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3.99 - End of Summer Edition

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Special Announcement!

"If You Haven't Heard It Yet, It's New To You!"








General note regarding this publication - The Technotic Times, is an electronic publication produced by Linda Leigh/Dj L3 & Restless Rob Levin. To subscribe/unsubscribe/redirect send mail to with your request and complete, correct info on the e-mail addy you are adding/deleting. The archives are maintained at The subject matter is music - mostly underground electronic - covering the areas of experimental/intelligent/ambient/head-set stuff, techno, acid, electro, dance/funk/house, chill out/space out/go crazy/breakbeats, and fusions of the above…and, all of it cutting edge. It contains some news, views and lots of reviews 'ala the Technotica staff. Contributors are welcome to submit material & reviews for publication in a future issue, with full author credit as payment, and the satisfaction of knowing your words will live forever! :-)

Here is the summary of my activities- Linda Leigh/L3


Radio- WTSR 91.3fm, New Jersey/Pennsylvania (USA) Sunday 9p-12mn

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Press- Weekly Internet chart reporter to the 'CMJ New Music Report'

Publisher 'The Technotic Times' electronic zine

Contact- 215-750-1560

Box 1383, Newtown Pa 18940,usa (preferred address for material received)

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Special Announcement!!!!!!
Please welcome Thomas Emerson Alexander who arrived August 6, 1999 weighing in at 8 lb. 8 oz, 22 1/2 inches long…newest member of the Technotica team and future DMC Mixmaster champion!!!!! Many thanks for all the kind wishes and thoughtful notes we received in the weeks and months leading up to this incredible day. Thank you for sharing your love and regard for us.



I had a very eye-opening experience the other day in my fave local rekkid shop….I've been a faithful customer there since '91, so I always get treated right. This particular day, after my regular order was rung up, the owner asked me if I'd like to look thru some of the stacks on the side wall. He said I could have what I liked for $1 apiece. Great, I said, I'm always up for a bit of a hunt. While looking thru the bins, I discovered many fabulous releases, some from only a scant few months ago. I asked the owner what was up. He replied that the customers were demanding only fresh, brand new, of the moment releases and would have nothing to do with back stock, even though that stock only happened to be 2-3 months old in some cases. I found find after fabulous find, and those of which I had in my collection already I told the owner that he must sell these particular rekkids to somebody, that they were too good to let slip by!

Many times I make sure I integrate older tracks in with the newer stuff, even devoting whole sets in a show to 'older' releases. My library of music transcends time and genres...I may play mostly new releases on my radio & net shows, but I never forget my old faves, cause I know that much of the audience has never had the opportunity to hear most of that stuff. I'm always on the lookout for people selling off their 'old' records at low prices...I think it's a damn shame that they sell them...well too bad for them, and good for me and my listeners, for I have picked up on many a gem this way!

Now, I don’t have to tell you that there’s a tendency by some folks - too many - to dismiss releases that are not ‘of the day.’ Well coincidentally, I caught the thoughts of Jus Paige & L. A. Williams of CHISEL Records that was sent out as an e-mail with their regular label newsletter. It was also included in copies of a recent release, 'German Broadcasters - Radioactive'. With their kind permission, I quote it here - words that I believe speak forcefully to what having a true appreciation of this ever evolving, complex and wonderful music demands:

-- . -- . -- . --

"If You Haven't Heard It Yet, It's New To You!"

"Everyone in the underground music industry knows, whether you're a deejay, fan, record store owner or buyer, distributor, or magazine, that this is an over-flooded market. And as the number of new records released around the world has increased to roughly 3,000 every week, so it seems, has the shelf

life of each record become shorter and shorter.

We want to point out the offense that this general disregard hurls onto the brilliant works of so many talented artists of our time. No one person can possibly claim to have his or her hands completely around the vast offering of underground music available today. So why are records considered to be old after 3-4 weeks on the shelf? If we looked at lot of "Top 10 Hits" lists out there, a lot of you would be very surprised at how many records we could find that were more than 2 years old before they became "hits".

If a record is good, it transcends time. And if you haven't heard it yet, IT'S NEW TO YOU!!!!!

