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2.2000 - Second Evolutionary Edition
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[Editor's Note: This issue is now in its' final form, but the explanatory text has been retained to maintain its' integrity.]

***About this Issue:

Evolve or die trying... This ish of the TTimes is a bit different than previous issues. It's more of a work in progress, giving you a chance to see the 'guts' of an issue as it's being developed. "Why?", you ask. Well, having been doing this darned thing since '93 or so online and on da Web, we figured we might as well start to take advantage of the ubiquitous availability of Internet content in order to allow you to see what usable content is available during the development process. After all, the 'you never know what you might hear' peeps shouldn't be afraid of any 'you never know what you might read' situations if it means that we can give you the timely information you've told us you want even faster than before.

That being said, we hope you will bear with us as we develop this new format, and we welcome you input on how well (or unwell?!?!) you think it's going!  And so, on to the contents.......






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Alrighty then! An interesting question was posted some time ago on a New York City based
rave related e-mailing list.. First up is the post from Skinner <> that started the discussion, and then Anthony Magsajo responds with some additional comments by DiaLogical and Sean Kelly. Have something you'd like to share? Send it to


Ok you all know my opinions on Vibe and PLUR - and if you don't I guess you just delete all my posts ;-) This is a thing I wrote a while back and some people showed interest in reprinting and posting it. So I figure why not get the ball rolling in your brains.

Here's a question I'm asking, since at least once a month some rave nerd posts questions to the list about reasons for raving, vibe, and plur plur plur plur..

I ask: How many of you are in it for the Music? You are here just to support the music and the other stuff is an added bonus.. If all the extras were gone but the music was still there, would that be all that you need?

My opinion has changed over the last 8+ years I have been going to parties. My first two years I was a loser rave nerd who didn't know jack.. From 93 to now I have dedicated my "spare" time to the music and a little to the "scene." I was discussing with some people who are extremely important to the music you listen to (not naming names) and we all agreed our primary love is for the Music. So we became optimistic. (skinner? really? no way..).. What if the "scene" became "mainstream" (like it's not now).. Would that really be bad? Any-one can listen to the music--is that bad? More money to support the artists-- is that bad? Would replacing the drug dealing gangsta playing promoters with "Music Moguls" be all that bad?  Would sacrificing the Hardcore Underground image be bad as long as the MUSIC STAYED PURE??

The scene is going, if it isn't already there, mainstream very rapidly. Milking the Big Music Industry doesn't seem all that bad if it is used to preserve the one thing that we all gather together to worship: techno/dance music.

I ask you these questions.. .What do you think?

I personally Would like to see more money coming into the scene to support the artist and so we can establish promoters who are not gansta/drug dealing/Who is down with who/Social Monger people but throw events to 1. make a good event, and 2. make money. The way it is now, people can do a "money" making party... But lets say the promoter had to do Quality events or he wouldn't be around any more would this improve the parties?????

Most of you know I am underground this and that.. Well I am playing Devils Advocate this time....

Now, look closer and consciously count how many people you see that are excited to be there for the music. Gauge by facial expressions and obviously focused activities like dancing. Not everybody at the party seems to be all that into the music, eh? Yeah I've noticed it too.  I find that the more parties I go to the more I notice a decreasing general interest in the music. People seem to be preoccupied in looks, drugs, and various activities that don't exactly focus on the sounds surrounding and permeating the space. Maybe I'm being pessimistic and negatively centered, but it seems to me that bad attitudes have been more prevalent than positive ones lately. I'm as guilty as the next person, I will admit. I make a conscious effort to counteract this instinct, however, and I too often find myself wondering how many people are aware of their negativity and are subsequently making deliberate efforts to likewise offset their attitudes.
        I think this negativity is a direct reflection of  lack of interest in the real reason we have raves: the  music. Or at least the reason *I* go to parties. I know I risk sounding preachy and otherwise holier-than-thou, but I find it so frustrating when there's such minimal support of good music and dj's.
        Many people seem to not be "into" a track unless they've heard it before, and gut reactions when they hear something new and innovative are to leave the dancefloor.  Granted, there are numerous tracks out now that suck. But there are some really good songs being put out now as well as some great dj's mixing them into sets.
        The frequent perception I get is that many are more interested in finding out who that "phat looking gangsta" over there in the corner is or getting a bigger, better pill than learning about what they're hearing and being aurally inundated with.
        I should get off of my soapbox now, but I encourage you to start questioning motivations in the scene. Why are we here and why do we care to keep going to parties?

I have written many things like this in the past and so have some of my friends we have them on the Total Chaos web site....... But the key factor is its all down to us having people understand this we can bitch and post all we want but until we do something. its just going to stay the same.

Post this around if you want the words and information need to be heard. I 'm no hippie I don't expect to change the world or unify the scene we are all too different for that but we can unify the understanding of the music and the culture and why were are here for the music - to dance to have fun to expand our minds.

Skinner wrote:
>I ask: How many of you are in it for the Music?  Are you here just to support music and the other >stuff is an added bonus?  If all the extras were gone but the music was still there, would that be >all that you need?

Anthony Magsajo responds:
Does "the extras" include equipment?? See I go to parties because.... well, I can't put my stereo up that loud and I don't have car system or a car for that matter (they won't let legally blind people drive from some silly reason) all other party extras - I can either live without or I find are more easily attained in my home

I think DiaLogical said it best with:
>I am trying to listen to stuff I enjoy while dancing and hanging out with my friends, maybe even >meeting some new ones. Whomever provides the best environment for such activity with the >best price, will receive my money - however, I am willing to pay top dollar for clear, undistorted >surround sound, multi-page programmed light show, an un-cramped, well ventilated non-club >venue; and any line-up promising AGGRESSIVE style techno/trance.

