hear the cream of the crop come display their wares. Techno releases are down but the popularity is slowly but strongly increasing. House is house and it's devotees have much to celebrate with all the awesome talent churning out the grooves hot and heavy. Hardcore releases up, and the parties featuring hardcore DJ’s are up, and there are more weeklies and bi-weeklies happening.

Other influences that seem to be poppin up all ova include Old school! RAGGA!!!!! Glam rock, Jazzy, and Classical music elements also are being drawn on more and more.

Hey, looking for some fresh reads? Check out the fabulous and free ‘Fix’ (, the newly upgraded ‘FAQT’ is now a full size mag, and still has those great Haiku reviews (, and the not-free-anymore-but-worth-every-penny ‘Thousand Words’ ( All these publications deal with underground electronic sounds, and do a darn fine job at it! Good work!




























  A note about my rating system for the reviews…I have placed an asterisk before the song titles in the reviews of cuts I Really like.


-AUCHTERE - PEEL SESSIONS - WARP…From the 1995 Peel sessions comes 3 cuts of classic Auchtere crunchiness. 'Drane' takes up the whole of side B, but it's so involving, lush, deep and spacey that you get pretty lost in its clicky 'n crackly patterns with long synths and neat tones. On the A, 'Milk DX' is fast and clicky with organs and odd sounds like weird voices, and *'Inhake 2' does a mechanical building up when weird voices come in, kinda like "go, go, go!", all this along with cool spacey sounds, neat crunchy windings and bloops. Cool experimental sounds and patterns!

-B RECORDINGS - INSTANT 2X10 - CHEAP…Strange and innovative stuff from this always interesting Austrian crew of mischief-makers. The A/B sides are the most useful, with the C/D being more experimental. A is *'Instant'. It starts out with a long, kinda eerie ambient intro that's thick with intrigue. Guitar pluckings come in and out, and Bam, off it goes into rollicking R&R Techno that's thick and powerful, with a strange vibe as long eerie sounds, big beaty beats and thick percussion do their thing. On the B is *'Autoelektrika', a very deep and interesting piece that opens with a woman saying something about temples and drums to a deep ringing, chill sound, then large deep bass beats slowly pulse as crowd sounds come up. Sticky jazz percussion, sound ladders, cool electronic muted keys sound like manipulated voices and Mesmer sounds complete the picture, well, not quite, some B Boys come on by doin a "Rock a Diddee"! On the C is 'Galama' that has a slight electro feel with ladders, odd manipulated voices, poppity percussion, horney pulsings and sticks, acid risings and keyboard swipes. Now for the D side, 2 cuts here. *'Quatermass Rocket Men' has working sounds building and grinding along with some electronic sounds and a vox, "so many skeletons lying in." 'Sundays' is clicky with key pulses, scrapes and a constant stream of building kettle drums.

-NEOTROPIC - ULTRA FREAKY ORANGE - VITAL…Wonderful and deeply complex programming to keep your mind real busy and your body in a state of groove. The *title cut (the Album mix) is a thick soup of exotic & cool sounds rockin da beats, ringing deep & funky. At the end, it gets kinda quiet then a vox sample, "Hello, Good Morning, or Night…." Funny! Next up, the 'Deep Fried Clams Mix (Attack of the Ninja Fish)' is a fast drum tumble of breakbeats with lots of weird fun sounds all mixed in & up! The last 1/3 breakdowns to a far-away carnival. 'Ultra Freaky Alarm Clock (Bin Dogs Remix)' has neat feelings, like a lush tropical place that's kinda mysterious with whistles and repeating voices. On the B side, the first cut is by Erik Moller, *'Vacetious Blooms Premix (aka Spinforms 'Massage')' has funky rockin breakbeats and then quietness. It builds up again, quieter, deep, serious with neat vocalizations & "Ahh's" & "My Man" jazzy reps. Back to Riz with 'Red Math's Dark Extraction' that's rockin with a thick atmosphere, jazzy porn organs and a human beat box. *'Starbean Mix' winds things up as a deep rich soup of sounds and tastes…kinda eerie but cool!

-KEN ISHII - GAME OVER - R&S…Ken is a true electronic artist! He doesn't stay locked into any particular groove, sound or feeling, and when he lays down a tune, he tweaks it till it's right. On the A side there are 2 funky numbers. The *title cut here is real loud and drummy, very funky stuff that kinda experimental and far out, cool s**t! Then 'MBA2 Dub (featuring Wreckage Inc.)' is a weird funky mash-up that's spacey and energetic. On the B side is *'Peanut Bump Blaster', that starts of with some mechanical sounds workin away that slowly go into making a rhythm! Then it slows, and gets all drummy and rollin, pretty wild! Cool & interesting stuff that really grows on you!

-V.A. - BLAKE & MORTIMER - LE BANDE SON… These are 4 French made electronic grooves inspired by the legendary comic strip heroes. Jamal (from Fantom) scribes 'La Seconde Marque', a percussive & steppin funker with cool horny elements, organ-izations, and a deep bass. Lovely! Ali La Pointe does *'Sectimus' has sticks 'n hits, laughs 'n shouts, guitar 'n stars, and some french talkin makin for some funky mixed-up fun! On the B side, Dj Loik tunes up *'Piege Diabolique'. Starting off with tribally percussion, jazzy horn underpinnings with an air of mystery and some starry stuff for good measure. Then a 4x4 beat is laid on top and it all combines into one wild night of debauchery! Extralucid turns in 'Olrik's Theme'. The water bubbles at the ready in the lab as the scientist tells his assistant to initiate the procedure. Downbeat atmospheric rockin thick 'n deep, it's breakdown is sinister laughing as the scientist realizes his experiment succeeding as the beats then take over again to hypnotize you.

-THE ALL NEW ADVENTURES OF BLACKANIZED EP VOL 1 - RESPONSE… 'Crack Pipe' is a downbeat watery affair with some tokin going on while a song moodily intones asking, "leave that crackpipe alone…" There is also an instrumental version of it. *'Vertical Forms' is a very cool jazzy number with great horns that sounds like yer chillin at a space-age sea-side resort. On the B side, *'UFO Beats' starts off with a neat vocal sample of a guy talkin about psychedelic music. It's a chill jazzy horny rocker with LOTSA fun samples from old Kung-Fu and Blaxploitation flicks. 'Living Ina Jungle' has a cool M.C. calling for a rewind, then neat downbeat rockin beats with Chinese music accents, a watery touch and some crickets make a nice background for the ragga flavored toasting' "it's like a jungle, that's why me me humble…give me the ganja…" Great tune! 'Dynamic Duo' has great rollin beats, rappin, cuttin & scratchin to a spacey thick background with lots of cool sounds, neat!