Peace and Much Respect To All, and please pay attention to all of thee masterpieces you haven't heard yet sitting on the shelves of your local record shops!!!

Jus Paige & L. A. Williams


-- . -- . -- . --

=== = = = = = =


Ok, I kept quiet for awhile, and I think a lot of you know how hard that is for me to do sometimes. But, I can not remain silent on this subject much longer. I hear a lot of talk about 'Techno Snobs, Elitists', or that this music is meant for 'Intellectuals.' And certainly, there is plenty of in-depth examination of Techno music as if it were a treatise, a science experiment, a patient on the couch…something to be picked apart element by element, to be dissected to it's smallest molecule, to examine it's philosophy, it's meaning, it's purpose….

Well, Holy Moley! I do agree that some Techno (as is the case in all forms of music) transcends just being something that is pleasurable to listen to, and goes beyond the limits of its basic form because it reaches past the easily intuitable or comprehendable, and touches upon some deeper truth that resides on a higher plane than our incomplete understanding of the true nature of existence… However, I also know that for the greater part this is music made for motion, dancing, for enjoyment…not for intellectualization.

Techno has developed and evolved as machines have…and humans have always had a fascination with machines. What can I make this machine do, how can I manipulate it to do something no one else has done…how can I have fun with it, make it work for me, etc. From the very fist time someone took a basic sound recording and manipulated it in some way involving technology, or did a live performance using such a technique…then that was the origin of Techno, if one's definition is that Techno is music made by using technology. But, since we have a need to categorize things, to compartmentalize them, then perhaps the term Electronic music applies to this whole thing. I really don't care for it, but hey, it's made electronically, since you have to supply an energy source to make the machine work, so fine.

But, back to the main thread… Intellectualizing this music will never get you to where you want to go if what you are seeking is that special place. By that, I mean that place where you can be transported and then delivered. Delivered meaning obtaining a clarity, a freedom, a state of ecstasy (and I don't mean the drug :-P)

To put it another way, the electronic musician must do the hard work of threading the psychological triggers into the music, and a listener is certainly entitled to seek them out like secret sonic Pokemon if he or she chooses, but if the music doesn’t make your heart (and your feet) skip a helpless beat when you turn off the intellect, then it just isn’t Techno music of the highest order.

I've been buying, spinning, and dancing to Techno since, what, '85? Lord knows when you can officially call it that, but I have some releases from 86 that have Techno mixes on them, or that term used as part of the title.

In the beginning, I really didn't see it as anything so different, so special that it needed any explanation. All I knew is that it made me feel good when I danced to it or mixed it. As the years have gone by, Techno has become a more important 'form of music' in my bag of tricks. I admit to liking a wide array of music, be it ambient, showtunes, gabber or polka, it's great by me. But I have to reserve a special place in my heart for Techno.

What other form of music can so grab one by the soul, turning you inward then flushing it all out by the power of the mix? The very basic rudiments of the genre force a repetitiveness that can be a dangerous drug on it's own.

What other form of music can make a large gathering of (mostly) sober people shake and shimmy, alone if necessary...stomping out the demons and replacing them with a happy glow of salvation.

House music is close, getting a sweaty groove on can be good, but the vocals can be distracting to me. This Tech-house stuff is all right, but too much soul makes it too personal, too much feeling when I just want to 'Lose It'. Funk is good, funk is primal and tribal and basic. Techno can have lots of funk, and when it does, it gets dirty, and the intensity rises.

So, when I keep hearing all this talk about Techno being for intellectuals, and people discussing 'Techno Snobs' then I know they just don't get it, or are unwilling to. Unwilling to what? To lose it, to give themselves completely over to the beat, the hi-hats, the acid line, the little sounds that fade in and let their mind wander and travel with just let go. It's a hard thing to do, we want to be in control. Techno lets us get just enough out of control. And by allowing that loss of control we can ultimately gain greater control, and in the process grow and learn more about ourselves.

But see, now I'm doing it…argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, in the immortal words of Rising Hi records, let's just "Shut Up and Dance!", or as someone else said, "Don't think, just dance!"

By the way…you don't have to be in a nightclub, or at a rave, or even do some actual dance moves to dance.…..swinging your feet, tapping your toes, humming along, nodding yer head, or just typing happily away at a nice clip while the music plays qualifies in my book! Don't analyze it, just accept it, enjoy it…let it take you somewhere, wherever it may and don't ask why or where….open your mind.