Hmmm....this is actually a very difficult question, skinner
See, I always thought of the music as a separate entity from the scene; that the "party scene" manifested as a result of the music - the music could very well be independent of the scene, BUT not vice versa. I've credited the music accordingly in part because it has greatly modified my budgeting habits (not a very easy thing to do for a cheap bastard such as myself =)
The largest expense i have now is music. I used to bitch about having to shell out $17+ for a regular mainstream music CD, now I'm lucky if i get my silverdiscs for $24. I've already sold a majority of my CD collection just to make room for new techno acquisitions for a measly $2/CD  (nearly 54 CD's - you do the math on how much i lost =\) The music and the scene may very well go hand in hand - but I have every confidence that the music will go on regardless of the state of the party scene.

With this in mind…I would have to say that I am in the scene for the scene. Mainly for the immersion of the self in sight and sound to the point where I feel like I'm in a different dimension (I just can't do that in my home, my neighbors would have me arrested! =)  but also, I am intrigued about it's history.  I want to know who did what, and what happened when.  I just find it fascinating that all of this happened underneath the mainstream's nose. That's why I will probably always ask questions about old subjects =) *apologies if this new school stance is irritating* I guess I'm still not over stumbling over the scene =)

Skinner then also asked:
>What if the "scene" became "mainstream" (like its not now).. Would that be bad? Anyone can listen to the >music--is that bad? More money to support the artists--is that bad? Would replacing the drug dealing >gangsta playing promoters with "Music Moguls" be all that bad?  Would sacrificing the Hardcore >Underground image be bad as long as the MUSIC STAYED PURE??
>The scene is going, if it isn't already there, mainstream very rapidly. Milking the Big Music Industry >doesn't seem all that bad if it is used to preserve the one thing that we all gather together to worship: >techno/dance music. I ask you these questions.. What do you think?

I could be wrong on the citing, but I believe Sean Kelly wrote in one of his informative posts that highlights a definite reason not to push further mainstreaming of the music:
        "You don't find Kraft Singles in a gourmet cheese shop."
Unfortunately, whenever a product is marketed for the masses, it is generally compromised more for the benefit of the mass rather than the benefit of the product.
The question should then be modified to:
Could techno/dance music remain pure in a mainstream market and how would you do that?
This is far beyond the scope of this article but definitely something to think about.

Skinner's next question:
>But lets say the promoter had to do Quality events or he wouldn't be around any more would this improve >the parties????
Are you implying that even with a scale of consistent quality productions, the lack of "musical focus" is steadily declining? If so, then I propose this: THERE ARE FEW CONSISTENT QUALITY PRODUCTIONS.  I have yet to attend parties back to back that provided all my above criteria (clear, undistorted surround sound, multi-page programmed lighting, an un-cramped well, ventilated non-club venue;, and any line-up that promises aggressive style techno/trance)  there is usually one element missing or an overpowering negative aspect (i.e. overcrowding, poor ventilation) that provides 'just enough' distraction.   I'm not saying that there are no production teams that strive for excellence and of course perfection is a hard goal to attain, but I do believe if your average raver were to be more discerning with their choices of events based on production team, (i.e opt to buy music and wait for a good standing production team's event rather than filling in spaces between Friday and Monday with any old skiddledeedoo), then....THEN....I think even you, skinner, would see a difference =)

Skinner states:
> I find that the more parties I go to the more I notice a decreasing general interest in the music. People >seem to be preoccupied  in looks, drugs, and various activities that don't exactly focus on the sounds >surrounding and permeating the space.

There was an article in Under One Sky (a newsletter published by Heather Heart of Sonic Groove) written by Reade Truth that cited the importance of event setup in correlation to the issue of 'focusing on the music."  The general points were:

there should be surround sound
there should only be one room
there should be minimal or theme lighting
conclusion -- there should be no escape from the music

Do you think current trends in event setups add to the distraction/lack of interest  from the music?  (i do, and I think it plays a bigger part than most of us realize) with no escape from the music, the production team supports the goal of the DJ/live PA--to take the listener/dancer to another level.

> Many people seem to not be "into" a track unless they've heard it before, and gut reactions when they >hear something new and innovative are to leave the dancefloor.
> The frequent perception I get is that many are more interested in  finding out who that "phat looking >gangsta" over there in the corner is or getting a bigger, better pill than learning about what they're hearing
> and being aurally inundated with.
I believe if a person can't dance/get into a long section of music (even if they are resting) they will find something else to focus on.   I do agree that this is very close minded of the dancers and restricts the dj from innovation or experimentation, but then again - i am quite a believer of the: "I deserve what I pay for" stance.

Finally, this post can basically be condensed into this phrase:
distractions from the music

the music is central
the scene accents the music

re-arranging this logical flow continues to make the word rave a four letter word.

These, of course, are just my own $0.02



The Playlists for 'These Technotic Times' are published weekly in the CMJ (College Music Journal) and also appear in other various music publications. The reviews are exclusive to and are made available on the website, to subscribers, and to music makers everywhere by regular e-mails. Thanks!