-MAGNETIC BLUE SAMPLER - INTERCHILL…This is a 12" 4 track sampler from the most wonderful 2xCD label compilation (and I liked them all equally!). Rhythm Collision II - 'Pleasures of the Dance' is a deep and low piece that starts off with a long atmospheric intro then Reggae percussion & bass, then it gets kinda jazzy with a great horn, brushy stuff and lotsa spacey efx. Twilight Circus - 'Perfect World' is rockin low in space, woo! This sure iz deep! Very chill & dubby. Watershell-'Aquamotive (Liqui-Dub)' is low slung deep, rollin, drummy D&b, breakbeat thang with slight vox hits and lots of spacey & eerie atmophere. Euphonic-'Meltdown' is also an atmospheric rocker that's sharp steppin with great bass and neat sounds that feels kinda jazzy and slushy deep.

-AMON TOBIN - LIKE REGULAR CHICKINS (remixes) - NINJA TUNES…I dig da *'Dillinja Mix'! It starts out real starry & jazzy while a vox "I just cut them up" fades in & out throughout. It builds with great percussion & rolling bongo's into a thick, slightly tribal soup that goes deep - low down steppin! The keys are sweet, the hats are neat and the bass is live! On the flip, the 'Danny Breaks Mix' has the intro talking about "just cut them up like regular chickins" then gets deeply atmospheric with pulsings, sharp deep percussive jazzy backed D&B that gets a rockin with the fartin bass while backed with a lovely starry feel.

-JADELL - THE SURE SHOT - FIFTH COLUMN…Man, people love the *title cut on this one! It's chill breakbeats rock deep 'n dreamy while long strings, violins, starry keys, lovely feelings, vox hits that echo and funky touches with a guitar do the business. At the end a voice sez, "I love it though". This would be a nice ending to a rollin atmospheric Jungle set. On the flip there's 2 more nice cuts. *'Blue Harvest' is a sweet twinkling deep lounge-like fusion of funk with building live drums, neat keys, some scratchin' and cool vocal touches. 'Belt Rusheva' is more rockin and deeply funked with a great jazzy horn, live drums, cool pluckins, sweet keys and some talkin.

-APHRODITE - PRIVATE PLATES…Aphrodite continues to innovate creatively within the realm of D&B. These 3 cuts show why this guy is the one peeps peep! The main cut, 'Wikki Wikki Plate' is sharp steppin D&B with jazzy pluckins and dubby elements that go deep…neat stuff with cool flava that goes a'rockin and off! Funky fun! On the flip, *'Dark Dark Side' is an excellent bassy fun D&B stepper, "Darkside…my style goes down, is the craziest! Uh!" Then, *'Sweet Mind' fuses electro with jungle for a really fun piece with a vocoder, "we have found, new musical flavors…fresh picked beats". Sharp hittin beats, cool percussion, spacey stuff, wood flutes add to the mix as it goes off with bass skids and has the overall effect of being deep, cool, lovely fun.

-MOCEAN WORKER - DETONATOR - PALM PICTURES… A lovely, deep twinkling piano intro, then the brushed up low hittin jungly percussion starts up it's rhythm, then, big ass reverberating basslines kick in and warp out. A cool jazzy horn comes along to assist, and brightens the mood as a vox does some urging, and the whole thing goes into a funky overdrive, rising and dipping deep into that crazy bassline…and then it all eases you back into your reality with the keys again! The remix by DJ Trace takes it in a more evil direction, eliminating the piano and the vox, brushing up that percussion a bit more, and teasing and taunting you with a quavering bassline whist deep atmospherics play with a sense of impending doom.

-ANIMALS ON WHEELS - VITAL…Cool and kinda experimental jazzy D&B. 'Turn Away From You' is the second cut on the B side. It starts out sounding like someone is having trouble tuning a radio in, then deeply rockin jazzy feelings come in and, Bam! It's a crazy mix-up with fast fun that eventually gets kinda deep. On the same side is *'All Done' (I've used this one a lot!) It's an experimental, fast mix-up thick soup of space jazz and D&B that bleeps, bloops, brushes, beats 'n bops! On the A side, (it's gotten lots of talk) 'Joyless Fade Impeller' has a lovely atmosphere as it starts with spacey keys and rolls off fast and furious with zippy, neat D&B that has lots of flavor with some slightly experimental and kinda jazzy elements. 'Capital Boothwork' is a new-age mix-up of D&B and chuggin electronics with a jazzy atmosphere that gets fast, thick and crazy cool.

-JUN SHIMOYAMA - KYUDEN-NO DAIYOKUJO - BIG FISH MUSIC…Fun Japanese light D&B! This is from a preview compilation CD for this labels offerings. In the press release, it is classifies as 'pop rock'! It does have a kinda pop feel to it, but the D&B rhythm and influence are there, along with traditional Japanese instrumentation, some R&R, and a guy singing in Japanese. Fun! (See the added reviews below for a full review of the CD)

-KODO - REMIX 1 - COLUMBIA… *Strobe - 'Nanafushi (Satori mix)' is a tribal workout that's powerful fun, and the Kevin Yost - *'Deep Ethnic remix' is smooth, jazzy, sweet, and sexy steppin deeply with a cool flute and ringin. No, this review isn't very long, but the mixes are wonderful and deserve a lot of attention! Sometimes, listening and appreciating something speaks louder than words.

-ALEXI DELANO & JESPER DAHLBACK - NUEVA YORK - BLANK…No super-creative titles here, but some damn fine music that speaks for itself. On the A side, *'B1 remix' is a thick 'n brushy funky deep stepper that's twirly 'n trippy with deep bass pulsings, sticky percussion, great dubby fly-bys and echoed efx. 'A2' is some quick-step jazz-house with thick streams of percussion and cool tom/bongo patterns for a slight Latin feel, organ pulsings, and horn blats that all combine for a chill 'n heady stew. On the b side, *'B1' has the twirling and organ pulsings more upfront, as bright touches are added to the deeply brushed stompy beats accented by sharp percussion and deep intermittent clicky-buzzy loops. The breakdowns reminds you that yer trippin out on the dancefloor! 'B2' goes tribal with great bongo patterns, a stompin 4x4 beat, deep pushes, a very cool jazzy horn, and dubbed out sounds echoing long and deep.

-VISITORS MEET THE TWO DOLLAR EGG - CHOKE…Neat record! 'Schleifstein' is a fun deep stepper with tribal percussive patterns and scrapins below. 'Meditation' is deep and flowing with echoes of chants, neat percussion that clatters, and hats. Trippy and kinda experimental. On the flip, *'Last Engine' is a lush fast groover with a tribal feel, and the *'Meditation, 440 Hz Rmx by Byron Bogues' is a thumper! Big 1234 beats, rising tribal percussion and neat organs with some "La La La" singing - neat & cool!