Thank you :-)

=== = = = = = =


First off, I noticed something verrrrry interesting regarding the flow of new releases. There is usually a slowdown that occurs twice yearly…once during the 'dog days' of Summer (usually late August) and then again during the Christmas/New Years holidays. I usually count on these slow-downs as a time to catch up and take a breather…well, no such luck this year! Man-o-man, rekkids are flowin strong 'n steady right on thru the entire Summer with no sign of lettin up - and this is in all genres of dance and electronic music, from House to Pop, Jungle to Techno, Progressive to Hip-Hop….it's going strong with No signs of lettin up!

TRANCE- from dreamy to hard, acidic to psychedelic - it's popularity, acceptance by the general club crowd and releases remains high.

TECHNO- the mixes in my archive get lots and lots of hits, and a recent techno only net show had the highest listenership ever. People remain confused over what it actually is, and so are willing to check it out when it's presented in an interesting way. Most people would rather have the stuff with lots of interest, twists, turns and innovations over the minimal, marching, stuff.

D&B/JUNGLE- still amazingly popular and garners tons of hits for the archived web sets! Wild basslines, churning emotions and sounds, creative crafting, and the use of non-traditional time signatures will get 'em going!

AMBIENT/EXPERIMENTAL - doing ok, there's an audience for it - the more experimental, yet ear catching riddims do well…..good use of voice samples as effects, and using the music to convey a definite mood or to induce a particular effect do well. Lots more releases noted available to the GP (general public) and increasing tours.

TRIP HOP- kinda getting harder or loungier, more experimentally inclined and mixed with lots of neat cultural elements for a newer sound…our site's hits up slightly.

BREAKS- great for partying…going from the crazy stuff to phat 'n thick head-nodding stuff…lots of chances taken and boundaries explored…

LOUNGE- a new form of lounge has emerged, a sound that combines psychedelia, electronica, jazz, and the indigenous sounds of many nations.

HARDCORE- The hits keep comin, although the releases increase and decrease seemingly as the wind blows. But, watch for a change in popularity, as normal people everywhere seek out this sound…a recent article in Spin magazine may generate a lot more interest in the harder form of the genre! In fact, the hits on the Hardcore mixes on the website have gone way up!

ACID- Y'all love the acid, and well you should cause that's the stuff baby! Stay Up Forever is still crankin out the beloved kind - hard, manic, thick and crazy - and thank goodness that others are adding the acid flavor to their mix after too long an absence!!!!!






I have been sending my playlists out on a monthly basis to all music makers, labels, publications and interested parties…in addition, all sets archived on the website have their playlists intact in pop-up format. For the last 2 issues, I have experimented with a format that repeats the playlists twice, one intact, with the cut that was played for that set, and then listed again for the review….but, ya know, that is just not workin out…so here we go, back to a modified form of the original style where I break up the tunes into 3 general categories…Techno/Trance/Hardcore, Funk/Breaks/House/Jungle, Heady/Experimental…full length LP's and CD's are at the end. The only change is, I'm not rating them on a scale anymore, instead, I think you can tell by what I say and how I say it how good it is…in addition I have marked the cuts I really liked with an *.



I have marked the cuts I really liked with an *

ARLING & CAMERON - WE LOVE TO ROCK - EMPEROR NORTON…4 mixes of this track which effectively combines the joyous energy of rock 'n roll, the technology of electronics, a generous head-nod to past influences and the band's own sensibilities. The 'Tofu Remix' has gated, treated vocals (vocoder like), "We love to rock, oh yeah"…this is repeated a lot throughout the piece. It's D&B rockin with electro influences that's fun 'n groovy…cool synths and grindy ones and some very neat, kinda wild feelings make me think that this may be what Kraftwerk might sound like now if they loosened up, got high and decided just to do a track for the heck of it. The remix by *Cornelius (of Tokyo) starts off with mellow guitars. There's a lot of foreign speak, then it all just Rocks Out after a Fatboy-style build-up…it then chills again with some cool percussion and guitar strums before rockin out again…build up, rocks out (feels 'Who'ish'), chills with percussion and the voices and after a big buildup and breakdown goes all out rockin…after wards, it winds down. The *Radio mix is funky rockin…the vox repeats, the synths pulse, there's some breakbeats and lots of neat horns circle reminding me of 'Quadrophenia'. The Album version is breaky rockin with horny synths (ala a Beatles feel)…the vox reps, and there's a nice breakdown with some cute "yeahs" here and there…it all rolls off nicely.