REVIEWS AND PLAYLISTS from 'THESE TECHNOTIC TIMES' Internet Broadcast (Mondays 9pm-11pm ET, Mondays, go to for the link!)
Dj Linda Leigh/L3, Producer and Music Director
Robert Levin,
Episode #49 - Goin Here, Goin There

-VLADISLAV DELAY -  KARHA  - CHAIN REACTION === More, more, more deep dubby dreamy stuff to float you away…let go and submerge yerself into oblivion…ahhhhhhhhhh

-REVENGE OF THE JAGUAR THE MIXES  - JEFF MILLS REMIX   - UR === Here it is, mixes of the infamous Jaguar track (hey, if that big label liked it so much, how come they didn't try to license the track rather than make a blatant copy of it?!) This record is sooo, beautiful! The JM mix flows so nicely it gives ya visuals! Tommy was singin his baby voice songs to this one! Exotic classical electronic music.

- Z - MINEFIELD NAVAGATOR - FROM CARSTEN FIETZ VS DJ DORIAN, SESSION 1 - CHOKE MUSIC === deep muffled storm trooper beats, shuddering sound ladders, percussion utterances…trippy exquisite!

-CHRIS JACKSON - USER DEFINE - SUBCONSIOUS - RESOURCE === Deep again, but takes it to a different place, this place may be down there somewhere…where is the question…makes you inspired, inquisitive, inventive…Chris has been doing a lot of wonderful sound explorations in the electronic dance/techno realm…each release sees him getting more into the mind of the mover…more controlled yet more there…

-JUANTRIP - SHADOWS (REMIXES) - LOV. & CHARLIE RIDE MIX - F COMMUNICATIONS === Hey, didn't Juan Trip do that weird song with the scream type thing around 93? Ok, well this is some sharp shit baby! It's a compelling mix of great great electronic sounds noodeling out all over the place, but up from those fascinating depths come all kinds of patterns and rhythms ranging far and wide in the groovy world of music…Jeeze, how can I say it really? Hmmm…Ok, Go-go music for the 23rd century is close! Electronic funk at it's finest (try it on a warm sunny day in your player cruising and I'll bet any money you get so damn lost, ha ha ha!)

-JUNTA JAEGER - RUNE LINDBEAK - REPAP === I love love love this label…it's a sub of Paper. This release is particularly good… totally weird out space age funk that really goes through some spacey calisthenics to accomplish a total mind wash…yeah yeah yeah…I see it all now, like it was, like it is, like it will be…

-RINOCEROSE - LE MOBILIER - DJ Q REGROOVE - V2 === Ok, well, by now a lot of you have discovers these groovy French hipsters…lots of class, soul and funk! If you haven't, and you like your house on the jazzy cool trippy smoked out on the feelin good and movin to it edge, well, here ya go!

-INNERZONE ORCHESTRA FEATURING PAUL RANDOLPH - PEOPLE MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND (C2 REMIX) -  PLANET E === Laid back grooves with soulful vocal accents…orchestrated and manipulated to the point of that foggy place in your sleep where you don't know if you're dreaming or if it's real.

-DERRICK L CARTER - A HOPE (OVER U) D'S MEETING HOUSE DUB - CLASSIC === Sweet! Very pleasant vocals scatting and la-la’g to a minimal stepppin beat and a spacious infectious sound.

-DOC MARTIN - MOOD DOCTOR - ACID TAKES CONTROL - SIESTA MUSIC === A verrry nice Ep full of tribally beats and lots and lots of neat sounds for a real groove-on experience…I liked this mix for it gurgling low down acid. Funky deep music to doctor the mood.

-SKIP FOUND TELI - 2 LAMP LUMINAIRE EP - ME - SCANDINAVIA === This Swedish label resurfaces with a new more experimental approach. ..and I really like it! I’ve been using this one a lot to break up the mix with weirdness…like, what da fug man!

-ROBOT RADIO - ANTIOCH STEP - ANTIPHON === Deep blowing dark stepping thru the fog…very robotic like with lots of interesting sounds….fun!

-JEFF MILLS - LIFELIKE EP - LIFE AFTER SPACE - AXIS/MUSIC MAN === Sweet Detroit feelings come flowing over on this one with trippy, arpeggiated synths and deep hypnotic beats.

-TITONTON - THE PORNAGRAPHIC EP - JEN WILL TELL YA - RESIDUAL RECORDINGS === This artist has gotten a lot of notice for his multi-influenced style and good production skills. Here he gives a taste of some sweet ‘n sexy beats with lots of neat spacey effects. Starry sounds and cool keyboard loops abound.

-G.BERROYER (AKA M.DESTRUCTOR) -  MR FULL DESTRUCTOR - ?  A1  - KARAT RECORDS === prepare the way…prepare for the almighty distortion and clear minded bangin beats that'll have your body in a total lock of mental spasm and total confusion of the mind space. Just add some fog juice, a bit of a red flashing strobe, and presto - you're there man.

-ABSTRACT SOUL - ADDICTED TO RHYTHM - SCRABLED - CONVEX === Clear things up a bit and let 'em breath!  Spacious tunes, expertly crafted with both emotional veracity and mechanical precision to deliver a deep and lasting impact...a fave record of mine that I've found very useful. Thick clouds of technotic waves envelope you….feels good.

-THE PROCESS - THE BASSETT PROJECT EP - BRIAN FEELEY - THALMUS - INTEGRATED RECORDS === Otherworldly atmospheric spacey head tunes that set out to make a basket case of ya….wandering rhythm lines and shape shifting sounds emerge, retreat and speak…just follow the beat and you may emerge alive, perhaps not unscathed, but that can be good sometimes, eh? Brian is an excellent DJ who proves, with this, that he knows what does the trick.