-DJ ERIC PRESENTS WE ARE LOVE - DISTINCTIVE…An old tune redone with the addition of some Hall & Oates on 2 of the mixes. The mix I used, *'Funk Force Message is Love mix' doesn't have the H&O. It has the biggest beats and the percussion brushes stronger as it goes into the vocal, "Love you, me, we are love…love your sister, love your brother, love each other…" and has a real neat drop out. It's hard house, tribal jazz funk. The 'Funk Force Faithful Mix' on the same side is funky Discoid with the H&O sound, and the full vox as it filters with a stompin beat and neat percussion that makes a nice cool tune. On the flip, Robbie Rivera turns in 2 mixes. The 'Flying High Mix' uses the H&O to cool effect as the tune starts off soft and filtery then big shakity percussive beats lead in with light scrapins as "we are love" repeats, lovely! The *'Filtered Monster Anthem Mix' Is a real party tune! Neat beats that are strong and assertive backed by layers of percussion that filters in space. This one uses the vocals well and there's no use of the H&O sample.

-DISCOCAINE PRESENTS LIFE IN MONO - DISCOCAINE…Fun clubby stuff! I used the club side for this mix, but actually prefer the *Dub side. The Club mix starts in progress, a loopy, trippy disco number with cool spacey gurblings, a strong bassy beat, brushy percussion, a slight vox far away and a bit of a Samba feel. The Dub mix has huge strong beats and a Very funky guitar! Vox reps hit and sample a phrase from the Doobie Bros, 'Listen to the music' along with brushy percussion and a trippy breakdown, this makes for Fun!

-DJ MAGNOPLAS - PLASMUSIK EP - DIRTY HOUSE… *'Plasmusik remix' is tribal banger on A side has a hard house and french filtery disco feel along with a male vox and some other neat vox effects. The original, on the same side, is some bangin funk disco with the same vox, "everytime I start to feel…". On the flip is the cool *'Pressurized' with a neat rhyme talk intro. Deep hard house with scrapy back zips and beats with sticks getting kinda crazy and an end that filters out nicely. The remix of this one has bangin beats, acid pulses, sticky sticks, low scrapins, grunts, organ fly-bys and rising filtery voices.

-GAETEK - ADVANCED…Interesting stuff! 1 big cut on the B, and 2 loops. The track is a chill, deep technoey stomper with neat horney pushes. The loops are some bangin traffic and a Caribbean twirl to a beat. On the A, the *first one makes some funky, deep tribally moves with a cool, kinda eerie long sound all through as horney pushes clatter and stomps good stirring up emotions. The *second, is real good and funky, an electro-like get down with a rep vox, "people", cool sounds!

-KAMAHELE - THE TRAVELER EP - UNDERTOW…No track names. This 4th (B side) cut has lovely, ringing synths, brushy and sharp percussion with claps, funky pluckins, deeply spacey trippy sounds and some steppin vibes for a rollin vibe. The other cut *(3) on this side is Really wonderful!! Powerful deep clear beats, 1234 and thick rumbling rollin builds rep with great percussion, neat vox "the funk returns" that filters some and some zippy grinds. It all goes deep towards the end for a lovely vibe! On the A side, the *first cut is like tribal electro with deep strong beaty beats, pulsing echoes and cool synths fly by percussive accents as it breaks down with a neat far away vocoders rep, "there comes a time." The *second cut has a deep intro with clickity sticks then huge stompy 1234 beats and grindy synths pulse and echo as chants rep along some sharp shootins and shakity percussion rtinging in the end. A Real nice record!






























  A note about my rating system for the reviews…I have placed an asterisk before the song titles in the reviews of cuts I Really like.


- POLE – FLIEGEN – KIFF…Or, as it’s affectionately known as, "snap, crackle and pop"! All 3 tracks have lots of deep bass and regeae feelings with tons of atmospheric and subsonic effects along with the aforementioned crackly, statically popping sounds. Good stuff for getting yourself into a certain type of mood, for layering in experimental sets, and great for Halloween!

-ART CONCEPT – DRIVE IN SQUARE – PERVERT LOOP – WEAKED…Quality Techno/TechHouse made in France. ‘Part House (remix)’ is deeply funky ‘n smooth, with steppin percussive backed beats and cool organ harmonics. *‘Hard news’ Has big beats and backwards spinnins, with a neat cut-up vocal, "flipscriptic." Funky bass and a chill stompin beat are coolly accented by atmospheric organs, "In da house!." On de flip, ‘Over Beat Pull’ has a neat feel! A funky stepper that’s sweetly uplifting as a dubby/housy cool-down. *‘Pervert Loop’ is a snappy steppin hard 4x4 beater, backed by sharp percussion, acid accents, and cool deep vocals.

-ACID JUNKIES & MISS DJAX – 303 – ACID JUNKIES/HIGH JACK – DJAX…The magical number 303 has much significance to this label, being the 303’rd release, and the main instrument of manipulation for this Dutch label – check out the receipt from ’91 for the legendary silver box on the back of the sleeve! Headed by the ever lovely and talented Miss Djax, who turns in a stompin hard acid 4x4 number, ‘Evil Machines,’ that has the beats doubling, then running all ovah with cool drippy sounds, acid, and lots of cool vox samples, "evil machines", "let me rip you, let me crush you". The label is also home to the ever popular Acid Junkies, who represent with 3 cuts here. ‘Control’ a step ‘n stomp acid number with a deep male vox, "now we take control" as cool synths drive by, ‘Design the Future’ uses some of the same vox with an electro-acidic feel with trippy treatments and cool runnings. *‘High Jack’ has cool pluckings and runnings of acid to a 4x4 hardish beat and neat percusssion that talks kinda ruff ‘n squirpy.

-PALDRAME – PREBOLD – SLOVENIA – COMMUNIQUE…The ever lovely and intriguing Communique label outta the Midwest US again bestows upon us a generously banging *‘Kaptol’ Whoo-ee! This is Bold stuff…whistles, sticks, switch-steppin and big-ass bass beats. Meanwhile ‘Sidol’ is more of an odd fun tool, with it’s touch-tones, clicks and steps, beepy percussion and poppity clip-clops. On the B-side, *‘Livold’ is a quirky thing! It’s poppity ‘n sproingy, with silly sounds, neat taps, rings, beeps ‘n blips with good spare use of percussion, and Oh Mama! It’s makin my hips move! ‘Prebold’ is funky with a deep tribally feel complimented by some quirky scrapin ‘n bleepin. I keep this rekkid in my box, for it usually comes in handy when I need to fill in a gap - one of the tracks usually does the job!