BANCO DE GAIA - I LOVE BABY CHEESY - GECKO…4 mixes of the title tune. First up, the Dub Pistols mix starts off with a staticy background, funky downbeats come in a-rockin as a very cool take on a 70's funk guitar comes in. There's great bass 'n acid, lots of background fill-ins - percussion & other neat sounds move it along nicely, then it ends with crowd noise. Then Banco de Gaia do a *'Skippy Mix' that's breaky 'n flowin wit da funk! Choppy warped synths and vocal call outs of a foreign rap repeats as it all goes beaty with great exotic touches and fun feelings. On the B side, Wayward Soul gives 2 mixes, the *'Electric Cheddar Remix' is deeply winding and trippy, with this repeating call/response that echoes downwards - "How're ya feelin?", "It's fabulous, I've never experienced anything like it in my life, it's great!" A Breaky bassy rhythm and lots of neat, deep undersounds travelling thru make this a really cool tune. 'The Afro-European Remix' is a slow, dubby, echoey, stretched out 'n trippy thing.

BODO ELSEL - DISCOUNT BABY - PLAYHOUSE…Ok, you know that game where you try to figure out words to songs and what they might sound like? Well, I always thought that the old Disco classic that goes "Disco, Disco Baby…" sounded like "discount, discount Baby"…Looks like I wasn't the only one! What a fun tune on the aptly names Playhouse label! The original is a deep and dubby snappy stepper with the gurbly vox repeating that refrain. Then those wacky Perlon guys take it over for the *Perlonized version. Full of neat breaths and great clear snappy beats, the vox makes it even more clear this is from that song, "Discount, ba-bee..beep beep…beat" as really cool hollow percussion accents kinda take on the original classics break melody. On the flip, Reinhard Voigt makes it harder, with a deep powerful bassy beat nicely accented with sharp 'n brushy percussion, buzzin and squidgy stuff as a male vox repeats the refrain, "baby, baby, discount". Then there's the *Hal 9000 mix, a tuff 'n sharp hittin beat steps along with low bass filling the bottom while the vox repeats and chops the refrain with other vocal hits and lots of cool accents fly thru. Ga-roovy!

CIRCULATION - TURQUOISE EP - CIRCULATION…Paul Davis & Matt Jackson continue this wonderful color series. A side gives ya strong 4x4 housey beats with running tribal drummins, scrapy reps and percussion lightly underscoring the mix. Muted keys come in with starry and synthy pulsings, then bright keys play along for a lovely sunny day jaunt. The *B side starts off a bit mysteriously with deep, whirling synths, then a resonant, serious bassline comes in (with a sorta 'Sweet Dreams' feel). Shimmering, bell-like percussion adds just the right touch to this vibe. At the breakdown, a sweet voice sings, "music" amidst a lovely echoed effect.

CRAIG ALEXANDER - BUCKWILD IN BUCKTOWN - DUST TRAXX…The sleeve and label sez 6 tracks…I see 5, so I may be off with one of the titles on the A side. But never you sweat these details, there's enough good music on this slab 'o wax to see you thru…in fact this one's been living in my gig box for awhile! On the A, *'Groove Mission' is a funk-disco celebration! Filtering some 'ala Daft, it has great slappin beats. 'State of Mind/or Danceteria' builds up really nice. There's a fem vox urging, great horns, brushy percussion and some extra funky steppin. On the B side, 'Good Feeling' is a brushy percussive backed slappin stepper with a rising organ, piano riffs and funky guitar like sounds. The last 1/4 features a neat talking effect. *'Organ Strut' is stompin! It's got great strings, filtering disco loops with a looped laugh and a crowd cheering! *'Pocket City' is very deep and funky fun as it steps daftly with a neat vox.