-YUSUKE NAKAMURA -TOKYO FRAMES PART ONE - FIEBER === Yelp 'n holler, pound it out baby and work that bone, wooooooooo!  Release the pressure with this all out stomper that firmly directed and has a single minded purpose, and that's to make you freak baby! Hard and deep with a Chicago attitude and a tribal influence, this puppy moves.

-LYPID - STRATOSPHERIC - HENRIK B REMIX - STATRA === 3 people with talent, vision and experience come together to express their diverse backgrounds and influences. This single with remixes is from their forthcoming album, 'Caring Systems'. The original is chill, with lovely, deep strummins looped, then a tease of a dubbed and brushy D&B pattern, then comes up fully, but still feels submersible, watery. The Henrik B. Techno remix is runnin 'n rollin…a very pleasant  percussive laced banger that's great knocking about with long undertones that filter down and break and grow.  The Spacetime Continuum remix is verrry nice! Watery sounds, a bell tones far off, soft horns here & there, then chill downtempo breakbeats that are kinda jazzy…smokerific! Then, there's the bonus track, 'Pensiero Tardivo' --- Ooh Yeah! It's deep, pulsating, quirky sounds and signals, light pluckings, power surges on and off…neat stuff to space out to!

--VLADISLAV DELAY -  KARHA  - CHAIN REACTION === see first track….


Episode #50 -

-BRAVE COMBO - POLKASONIC - CLEVELAND INTERNATIONAL === Polka done right, with a light heart and an infectious attitude. Brave Combo does a lot of fun takes on popular music (they do one of my absolute fave versions  of the 'Chicken Dance' on another one of their disks!) , and this recording won a Grammy last year.

-LUKE SLATER - I CAN COMPLETE YOU (BOGGLED MIX) - SLUT SMALLS === See review in Playlist 49 also. This is sooooooooooooo good!

-MILCH - THE MOTOR YEARS EP - SAEPO6NK - GIGOLO === Great record! Gigolo is a wonderfully spirited independent label out of Germany. Lots of neat sounds on this release - with a generous helping of a frauleins talkings against a electroish chopped drama synthy thing that's kinda hard to explain but very intriguing to experience.

-CLUEDO? RECORDS - VOLUME 3 DONE & DUSTED EP  - B SIDE === OOOhh, uh oh! Heh heh ? One side is a electro-ish sample fest galore that works a treat - from Prince to Grandmaster Flash to Kraftwerk!…the other is a 'Stardust' like thing that's very cool.

-JUAN TRIP - SHADOWS(REMIXES) - STOPPA & 3-MAN DROIDWORKS MIX - F COMMUNICATIONS === See review in Playlist 49 also. Oh this mix is soooo weird, chill, deep, and, um, did I mention it was weird? Ha !  Tripped out space funk…sip on your fave concoction and nod out to this puppy.

-T.A.F.K.A.D. - WEEKEND - ELECTRO MIX - LOW SPIRT === Old school electro-techno-rave with a verrrrry cool feel that's achieved using some verrrry cool sounds and vocal touches….glide along and do the wave with me baby!

-SKIP FOUND TELE - 2 LAMP LUMINAIRE EP - WHAT'S ON TELI? - SCANDINAVIA === See review in Playlist 49 also. Jumpy strange stuff.

-DENVER McCARTHY - RAINBOW CITY - FROM STATRA'S PARADIGM SHIFT === See review in Playlist 47/issue 2.00 also. This track is one of the Electro ones…bubbles so smooth, flows along buzzin, bleepin, and fuzzin.

-BROADWAY DANNY ROSE - BRIAN SEWELL - ULTIMATUM BREAKS === bangin breaky 'n spacey with some growlin bass, enough electro touches to keep the flow and just enough vocal drop-ins ("I'm gonna get high") to fuel the funky vibe.

-PLUMP DJ'S - REMEMBER MY NAME - FINGER LICKIN'RECORDS === Oh this track is so great to open a boomin breaky/electro set with! It draws in your audience and sets them up just right! The flip side out Fatboys Fatboy Slim at the big beat game, Ouch!

-LAURENT BRONDEL - HAPPINESS - FROM STATRA'S PARADIGM SHIFT === See review in Playlist 47/issue 2.00 also. Super distorted vocoded male vox are stretched out all over neat Rhoads work, a jazzy horn, lots of silly scribblin sounds and a funky electro-ish brushy light percussive backing complete with a light dusting of that cool shooting acid sound. This is very very strange, slightly evil, and very very good.

-FROST JOCKEY - BURGUNDY TRAX VOL 1 - SPITOON - PLANET MU === Bright with promise…quite uplifting and ethereal, soothing and restoring of spirit…runs deep with long Kraftwerk synths

-JEFF MILLS - LIFELIKE EP - BLACK AVENGER - AXIS/MUSIC MAN  === See review in Playlist 49 also. Independent organism….watchit grow and mutate, learn and move and funk it up. Ery cool, with a strange, very heady dense edge.

-GLENN WILSON - THE PROCESS - ENGAGE (ELECTRON EDIT) - PLANET RHYTHM === This is one you'll probably want/need 2 copies of to work the track, 'Re-Engage' along with 'Engage'. 'Engage'(Electron Edit) keeps the wild child in you at bay with brushy percussion, runnins, and long whistlins that are deeply embedded within subterranean beats - a cool interlude or building tool. 'Re-Engage' is the bangin version of the first track that also adds horney pulsings and evil vocal -like loopings. 'D-Drive' is  my fave here though…it’s a tuff, cool thing that's all things zippy 'n bangin, with an threating hint of a voice and a course that delves deep then arises!