-NEIL LANDSTRUMM – PRO-X-ESS EP – SCANDINAVIA…4 nutso cutso! On the A, *‘Digital Vandalism’ has supa-thick ‘n noisy crashin ‘n thumpin, bangin ‘n bumpin, makin for some deep, dark destruction. Half way in come big beats alternating with vibrating ones that get crunchy as rolling pipes and spacey signals try to break thru. ‘Intellestaul Proterty Abuse’ – No, I haven’t mis-spelled this title! It’s a click ‘n switch backed steppin beaty thing, with manipulated tones that fly, dive, twist, turn, pulse, scrape and zip...the sky is full of sound! On the B side, *‘Trademark’ is marchin tall ‘n double time with sticks, clicks and hits while growling ‘n chirping electronics purr, hiss ‘n gurgle and tumbling mental tones overflow…Oooh! *‘Ponytail’ is a nice sweet name, but the real truth is that a monster is loose! A huge steady beat stomps, as evil sounds that talk to you and spacey signals pulsate along with switchy ‘n tapping percussion and theramins. It growls it’s way through, a deep mentally disturbed sonic stew.

-EMBRYO COMPILATION…Need an instant party and can’t carry/or buy too much vinyl right now? Well, here ya go! This label puts out some cool ‘n insane techno that bangs in a special quirky way…not too quirky, but just enough to keep the interest way up. There’s even 7 great loops by UMEK to keep the flow goin’. Jamie Bissmire, Chris McCormack, Sir Real, The Anxious, Paul Damage, Sid Grant, Ben Long and Olli Fietila all contribute some amazing tracks to this great compilation that never leaves my box! Buy it!

-EGGLADY – PRINSESSAN OOH AGGET – BORFT…Quirky Swedish techno from this always interesting and long lived label. 4 cuts, no track names. On the A side, number 1 is a sticky stepper with clear hard moderate paced beats laced with brushy sticks. It’s real squidgy, with weird yelps, piano loops that grow intense, bass pulsings and acid whips. An odd thing that’s minimal fun! The second cut has thick hard 1234 deep beats with clip-clops and hiccups! It’s twirling, trippy and hypnotic, with a weird vocoder vox, cool deep pulsings and swipings, and ends in a cool vox loop. On the flip, the *first cut has a Huge arena sound with big beats that reverberate! It’s got that ‘Energy Flash’ feel. Neat hooty reps, harsh scrapy percussion and lacing twirling beaded strings and pluckings conduct the electrical signals, Yeah! I feel like a puppet! The *last cut has cool weird hooty manipulations that’ll talk 2 U and a moderately paced steady deep beat that’s squeaky fun! Ticking, sticking percussion and all kinds of sounds – a horn, drips, beeps, echoes…it steps!

-INIGO KENNEDY – TECHNIQUES EP – ALTITUDE – MOLECULAR… *‘Altitude’ is a driving tune! Using incessant running beaty beats, mechanical spare-parts drawer jiggling, and a pulsing crumpled klaxon set against a ululating jet drone. *‘Collision’ pounds the doubled beats deeply, as poppin video game bleeps joggle by clattering clicks that come and go. ‘Gyration’ stomps with beaty beats and whirls around you with muted layers of deeply embedded sounds – streams of brushy percussion, bleeps, clicky sticks, etc. take you deeper into the vibe.

-WOLFGANG VOIGT - OKTOBERFEST – AUFTRIEB…So, I heard this is another guise of Mike Inc. Hmmm, well, expect some interesting stuff here from this Profan label offshoot. 2 tracks on the A side, the *first being steppy, pushy stick backed beats with strummin electronic reeds, ticking acid oscillations and a metallic feel. The second has a bangin beat with organ loops of a sample, buzzy chopped acid, and a clappy marching feel that’s very thick and repetitive. On the B side, there’s one big cut of bangin supa zippy ‘n synthed up rock ‘n roll techno, complete with shouts of "Hey!". It uses the organ looped sample from the flip side number 2 cut, and gosh darn if that doesn’t sound familiar, is it from ‘Like A Virgin’?

-DJ BOUNTYHUNTER – KLANG KLANG – E-CORE TRAXX…Old School rave vibe in effect, Yo! Dj Bountyhunter comin back at’cha doin what he does best, stompin, fun hardcore. The title track takes up the A side. It’s got a Big opening sound, fast stompin hard beats, neat acid and samples the cool sound from ‘Der Klang da Famille’. On the B, ‘Yeehee!’ has tribal-like chanting all through, zippy ravey sounds and big hardcore beats. ‘Holding Back’ is a lot of fun! A percussive number that has you clappin along with the stompin betas and ravey synths.

-NEMESIS & DJ WORK – ABSTRACT NOISE – UNDERGROUND CONSTRUCTION…Nemesis does 2 tunes on the A side, then Dj Work! Remixes them on the B. UC rekkids are wildly popular, maybe because they bring some of that old-school fun rave-vibe energy and big banging beats into the mix. *‘The Clap’ has the HC beats with a silly slide flute and that well-used and loved sample, "Somebody give the Lord a handclap!". ‘Stupid Speaker’ goes again with the HC beats and some buzzin fun, adding a coupla samples, "Till you hear them blow…dance with the speaker…". Now for the B side, the ‘Abstract Clap Remix’ has slamming hard-ass beats using the vox and silly flute from the original. *‘4:00 AM Speaker Remix’ uses the same sample as the original but bangs more! It buzzes ala T99 with some filters that Drop da Bass!

-4 DA HEADSTRONG – MORE – INTERNATIONAL HOUSE…2 popular guys on the big party circuit do this dealio, Bad Boy Bill & Richard Humpty Vission. ‘Da Hardheadz Mix’is stompin acid house with fem vox reps, "Give U some more" that’s lots of horney fun. "AM FM Tweekheadz Mix’ is a funky stomper with neat beats, horny percussion, great acid tweakins and that vox. *‘Bleepheadz Mix’ is a Chicago stylee stomper with a buzz ‘n clap pattern that has percussive backed great HC beats and a great dropout with the vox timestretched, funky! ‘Da Breakheadz Mix’ starts with, "I’d like to turn the whole world on just for a moment" and also uses the "more" vox to arrive at a kinda downbeat ‘n funky breaky acid thang.

-CHOOSE MANIAK – VIBRION… Crazy Techno courtesy of a France/Denmark collaboration, cool! *‘Can be Perverted’ Woo! It starts off with a kool sound and Goes Off! Doubled elastic pounding beats, manic hi-hats, acid, and epic awesome rave sounds make it totally wild ‘n wind whipped. ‘ Intensions’ is a short tool of acid. Beats come in slow, elastic, then pound with fast background flippins. *‘Beep’ has bangin beats and filtered claps. It hisses and pushes as it intensely steps funky with acid whippings and horney manic stuff. On the flip, *‘Hard Therapy’ opens with long, loud calling sounds and high pitches then, Bangin elastic HC beats come in with wild sounds, talking?, clicks, ticks and whistles blowin’ all thru. ‘Break’ is short, as breaks usually are, and features acid manipulations and some funky beats. ‘Phase Terminale’ is one I used quite a bit because it’s so weird it always gets noticed! Acid twangs, ticking percussion, claps, elastic moderate pace knocking HC beats and weird cat yowlings make this one a standout!