CYLOB - REWIND! - REPHLEX…This one has gotten so much attention, and it deserves it! Lots of fun to play and great production make it sound phat. A vocoder like vox is simulated using a Mac program…heh heh, computerized MC!!! On the *'Bonus Bytes' mix you got a great intro with this vox then it goes into a great Electro-beaty thang which is clean, funky and gets crazy with manipulations… "Rewind!" On the flip, 2 other mixes of the track. The 'Vocal' version has that super-cool vox all thru set against a fast and funky Electro beat that would have R2D2 really rockin! Then, the 'DMX Krew Version' is more of a lowdown bassy Electro cut-up with neat synths and melodic touches, and of course using the vox.

FREDDY FRESH - IT’S ABOUT THE GROOVE - EYE Q…The original starts with an intro about Freddy then goes into a swinging Latin groove with lots of funky beats and a Disco guitar feel, "It's time to roll"…this is party music! The *'Powder Productions Remix' by Andy Hughes and Phil Kelsey has filtery Disco loops, twinkly keys, claps, strings in space and lots of atmosphere. It really gets steppin, "Hey!" The 'Dj Spinna Mix' keeps the Latin party feel, and gets chill rockin with vox yelps, nice faraway horns and a guy rappin.

FUNK 198 - STICKMAN…In *'Red', massive bass waves pound thru the system, hats insistently hit, a low lying acid line keeps you in suspense…claps build, a rising sound comes up…the acid finally asserts itself and that sound reaches for a peak…Bam, it takes off and so do you, right to the dancefloor showin yer best trippy moves, eyes rolled back. 'Charlie's Concept' is a percussive steppin affair, where a guy talks a little here and there about Charlie's concept of a new musical world against muted bell tones that build and a deep bassline that goes into snippets from 'Around the World'. 'Blue' is a deep tribal-house number with grunts and "come on" vox reps, smooth low organs, a moody, kinda twirly, trippy atmosphere.

HALF PINT - GREEN LIGHT - HALF PINT…It's that crazy character, Green Velvet at it again! Here, he assumes the non de plume of Half Pint, and that suits the child-like voice that plays a cute game on the title track, *'Green Light', that has a simplified Chicago beat, but as simple as it sounds, it works really well! 'Peanut Butter Jam' is steppin! Bang 'n swish with sticky percussion and a neat winding synth melody, oh yeah…the bass is good! It rushes about, kinda like in intense suspense.

IAN POOLEY - THE ALLNIGHTER - NRK…The original is a twirly, trippy, chill funkin downstep stomper with a neat little horn and a mechanized vox rep that reminds me of the one in 'Around the World'. *'Ian’s Fierce Dub Mix' is aptly named, for it is a truly fierce remix! All funked-out and beatin down the doors. *'In The Bins' plays around with the percussion in a free-form jazz way for awhile before breaking into a big-beaty bassy stomper and then builds and builds a groove with lots of elements filling in all the spaces on your dance card.

JAMIE ANDERSON - ABSTRACT LATINISM - ARTFORM…*'Rio Grande' rolls and tumbles with a powerful beat and percussion. Picking up steam like a freight train it literally makes you jump up from your seat and shake your hips and get caught up in it's growing Latin-House influences. 'Bolivian Nights' is a smooth 'n snappy housey stepper that flows with great washy organs and other touches added here and there for interest. 'Oceanic' is deep like the ocean, and smooth like it can be when all is right…the atmosphere, the planetary alignment…but, there's a nice strong beat running thru with a subtle intensity that reminds you of the changing, temperate nature of this beast. 'Oceanic Impro' has groovy keyboards by Dave Buxton added to the mix.

J.T. DONALDSON - EARTH…A nice rekkid to keep in the box. The first cut, 'Transitions' is a sharply stompin, smack 'n step with great bongos, nice housey organs, and live bass that makes a lovely, sunny melody. Next up, *'The Slow Process' is a French, Daftly flavored filtery disco house twirler that claps 'n stomps. A lovely feel of nice running percussion washes in & out with a vox and a groovey bassline make this a good pick! On the B side, *'Slipped Disc' is a smackin, stompin, funky groovin, starry 'n sunny, bassy 'n smooth mellow thang with quirky poppins, choral fly-bys, bright squidjens and a slight tribal feel…pick yer partner and give them a twirl to this one!