-DILATED AUDIO - SLIDE - SLIDES - PLANET RHYTHM ===3 tracks, 2 loops - 1 with the beats, and 1 tracky one to expedite your bathroom break ;-> And when ya come back, you can really give them the what-for with the monstrous brain bashing  bombastic techno terror in 'Slides'.  A wild ride that's ravey in a real underground way, with a slight echo of reverberating whistles…runnin 'n bouncin off da wall. 'Blac', is a runnin, zippin, trippy mind 'n body bender. Cool, dark echoey synth pulses underpinned with much electricity, and a low moan.  'Wetfoot' goes crackin 'n zippin 'n beatin a swooshy wet frenzy with bells thrown in for a extra added measure of foreboding!

-AGORIA - IT'S UP - RE-PUBLIQ REMIX - FUTURE FRONTIER === Quality control abounds in this and the next record…these labels offer consistently high production, pressing, and the techno Rawks!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mental hard bouncing off the rubber walls beats and slithering constantly morphing percussion.

-DANNY CASSEAU - SPLUDDER EP - WEXEL - SUBSOUNDS === Getting' yer tits off techno. Ravey and spacey and hard headed as all get out, so thick and licentious you'll be itchin from this scratch for awhile.

-JACK MACKREL - HOOK LINE & SINKER - RUMBLE STICK - TEMPLATE === see review in next playlist! This is an Amazing track….it truly does a job … so strong and sure - using sounds like this seems nearly inhuman - and the way these sounds can make you feel…

-HEADROOM - SHADES OF SHAPE - MORGUE - PLANET RHYTHM === see review in next playlist! Heads down and steppin deep into your own personal space for awhile.

-USER 5 === The User series has many many big name techno Dj and other assorted underground true techno collectors snatching up and using and abusing them….great great stuff with minimal to no info….just one great tune per side….deep head trippin drivin techno.

-CHRISTIAN WUNSCH - ANAGRAM - AUDIODROME === Bring the mix out into the light, rejoice and dance! Deep hard and enough of a funky groove to motivate the tired masses back into a bit of hip shakin.

-MAD MIKE/OCTAVE ONE REMIX - REVENGE OF THE JAUAR THE MIXES - UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE === Another mix of this track, this one is a smooth deep mysterious journey by the Mad one himself, and then Octave One take it somewhere


EPISODE #51 - Plethora Of Fine Cd's

JACK MACKERAL - HOOK LINE AND SINKER - TEMPLATE===I've found the Template label to always deliver great quality techno tracks with a humorous, fun edge…and this full length offering by one of the labels artists, Jack Mackerel drives that point home rather well. 12 excellent drum 'n percussion tracks on the CD, 9  tracks and  4 loops on the double vinyl. Some of my faves are, 'Drum Tumbler,RMX' which is a strong and scrapey drum track, ''Canned' is lots of fun, 'Rumble Stick' is the best - a deep tribal workout on shakey ground, good stuff! 'Salt Water' is HUGE with big ass beats, neat patterns, a vox drop-in and all the stuff you love in a great stepper. 'Battleship' is a monster with a big echoey percussive sound comin at'cha, Bam! It makes some highly technical maneuvers along the way as it seemingly retreats then comes back with a full out assault. 'Get Out' treads on dangerous territory, Woo! A big zippy grinder with tons of great sounds. Yep, this is a truly fine collection of bangin techno that will have the whole extended family rockin…I should know as I played this during a vist from baby Tommy's Grandparents, and everyone was dancin and smiling!

HEADROOM - SHADES OF SHAPE - PLANET RHYTHM===The artist known as Headroom has an impressive pedigree in Techno-logy for sure, with a string of releases on a variety of well respected labels for quite a number of years now.  Now with this Cd/Double 12" you can experience an abundance of beats that showcase the experience, proficiency and growth of this producers knowledge as he moves along the spectrum of electronic music. There are the obligatory techno bangers - 'Organic Anagram' is a pumpin percussive driven Autobahn track, 'Train-e' drives 'n booms 'n slaps, 'Utop' has great bouncin beats 'n zippy racings,  'Meantime' is a big beat Detroit influenced driven tune with a twirlin melange of percussion, backwards wipings and pulsing sounds, 'Dermo-optical Perception' is really powerful - going the back 'n forth beatin route along with great drummons, 'Exu' has huge bouncin beats and hip shakin percussion and streams mixed with moving sounds - it breaks up nicely! A few tracks have a darker perspective, 'Morgue' is heavy and angry with evil talkins, 'C9 (Reactive Patterns)' is spooky ambience and electric shocks, bongo's and breakbeats, and 'C15 (Echno Cancellation)' is spooky, deep, runnin with some cool old school influences! ''A.F.U. (CD only) is very deep and expansive with interesting percussion and mangled voices. There are also a few DJ tools here, some intro sounds, and some bullfrogs. 14 tracks on the double 12", 16 on the CD.

BETTER LIVING THROUGH CIRCUITRY=== The soundtrack to the film of the same name….snippets of the films narrations are interprsed between the songs to give the listener a sense of the culture and history fo the electronic dance scene.

ALEX GOPHER - YouMyBaby&I === Great tracks…Alex knows how to program winners. 'The Child' is on here, so if you missed that, here ya go! I've played thisone sveral times for general fun purposes and it delivers a nice dose of a housey/private club draped in red velvet curtains, generous drinks served in real good glasses, a bit of smoke and scents from various sources, and a very dark and pulsating dance floor.