-RANK – EAT IT WHILE IT’S SMOKIN – MINIMALISTIX… You probably remember the previous release on this label by this guy entitled ‘Eat it While it’s Cold’ Well, here’s some more hypnotic loopy minimal techno for you! The 2 best cuts are on the B side. *‘Lille Klatrestativ’ takes the cake here! A big atmospheric feel with rolling sticks and claps as the beats come in strong & doubles with hi hat accents. Cool gurbly spacey sounds and neat string scrapin sounds (ala ‘Der Klang’ on Tressor) complete this strong track. *‘Pistolla-Bar’ is the next best one here. It’s strong & crazy with shootin squidgin hoots ‘n beats that’s just plain weird ‘n fun! On the A side, ‘Optimistic Alliance’ is real good…rolling, tapping strong beats with a long, flowing undersound is accented by claps and fast clickins, rushing hats and strange space signals. ‘Ryperkanal’ is pretty good. 4x4 beats & sticks march along with military style percussion and claps joined by running toms, then submarine gurgling, and a growing swirl of urgent signals & acid.

-DJ XENTRIX & JLK – SONIC SPASMS EP – MINIMALISTIX… Ah man, this Xentrix guy plays parties in Belgium & France…but the train doesn’t go there from here on the East Coast…Damn! But, we’ve got this stuff on vinyl to make your own vibe with wherever you may be! A1 & B2 are the cream here. *‘Punch It’ is a low hitting powerful 4x4 beatin’ thick piece that pulsates and scrapes, all the while running & tapping with hits & crackles, and a cool mechanical vox repeats, "punch it." *‘Atmosphere’ has strong sawing, deep beats with low hittin frequencies and bell hits. Deeply rubbing and clickity clackity running for a thick mental loopy feel. The other 2 are no slackers! ‘Sonic-Interference’ is a massive powerful 4x4 beatin, low scrapin, percussive, deeply whirling & humming piece that bubbles up & ovah! It’s got a Huge sound with neat change-ups and neat spacey glyphs that talk to you! ‘Lobotomy’ is a great percussion driven track with thick beats and tumbling drums. It’s got scrapey sounds pushin it along while slow keys pulse.

-SLOBODAN – FIRST BUMRUSH – SUBSOUNDS… More banging techno from Sweden! *‘Kiss It’ runs all ovah da place, with big, strong beats for a deeply hittin mental soundin track that’ll talk to you with it’s thick cords that scrape-and-tunnel-down-and-race-around-the-subway-corridors-as-the-lights-flicker-on-&-off-and-this-guy-keeps-buggin-you…Arghhhh! Get away! *‘Bumrush (Cronical Re-Form remix)’ has very strong hittin beats that’ll stomp all over ya! Lotsa clattering percussion and running deep gurgly sounds are flowin. Great drumming is going on and there’s many layers of sounds here rushing yer brain. *‘Bumrush (Original Mix)’ Ow! Huge clackity hittin beats, sounds scraping & bubbling deeply, loudly filter up & down with great percussion and a machine/vox urging, "go go go". ‘Earcrack’ is the weakest of the bunch, because when compared to the power of the other 3 it’s twirly organs, pushin zipbacks and steady strong 4x4 beats seem tame! There’s flowing, rushing percussion, deep bass modulation tones and electric shocks.

-JUNCTION BOX – FIRST BOX – FOCUS…This is a pretty versatile rekkid, making friends with club and underground jocks alike with it’s accessable, yet unique TechHouse/Hard House outlook. Starting off with the A side, check out *‘Carrot’ WooHoo! It has a great running start that’s kinda low ‘n slightly funky ‘n old school, Then, Bam Bam Bam Bam beats, great lush strings and long synths. It’s zippy, pulsating ‘n horny - full of life for a funky rave feel with great breakdowns of claps, strings and a funky bass. *‘Ghuerin’ Starts with a long, building runny intro, then loops with cool sounds and percussion as slap happy hittin funky deep steppin beats loops with the running. Yeah, this is some mental hypnotizin’ stuff that’ll talk to you! *‘Ptriot’ goes with a long, deep clattering intro with whoosh loops that filter down and feel kinda funky, then, huge stompin aggressive beats enter amidst the rhythmic clatter and whooshes and pushes as neat long synths and a cool breakdown help it go off! Ravey ‘Cream’ has organ pulses and claps, cool percussion and acid blips for a rolling funky tumble as big 4x4 beats and a neat stop ‘n start rhythm makes ya feel sexy.

-PANTHOUSE & MIKE WOODS – FOOTING EP – FLUX… You usually see these guys doing their thing on G-Force records. I’ll give them here in the order which I liked ‘em. *‘Last Demon’ is a stompin & steppin vibey thang with thick rolling ladders of sound, a steady stream of hi hats, strong claps and big beats. There’s a great drummy break and the whole thing reeks of an almost evil feel. *‘Large Demon’ is some intense fun! It moves with good percussion running flippity and steady strong 1224 beats and repetitive pulsing…ravey! ‘First Demon’ has strong, clear beats and supa-flippy frippins strummin & talkin yer brain into things while rising brushy backgrounds add to the meal! The ‘voices’ filter up and down…Intense. ‘Second Demon’ goes with clackity strong beats that clear up and pound amidst suspenseful low synths as the mix gets deep, thick and serious, Ow!

-SUBHEAD – PREDICAMENTS…Here comes those crazy Subhead dudes over to the Predicaments label to cause some mischief…guess they just have more up their sleeve than their own label can handle! ‘Bubble & Squeek’ has a neat electro flavor; Harsh rubbin and a deep thick evil atmosphere, cool percussion, squeeky manipulations and some thick vox here and there with looped vocal tapping. *‘Slingshot’ starts with vox "roughing it….ich nee son chee" then has odd yet cute vocal cut-up reps, fast stick, neat bass, laughing, noise and stuff and a weird electro feel. *‘Rasterama’ is weird, deep & cool! Huge beats, drummy flys, and strange scrapins ‘n squidgns make a rhythm with fast ticks…are you talkin to me?! ‘Keep Calm’ is a deep, low stepper, blowing ‘n horny with drummins that make you feel spacey and discombobulated.

-SI BEGG/CHRISTIAN VOGEL – MOSQUITO…2 unreleased tracks on this special 10" limited release. A side is Si Begg with some *‘Mad Shit For Your Crate 2’ where rolling flippity sticks are the main ingredient, accented by claps ‘n hits and rollin clicks. Deep beaty beats go steady, then 1234 real fast like a pulse running and a big bad bassy hardcore underbeat slows and speeds, "Push it." B side is a tag team with Christian Vogel, Blue Arsed Fly *'Tag Team 2’ has thumpin doubled deeply embeded beats, as talking harmonics - a vox so oddly manipulated and looped it’s sinister - in the foreground add to this thick almost evil atmosphere with upfront rhythm ‘n brushy percussion. Short and to the point, it’s a nice mental interlude.

-HEIKO LAUX – RE-TELIVISED – MISSLE…Launched from the almighty Kanzleramt HQ for your ultimate enjoyment. A side has steady stompy big deep bassy beats that grow with the intensity and are backed by stick-laden crunchy percussion and marching with repetitive pulsings and bleeps as accents of a sharp sound really get your attention…a hypnotizer! *B side has similar sharp sounds but more often and more ‘duck’ like. Sticky marching big beats, shootin pulses with fast sticks ‘n clicks combine with flowing organs that turn into oscillated acid and fade, long sounds with layers of tones and a really big feel…drama! This side has a great floor destroying property!

-SUBHEAD & DAVE TARRIDA HIGHLY SPRUNG EP – XTRAS… Very strange stuff indeed! *‘Can’t Fuckin’ Do It’ starts with a voice that’s all mixed-up…what is he saying?! That and these weird little voices are all over the big beaty beats, along with lots of weird spacey stuff flying thru the sinister atmosphere. ‘Highly Strung’ has floppity syncopated beats and scrapey, shakey, chewy and crunchy sounds. The aliens are dancin around our remains (!) singin their weird bloopy space songs. *‘Imanangydeska’ has buzzin beetles in yer brain who are signaling to their friends to come on in! A low deep melody comes in to soothe…but it’s too late! ‘Phonomany’ is a stompy mash of weirdness of sounds, then a Huge hardcore deep beat comes in, on top, in and out while moans and groans buzz shake and clap…torture of some kind!

-DAVE TARRIDA & TOBIAS SCHMIDT – THE TEST EP – TRESSOR…Ho boy, more weird bangin techno! *‘Naked’ has huge stomping beats and ringing bloops, scrapey scrapins that twist and wind with eerie low sounds that drill in-2 your subconscious buzzin big time – bee attack! ‘Spaced’ is blender chopped sinewaves and crickets laced with big beats that later double, swishy brished percussion, cool acid wipes and hiccups. *‘Out’ is Big! Stompin ‘n buzin beaty beats drive ‘n shoot along with great percussion runnings and a sinister monophonic melodic phrase segments. ‘Teenager’ is a funky kid. Nonfiltered stretched monotone beats break up into kinda breaky patterns while funky noises sproing ‘n swish, tap ‘n buzz ‘n rub.

-TERRA – ODDOTIES EP – TEMPLATE…This is a very interesting label that puts out some very interesting stuff for sure, filled with mystery, oddness, and, oh yeah, beats! *‘Natural Rank’ starts out with an interview of some kind, "They worship something…" "Oh, absolutely, I have no problem with that, here’s the problem you get into, you have people that don’t understand nature…devil worshippers." "The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out." Bangin, steppin beats switch step with a deep bass pulse as alarms ring, urgent sticks drive, bleeps, sawing, the voices, and the harmonics eat at yer brain. *‘Dunces Corner’ is an immense bass laden track with pulsing beats, fast rolling sticks and hits of percussion while bloopy twirling and long deep eerie sounds travel about and call out. ‘Elephants’ has deep bloopyness ‘n knocking beats, twirls of percussion stick ‘n brush as subterranean longings sound-off and build with mechanical metallic pipes to transport them.

-JUSTIN BERKOVI – EXPLOIT YOUR I/D – DROUGHT…One of my favorite Techno producers, Justin shows here the stranger side of the always stimulating Sativae label. *‘Compatible Strangers’ has a spacey intro with these muted bells and whooshes. Then, a vocoded vox comes in and it goes off with clickity steppin rollin beats, mutated keys, brushy percussion swipes and stuff…the vox repeats, the bass pulses…this is thick deep ever changing weirdness! *‘Girl 56’ has clear strong knocking beats as sound ladders travel up & down along with galloping stick percussion and flowing chill synths that run deep with some funky bassling growlings. *‘Multiple I/O’ opens with a sound reminiscent of slot machines (not that I have experience with these…I like Roulette!) Scraping, running big beats pound ‘n tumble…whoosh swoosh gurble zoom…bells ‘n bass ‘n beats, ticks ‘n sticks, along with a jungle like phat bass runnin thru equals maddness! ‘Experienced’ begins with a evil vox talkin about "spirits, wild animals…tits…" etc, it gets garbled and there’s laughter…The, deep beaty beats, claps, hi-pitched signals, ticks, dramatic accents and lots of weird sounds and feelings…"What’s going on?"



THE FOLLOWING REVIEWS ARE RECORDS I’VE BEEN ENJOYING AND HAVE FREQUENTLY USED…There is a rating scale of 1-6 in effect and the catagories are T for Techno, F for Funky and H for Heady.

F5.8 VERT – BABY WANTS TO DREAM – PROUDLY…Fun stuff to funk to! 4 mixes…2 in a D&B vein, 1 speed garage style, and 1 a chill funky rocker with jungly elements. On the A side, *‘Chop Up’ works real good! A deep D&B roller with lush synths, great bass with a cool rap, "baby wants to dream, go baby go, roll baby roll". Then, "The Choked Smoker" starts slo-rockin as the vox builds and repeats. It rocks out with a guitar as acid and lush synths give it a chill funk flavor spiced with some kool jungly bass. B side mixes are, "Babes on Wheels", a wildly fun percussive speed garage yelper, and *"Fifty Fifty" a slightly reggae influenced D&B’r that goes all ova and sounds great with kickin bass, synths, vox, and sharp percussion…this baby moves!

T5.9 HYDROFREAKS – BRONX TALES EP – NU FUTURA…This is the second ep from these guys, doin' their excellently assertive and good-humored techno bangers via the Bones-Man Nu Futura label. *‘First Pinch’ starts it off, moving thru all that traffic and construction. Utilizing all kinds of percussion and big, thick assertive beats, it pulses with gurbly scrapes and metallic hits and sticks hittin deeply. ‘D.A.V.E.s First’ is an intertesting title for a tune that does a slow build-up with steady, big fuzzy bass beats, as percussion, claps, and bloopy ‘n sticky stuff turns, runs and squeeks. Flip for these 2 funsters: *‘A Bronx Tale’ is drippy fun! Fast bloopy deep runnins, big steady beats, echoe’d sticks and squeeky machines make for a kinda silly cool feelin. ‘Strictly Underground Funk’ is gonna have ya moving thru the crowd during the party, all smiles and groove. A cute timestreched vox of the title, a deep runny feel comin to the surface via trancey elements grinds deeply as it trots thru.