Episode #52 - Dim Sum Day Tripp

-BOLA - MAUVER FEAT DENNIS BOURNE   PARA QWEQWAY   SKAM === Dark, scrapey, loopey, spacey out there experiemntal stuff with lots of scarey stuff going on….sonically very very dense.

-AUDIO TOTEM POLE - DAMASCUS === Like the first release by this mysterious name, this one is a real winner! Runs verrrry deep, with low hitting chill beats distorted in the spacey tip along with mutated synths and acid…a very exotically laced funky downbeat journey to bridge the gap. Check these horns!

-GENTLEMAN OF LEISURE - MAN OUT OF TIME - FREE MAN - IMMIGRANT === Dubby dancefloor smoothers for the late-night sexy dancers and for all those denizens of the domain who live for the music. A horn blows thru it…whipping about the other elements like the wind. Lots of dub reggae influences evident take it deep and mysterious.

-BROMMAGE DUB - TRINITY - SVEK === The most ethereally beautiful, spacey, weird jazzy shit!!!!!!! This Track I played is particularly so, with.harsh blowings that run deep among brushy moist percussion.!!! Wowwie zowee!

-DAVE DIGGLER - CHINA TOWN - ORIGINAL  - NEXTFIRE === Bangin schtuff with some great old disco and ravey influences…The disco beat and strummed synths are set against remnants of ravey horn sounds…cool breakdowns with a single element funkin thru sets ya up right - let this pup worm its way thru your system.

-STRAUSS - THE VIENNA REMIXES - FLEDERMAUS OVERTUERE - HI LO REMIX - UNIVERSAL === Oh man, I keep pulling this record out of my box to type in all the reviews I wrote of all 4 sides of tracks, but I keep using the record and, well, all I can say is that if you happen to see this one, pick it up!  Several artists do their country a favor ( a favor that probably isn't appreciated considering Vienna's resistance to recognizing and accepting their intelligent and talented underground community. This collection always offers up a brilliant cut for just the right time.

-TALL PAUL - FREEBASE - ONLY CLASS A STRORM MIX - DUTY FREE RECORDINGS === …. Very good track that crosses a lot of boundries…good for all kinds of up-for-it types! Great great intelligent and marching like quality to the acid…Dance for fun and smile, this is that happy steppin good vibey shit.
-E-ATOM - E-VICTIM - DAN DRYER VS D-N-S CLUB MIX - BASS TRAXX === Just so huge deep and immense - thunders thru like a secret subsonic wave of terror. Very intriguing and mind altering machine morphing voices…what is it saying, and now what?   !!!!    Huge rave horns blow in and oh man, this baby is off off off!!!

-OMAR SANTANA - RAVERS DAMNATION- MICRO'S ACID FLASHBACK - MOONSHINE === Super duper ravey track complete with big ole 909's, cutting thru the smoke and intellibeams horny synths, and  samples from the infamous major network TV news shows special about raves. Micro's mix rules this roost.

-NYTQ - WHAT YOU NEED - FROM, ROUND ONE, VS RAMADA - DERAILED === A very 'cosmopolitan' sophisticated track for the more demanding dancefloor inhabitants---using all the elements to create a thing unto itself, like, it's own little world….verrry nice.

-GEEZER - ACIDEXTROUS - SMITTEN === Despite it's name and dubious heritage (gotta get mine in when I can, eh? ?  -- this is a very well done acid track - the acid is perfect in form and function, and used judiously threoughout. Great job!

-TIMEBLIND - "AW…SHIT" - THAT OLDE CHICKEN THING - BLACKNATION === Damn! Go Chris go! Ska-wrrooooin around with peoples heads again. Tribal influence dark deep psychotic deep dark.

-GINO VITTORI - RELIEF 2000 - CRY BABY - RELIEF === Marching deep strong determined and absolutely freekin manic craaaaaaaaaazy! Massive drums aggressively march in and has trails of minimal shakey percussion accenting it, and this wild horn thing zippin all around and back! Great return for this extremely respected label.

-THE PROCESS - THE BASSETT PROJECT EP - INTROVERSION(B.FEELEY & B.SCIBINICO - INTEGRATED === see review the other track in playlist 49.  Very bass heavy rumblins to stir the depths…deeply marching and using this really neat mind control sound that you really don't mind, don't ya now good buddy, eh, sounds good don't it ?

-CARSTEN FIETZ - MINEFIELD NAVIGATOR - FROM CARSTEN FIETZ VS DJ DORIAN - SESSION ONE - CHOKE MUSIC === Yep, you've heard me play this one before! Great slithery percussion with rolling sticks, and those really excellent beats that sound like they've been electrified…why this whole thing sounds like someone ran this thru a fuzzulator and spaceymuss maximus. God, I love writing these things sometimes!

-OCTAVE ONE - KAOTIC.SPECIAL.RHYTHMS - TWO - DISSIDENT - 430 WEST === A steady stream of massive sounds that are coming at you from 100 miles away….don't get drawn to close here, cause ya migjht just get snapped up and crispulated.  Detroit feelings taken to a deeper, more paranoid place…good.