F5.9 SOUNDS FROM THE GROUND – DRAWN TO THE WOMAN EP – INTERCHILL…Oh, deep, heady, chill, exotic…and very sexy! The original mix has a woman speaking and laughing, along with wonderful whispers of wonder. Downbeat rockin with a slight electro backing and a thick involving atmosphere combines with neat trippy elements, squackin and loopy acid and muted organs. On the flip, the 2 remixes give more good feelings. The Kaleidescope remix has a lovely ringing, spacey atmosphere, as jungly beats emerge then retreat, while long, lucious synths wave and pulse. A chill D7B piece that goes over really well. The Bluestone Mix is spacey and chill with a kinda eerie feel, then gets rockin D&B stylee with a kickin bass groove and cool loopy bloopy feelings…sounds real good on the radio!

T5.7 MUMPS - MECHANISMS A-D – TORTURED…4 un-named tracks of techno terror! "Recorded somewhere in Europe" side – I’ll call ‘em A-D and clinically review their properties - (A) flippy, runny beats and hits…deeply groovin and movin with trancy repetition. *(B) big, elastic, stepping beats, whirly twirly trancin runny percussion, and horney pushes. (C) rolling, floppity poppity, sticky with big steppin and hittin beats and percussion. *(D) break out with big stomping beats, percussion and sawing that apparently speaks to you in some unknown fashion (;->)

T5.8 LINEAR TECHNIK - IN GLOBAL – LINAR…Big, hard and unapologetic techno for the head bangers. Those of strong heart, mind and matter will appreciate these two cuts by Navid Tahernia. *A side is like mental hardcore with huge scrapey and shooting acid, while B side douses you with big-ass techno that strums with keys, bells, shakins and claps and, of course, acid…deep!

F5.8 STATE OF THE NU ART 2 - SAMPLER V/A - BLUE PLANET…Yeah Boy-ee, me like this stuff! *Plug gives ya ‘A Hot One’, a funny combination of cheezy 70’s shoot-‘em-up, jazzy fluff and D&B! Gunshots, acid and a cute sample complete the picture nicely! *Mike Paradinas gets down with ‘Summer Living Pt.1’, a swishy deep D&B’r with flanged acid and warped sounds that’s deeply wild ‘n wired weirdness! Atomic Dog rolls the ‘Numbers’ with a classic deep, dark D&B roller with lots of cool noises, acid, and James Brown-like grunts in a thick atmosphere. Bedouin Ascent gets experimental with ‘Onyx Electra’, a deep, kinda dreamy and nice thang with swish-back clap beats that tangle with runny percussion that stays kinda deep and bloopy and gets kinda rockin.

F5.5 KNIGHTS OF XS – WELCOME TO THE UNDERSPACE – PLANT…This is a taster from the forthcoming V/A CD with David Holmes, DJ Wool, and more. A great label that has given me much pleasure. The title track has slow, deep beats, lovely synths and an eerie curtain of shakins…then a guy talks, "somethings going on here!" and the beats start a-rockin with lotsa acid and old-school feelings, as funky breakbeats and cool weird electronics combine with an odd song, takin it kinda deep and downbeat. On the flip, *‘Death of a Banshee’ is stormin! Funky rockin, with huge bass drops, shootin acid space signals and a cool looped chorus that gets kinda spooky.

F5.7 "THE BHAGWAN LOVE EXAMPLE" – DISCFUNCTION…This is a special edition that involves the talents of Tim Lee & Bhagwan Fresh. On the A, *‘Sneak Attack’ is wonderful funky fun! A spacey groover with tribally bongos, jazzy stuff, and a neat electronic flute sound…Flava! The ‘Dub Attack’ goes again with the bongos, long strings and spacey jazz feelings, then more rockin funk that gets kinda abstract. On the B side, *‘Idjut Example’ gets those Idjut Boys involved in rockin the funky shit! You got that cool hip-hop beat box breathing thing going on with keyboards, spacey feelings, cool bongos and percussion, and some laidback grooves. ‘Beat Attack’ is a drummer's delight, getting deep and dirty with those beat-box breathings.

F5.5 RHYTHM METHOD #1 – MOSAIC…These 2 disks are limited editions of some funky material with 3 different artists on each one. *Mark Ambrose gives ‘Greetings from Madam Dominque’, a deep ‘n dubby trippy repetitive roller that has a slight disco flavor and a neat looped vox and a cool "go baby!" Bluespirt says ‘No Suzuki’, with a chill deep stepper with a funky bass and hollow hits. *Huebsh Originators take you to the ‘10th Chamber’ with a steady good beat, rising reggae like pulsations, a cool echo and percussion…deep.

F5.5 RHYTHM METHOD #2 – MOSAIC…Here is the second installment of good stuff. *The Wise Caucasian does ‘Theme’ (Memory Foundation Remix), a deep and lovely dreamy piece with chill beats and dubbed out sound waves with upfront, cool percussion, very nice! The Ferocious Physics Quintet does ‘X-Rated President’, a tribalesque spacey thing with deep shakins, organ sweeps and male vox efx. The Memory Foundation lays down ‘While the Light Stays’, a spacey funky downbeat drummer with pulsings and a slight reggae flavor!

F5.3 SUN ELECTRIC – TEE+ - ROUGH TRADE/APPOLO …Ok, first off, I’d like to cast a vote for function over form. What I mean is, design is fine, but when it makes it so difficult to read the information, well, that just don’t fly. So, after much squinting, I believe the song titles are correct. 3 cuts on side A, ‘Authentic’ is a sweet flutey sunsplashed jazzy thang with jungle undertones. ‘Bosch Next’ is jungly scrapin jazz that offers some fast odd fun! *‘Flares’ is deep and thoughtful, with cool bass, some jungle and lovely feelings making for an experimental mix-up with a big ending! 2 on the B side, *‘Plaid Mix’ does a cool intro with a tweedly harpsichord as cool jungly bass and brushy deepness creates a thick atmosphere for a lovely daydream. ‘Modernist Mix’ goes steppin amongst the stars! Dancey, it sticks a lot, with flip flopity turnins and runnins as it turns jazzy.

T5.2 DAVID CARETTA - THE ROCKET SARDINE – GIGOLO…I like the A side here best with ‘Neuropolitiks’ some deep, sharp hard electro-techno that gets real buzzy and tuff with a guy talkin low throughout, and ‘Odyssey’ that’s flowin deep electro-bass with a flippy, energetic feel. On the flip, there’s a Kraftwerk inspired piece with deliberate vocoders (Rickey’s Hand), and a percussive acidic stomper with spacey backgrounds (Modover).