-DAMON WILD - SUBTRACTIVE SYNTHESIS V - AQUA -  WARCHILD - SYNEWAVE === Cuts thru anything and leaves a fresh

-MARINKOVIC - KINETIX EP - FLUX - ISOPHLUX === This label has made a huge impression on me…domestic (USA) label with great production, pressing, and packaging….beautiful!  The music contained, however, may not seem so beautiful to a lot of people, but, you understand, don't you?  Fantastic dark, hard, deep, distorted, mental robot-step techno with a sinister growling worming bassline and some totally can't understand what he's saying deep maybe a voice, or what?  I dunno, but this labels style of techno is the kind I love…complicated on so many layers, and well produced enough so you can hear all of it or let it just wash thru your own system for a though clearing out.

-MAURICE FULTON PRESENTS STRESS - DOWN IN THE DUNGEON - TRANSFUSION === Is it techno, house, who cares really…Maurice has had an excellent string of releases recently…this EWP continues that…funky, hard, sexy in a teasing way, with some deeply inside sinister leanings.

-LAURENT GARNIER - THE MAN WITH THE RED FACE - F COMMUNICATIONS === This EP is just so much fun! A wonderful track from Laurent's recent full length 'Unreasonable Behavior (on which is another really great tune that's kinda weird and fun, 'The Sound of The Big Baboo') This is not a traditional dance track, it's more of a jazz fusion masterpiece…there's this guy, and he is absolutely just a-wailing on this horn!!!! Other tracks, including an Ashley Beedle remix, gofor a deeper, tribally feel with cool low down blowing bass.

-BOLA - MAUVER FEAT DENNIS BOURNE - VESPERS - SKAM === See first track played.


Episode #53 - Bloomin Beats

-LEAFCUTTER JOHN - CONCOURSE EP - CATHO - MU ZIQ ===  Sounds in space, or sounds of space, maybe the sound of things passing by each other in space, or of them excuse me to each other to try to get more space….and what's the deal with parking spaces, are they making them smaller, and some of them larger, are they trying to drive me mad…and then there's this interesting use of feedback contained therein, that's good. There is a full length of this available also. Quirky.

-FARBEN - RAW MACRO - RAW MACRO - KLANG === Klang, Klang Klang went the trolley……and this labels trolley is really on a roll! The label has long been respected by 'those who know' for awhile, but the past year, a lot more people have taken notice…some people call it IDM, some call it tech-house, and I heard something about 'dad-house'?   I dunno, but it's good stuff. On this one, dubby, deep, with the tick tock percussion and pulsing organ washes serve as a hypnotic backdrop for an array of spacey sounds.

-THEOREM VS SWAYZAK - DAY FROM HELL - MINUS ===Housey techno that's oh so beautiful and oh so fine, it's divine! Smoooth as silk and three times as sexy feelin.

-ST.GERMAIN - ROSE ROUGE - BLUENOTE===Damn fine music that anyone anywhere would say, "hey, that's some damn fine music!". Jazzy, heady gear with a soulful male repeat of, "I want you to get together" that takes on a whole other dimension when pitched way down. oh yeah, you gotta check that horn… subconscious grooves.

-LOWTEC - YOUR MISTAKES ARE NOT FORGIVEN - PLAYHOUSE===Chill coolness that creeps over you like when your drowning, you know how the victims are usually found with a smile on their face…well.  Playhouse people, I love ya!

-HAKAN LIDBO - PAINKILLERS EP - OUT THERE - LOADED==This is a label i used to like around 94 or so..then I didn't care for their new direction…well, i gotta say they have now regained both my attention and respect. Great great use of all things that go bump in the night and making them sound really alive and, hey, they can party too man, dig it! Lots of stuff going on in that back, drop in on the conversation, and yes, he's is talking to you, watch out…steppin growly, funky.

-SUGURA KUSUMI -  USKTOT, DANIEL BELL MIX   - LADOMAT 2000 === Very enthralling…smooth deep exotic, very filtered….snakes thru the place, gets up the most amazing vibe…people mingle, smile…keep it going here!

-JEAN VANESSE - ETHNICAL SOURCE - AMAZING STUFF - LOCAL == This track is soo weird!!!!   Holy joe….Yea yeah yeah YEAH….Wacky sheet man! Chewy crunchy tasteful quirky steppin.    48:35

-SUTEKH - DOUBLE ENTENDRE - WARM ROD - CONTEXT === Continuing on the wacked out theme, this guy has been getting some serious attention from the intelligent music lovers…deep, intelligent rhythms with a mood enchancing hypnotic sway.

-AUCH - INTERNATIONAL BREAKFAST - BAKED BEANS - FORCE INC === This label has been getting into a lot of the experimental techno sounds…with great results, for the releases of late have been worth checkin out!

-SYSTEM 360 - 1 2 ND THIS - 3B 03 - === Not much info on this one, but it's a coolly steppin Detroit influenced ep of unquestionable good taste. Very nicely produced, and trippy as all fuck! Brings the energy up!

-GEO VOGT - ASSEMBLAGE POINTS - THE BUBBLE - RELIEF === Woah baby, holy jeeze, um, that's my head you're playing with there good Sir, mind the matter! Second release of the comeback of this fine label. Very deep bubbling stuff, what's it going to do, go - jazz, house, what?!

-TUBE JERK - BLACKOUT EP - SLIDER - SATIVAE === I love Tube Jerk, and to find them on this label was quite a surprise, for Sativae really gets hard.  The combo of TB's clever use of sounds and intricate rhythms and the Sativae sound work a treat in this devilshly mesmerizing collection of tracks which maintain a hard edge while making a new fold in the fabric of space.