H5.5 PLASTIKMAN – HYPOKONDRIAK/AFRIKA – MINUS…’Afrika’ conjures visions of that great land…feeling like you’re part of some ancient tribal ritual…the live feeling drums and percussion combine with twinkly accents and deep bass pulses…deep. ‘Hypokondriak’ has deep beaty beats going tick tick and runnin blippys flowing in and out and all over rising and falling in intensity – minimal stuff that truly fits the label's name.



PHIL WESTERN – THE ESCAPIST – MAP…Listening and experiencing this CD will ‘open your mind'. I have to admit, it was quite an interesting experience for me. When I first received it, I popped it in the player pretty late in the evening, at the tail end of a coupla rough days...I try not to read too much of the accompanying literature when first listening to something, lest it influence my response...from the artwork though, I knew this was going to be something a bit different, and probably a kinda exotic journey. My initial reaction was positive, and as the thickly woven flavors progressed, I found it a bit more involving than what I was ready for at the time! A few days later, on a lovely early fall afternoon, with the sun streaming and a lovely wind whispering thru the window...I placed it on to play again...this time my reaction was much different, and I became very involved in what was happening in the songs - and there certainly is a lot going on! The multi-cultural and varied musical influences work really well...each track is separate and unique. I really liked 'Pleasures Gained' a kinda downtempo psych-rocker with trippy lush sound layers and a song. 'Mourning' has pumpin bassy beats that take you in deeply ‘n darkly with subtle percussion taps, deep keys, acid squirps and whispery trails). *'Kent the Fly' goes beating 4x4 as wild, twirling atmospherics build and thicken with metallic percussion as it travels deep. *'Full Moon' is hypnotic and sensual, with squeeks 'n turns, flipping and twinkling sounds and a deeply inlaid vocal. 'I no really' is pretty funny. It’s like it's from some brain surgery proceeding, as deep beaty and dark feelings get all mixed up under the voices. 'Sun is Round' is a psychedelic downbeat rockin slightly industrial tumbler with chanting, twanged guitars laced with strange voices. 'Poison' is a short piece of whispered echoes, deep keys and waves of enveloping darkness that crackle. I also liked 'No Help', a trippy ‘n tumbling deep piece thickly woven with lots of exotic and electronic flavors.

MAGNETIC BLUE – INTERCHILL 2XCD…This double CD is wonderful and the production is excellent - the sounds feels very organic! Lots of spacey, jazzy, chill ‘n funky stuff here to unwind with, or share with a ‘special someone’. My favorite cuts are (the ones with the star are extra nice!) – on Disc 1: Sounds from the Ground with *‘Planted’ a chill ‘n spacey journey, winding thru ethereal jazz with a kinda perky downbeat bass and brushy percussion. Yer havin fun, see, then in there’s some ghostly sounds…where is this place?! But you continue to have fun, because, wherever, whatever this party is, it's good! Then as things go, you say goodbye and it all fades into the mist. Legion of Green Men turn in ‘Starts Above, Starts Below (Patience part 3)’ a slow, deep, chill intricate trippy exotic tune with a wavering flute. Drum Machine Circle do *'Roswell' softly drumming you deep, then an odd broadcast comes in that’s kinda garbled talkin about symbols. Dreamlogic does *‘Sun In My Eyes’ a spacey sweet ticking bloopy ambient piece with wafting female vocals and deep faraway beats that’s very trippy. Has a guy talking, "sit down and relax, take your shoes off and have a ball!" The Kaleidoscope *‘Rotate in Haarlem’ with chill jazz that gets really spacey and flows and pulses deep and lovely with some building jazzy energy. Hydraulic takes the *'Night Car,’ a really neat and deeply mixed-up thing with military percussion, beats, bloopy spacelings, downbeat brushes, foreign vox's and cool vocal snippets like, "There’s no place to go, no one to call", and "I’d like to crawl behind your eyes." 'Les Autres Circuits 'Kaleidophon' is a deep,lovely, starry thing with taps, crickets, and neat percussion. On Disc 2: Pilgrims of the Mind Meet Planet Jazz with *'Stairwells and Alleyways' a deep pulsating very cool ‘n trippy thing with beats, horns, and lots of weird, neat sounds ‘n stuff. Nu-Jam takes the *'Detour' as a comedian opens, then a cool downbeat pattern with modulated synths ‘n squeeks, brushes, signals, trippy windings and scrapings and some funky deep jazzy fun. Eophonic ‘Meltdown’ is very spacey! Strong ‘n deep, lush ‘n breaky with a D&B like atmosphere. David Kristian *Chia Mermaid’ is deeply ringing with bloopy modulations, chill beats, brushy percussion and weird theramins. Ekko ‘Nagin’ has ethereal female vocalizations, exotic horns and is deep, trippy and thick! Freedom Tygerstar *'Snow Runner Sun' is very deep ‘n dark with weird voices chanting, cool bass echoes and a tweaky beat. Toona ‘Blurry’ is a sweet, downbeat blur of deep ambience of violins, dogs, birds, a foreign vox that tunes out, then downbeats come in with big synths, long tones, and farty far-off horns. Rhythm Collision II ‘Pleasures of the Dance’ has neat horns, beats, trippy efx and an island sound for deep fun! Watershell 'Aquamotive (Liqui-dub)' is D&B with layers of trippy stuff and whistles. Restless Rob frequently requests this CD to be played prior to sleep...he sez they give him some interesting dreams :-)

BIG FISH MUSIC – SAMPLER VOL. 01…14 different cuts of Japanese pop/techno/funk/acoustic/rock/and newage music. The classification in brackets are from the label. My fave cuts are: Bizarre TV Program ‘Artificial East’ (techno) weird electronic beats ‘n sounds ‘n voices in an industrial/exotic/experimental setting. Fishermen Tittot with ‘Sigh on the Hill’ (newage) a moody piano & violins make a lovely, melancholy piece. Mika Nozawa does ‘Oxygenator’ (newage/modern) a neat, moody ambient piece with neat horns, woodblock hits and great echoed exotic sounds. Bom’boco ‘Snake Lunch’ (funk) is a nightmare jazz circus with weird electronics, jazzy horns, and downbeat rockin that speeds up real neat, crazy cool! Microstar does a real cute one with ‘I’m in Love’ (pop techno) a very sweet thang with female vocals. And there’s a few others I like also, including the one I’ve used in some D&B sets, Jun Shimoyama with ‘Kyuden-no Daiyokujo’ (pop rock) Fun Japanese light D&B! It does have a kinda pop feel to it, but the D&B rhythm and influence are there, along with traditional Japanese instrumentation, some R&R, and a guy singing in Japanese. Fun!


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