-POKER 11:36    A 1OR2?  - D === Deep beats for da feets and it's gonna make all of ya feel pretty damn good too. I had heard a track of Poker a while ago on a sampler, and was quite impressed…this ep satisfies me on a lot of levels….very playable at home or in huge spaces very late at night.

GPS - EQUATIONS OF MOTION - COMPOUND===You say you like it ruff 'n tuff, well buddy, here ya go…this one is all that and it rocks in quality! 'Angular Momentum' is ringin deep 'n feelin hard…it builds up a strong vibe with claps and knocks, odd scarey chirps and a deeply echoed vox snip.  'CoOrdinate System' is oh so bangin…hittin the pipes as the percussion hats stream, then it zips back and submerges deep…when it comes up, your off…Oh My Head!  'Rapid Analysis' has horney percussive steady beats circling around and around while trippy pulsations lock onto your brain…the beats then get bigger, and the pull stronger.  'Magellan' is a really neat and interesting track…has a bit of a different, more mental flavor on the experimental techno tip…I love it! Echoey scrapins, gurgly pre-subconscious talkings, looping tones and sounds and then add all the percussive elements and how it keeps navigating you slightly off course,  and it all gets all so trippy and involved and manipulating and, well, neat!

-ROBERT HOOD - TECHNATURAL EP - TEFLON - M PLANT === Deep, heavy stuff from this wonderful Detroit producer and techno/house legend. Always a pleasure to listen to anything he's done! He never fails to get a reaction with his tracks…. listen, and learn!

-HOLY GHOST - THE JESUS NUT - HORNEY DABBLER - TRESSOR === I've been following Holy Ghost for a long time, and while most of their newer stuff has a trance edge to it, a lot of it retains that oddball hardass approach that made an extremely favorable impression on 'The Mind Control of Candy Jones'

-VILLALOBOS - IBIZA99 - TUB - PLAYHOUSE === Nice thick comedown or a heads down trippy stepper for the post party set…a gem of a track on the great Playhouse label.

-LEAFCUTTER JOHN - CONCOURSE EP - FAN HEATER/CROMER - MU ZIQ === see first track of this playlist


Episode #54 - Technotic Ambrosia

-JEFF SHAREL - TRIBUTE FINAL - NYABINGHIS - STATRA === Beautiful sounds on the dub tip…smooth waves of pulsation sensations runnin deep and wide…come on in and wade in this shimmering pool of light.

-THE MODERNIST(J BURGER) - EXPLOSION - HEADER - MATADOR === A great double album from this long standing producer of some of the finest techno in the world…A man of many names, JB has always been known for top quality on the edge sounds with super production for a satisfying experience. On this outing, he goes a bit deeper, smoother, funkier - more on the tech-house tip. This cut is bright and happy in a confident, subdued sort of way.

-THE MODERNIST(J BURGER) - EXPLOSION - MRS NEW DEAL - MATADOR === Awww yeah, taking it deeper with a cool steppin approach and lots of trippy pulsating sounds loop and reverberate and intertwine…very nice track.

-RIC Y MARTIN - ALICAHUE 7340 - PERLON === This is the second record from Perlon with a track by this guy….very very good stuff! This one has big deep muffled beats, great scatty waving percussion and a shuddering gated sound and a light sprinkling of organ pulses that when added to the mix really gels it together for a smooth hypnotic ride.

-THOMAS BRINKMAN - ZENIA b - ERNST === The female name series on this label by Brinkman has been wildly popular with the IDM set. I appreciate his dedication to the art of sound, and on this series, he's been exploring a lot of techniques and tricks to get the most out of his approach. The result is a pleasing combination of deepness and a groove of trippy funk.

-TANGTRON - STATE OF THE ART - AI (ST) - CYTRAX === Nice record. The title track repeats the title lightly throughout lots of winding trails of dubbed out percussion layers with a muted hard feel. Very thick stuff.

-ALTER EGO - BETTY FORD - MENSA - KLANG === Oh, right off the bat, this one will remind you of something else, kinda Beltram-ish - hypnotic deep techno strains boil and bubble as the beats slide in slowly along with some great horny sounds followed by gates of shuddering crashings - then it chills down to a simmer. Great record.

-FRANKIE BONES - BASEBALL FURY - COME OUT TO PLAY - SONIC GROOVE === Check out this one by Bones! Kind of a different sound for him…deep shuffling stuff with a quirky edge that's kinda dark yet intriguing. This track is hypnotic with a repeating phrase of the title worked against the deeply filtered backgrounds.






-GLENN WILSON - GROOVE PROPULSION - HUMOUR - COMPOUND === 4 on the hard side of things, and each track gets better than the one before it. 'Boot-Up Protocol' is an experimentally inclined bleep 'n rep vox, kinda disquietude thing that goes into some hardish but chilled breakbeats.  'Magnetic Fields' rolls out hard 'n fast, turnin that big ole scraping squeaking wheel as fluttering percussion and deep male voices breakdown to some breaky interludes that keeps interest high with it's changeable nature. 'Element 115' has zippy beats, echoed bells, talking percussion and hardcore like action with hip shaking beat patterns that get it all thicker and thicker as voices whisper of evil intent. 'Humor' starts off with a watery intro and trippy nitrous induced laughter…then Huge, Hard hard beats bang and grind threu this madhouse of mayhem as the laughter continues…that's right, laugh it up funny boy  =:-O

-MARINKOVIC - KINETIX EP - KINETIX - ISOPHLUX === I'm lovin the unique and quite danceable techno sounds of this US label





That's it for this issue folks!


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