MR OIZO - THE LAKES MONSTER EP - SNIFF…No titles on my copy - 3 cuts that I like equally well J . A side is a real jazzy, fun 'n funky cut…beaty with percussive accents, pulsing horns and more horns, and lots of neat vocal inserts, "better do as he sez", "get out", adding a kinda neat spy-like vibe. On the flip, the first one is kinda similar to the flip - it's a bit stronger and weirder with the vocal samples twisted up & reversed, very funky bass, horney pulses and steppin percussive accented beats. The second cut is a wild scratching affair with funky drop-ins, "Rock da house y'all…that was fresh." Tuff B-boy beats with an electro touch, then more dance oriented beats come in mixed with long synths (a slight Madonna ala 'Holiday' feel).

ORANGE KUSH - ZAT - BOTCHIT & SCARPER…I LOVE this label! To me, it stands for quality funky stuff with a sense of humor. 2 deep, rockin cuts, that I like equally as much! 'Zat' is a laid back smoker made for serious head-nodding! There's hummin all under, choral sweeps, flanged electronic bass notes & drops and a guy talkin about your mind, relax, float downstream. 'Recoil' has deep bongo work with an echoes, swiping vox that drops in and out as a fuzz guitar slides within. Neat change-overs to scratches, then back to the fuzz 'n bongos with added bass hits for a neat psychedelic rock feel.

PAUL HESTER - BEAUTIFUL WORLD - PAPER…*'Beautiful World' is aptly named, it starts out with a steppin brushy beat and strummed acid pulsings adding deep, ruff tone to this chill setting as claps echo and the brushings increase and multiply. Zips flash by, blips pulse and a very sweet twinkling tone makes a melody as deeply inlaid choral elements appear and layer with muted strings that flux. It slowly and beautifully builds up and breaks down smoothly, deeply - it takes up again and flows dreamily on. On the flipside, *Life Force' has really neat scrape-back-beats with neat percussion accents that transform into tick-backed steppin ones …bass comes flowin in deep and low with some horney feelings and various cool, slightly odd sounds…breezy synths,choral touches and the sound of waves float by. 'See the Light' opens with a rainstorm, lovely choral synths, deep bass drops, flanged acid waves and pulsing/chopped keys…then combines it all with a shaky percussive downbeat for a regal, stately feel.

PSYCHO CHIXX - MR. CHENGS'S QUALITY TUNES…This duo from Belgium gets dirty 'n funky with these 2 b-beat electro groovers. *'Psycho Chixx' is a bangin choon with steppin beats, supa-horned out buzzy acid, lots of neat trippy exotic touches and a rep vox of the title. 'Don't Stop The Rock' is a crazy rockin track (ov course!) with monster percussion and lots of horney acid. It filters some and also has vox reps of the title.

TERRY MULLEN & HALO - THE SPEAKER PHREAKERS - SMILE… *'La Nina' is a bangin tribal cut that really funks it up good and mooooves, baby! It filters down some at the break with some piano then swoooshes back into the action with yelps and butt-shakin percussion. 'Nickle Bag da Funk' is kinda similar, although it feels more in the Latin/Tribal vein that builds some seriously jazz-funked feelings and a steppin groove that grinds from down low to rise with the supa-funky sounds.

THE INNER THUMB - SOUL ECSTASY (FROM THE ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK) - EMPEROR NORTON…2 tracks here on this EP, with a remix of one of them. Interesting Story on this one…Fulton James was an ex-ABA basketball player who decided to take part in the social revolution of the time…1969. He wrote some, demonstrated some, was jailed some…then returned to writing. He found financing for his film in various interesting places and people…including the Black Panthers. The story goes, that a fight broke out outside a theatre where it was being shown one night, and the next, someone set fire to the theatre, it got a lot of bad PR, and the film was subsequently withdrawn. The guy got very depressed and himself withdrew…he died in a fire in his home in 1979 and all copies of the film were also destroyed. Some stills do remain, and, the soundtrack. From the sound of these tracks, I can only guess at the extreme funkiness and get-down that this movie had! 'Soul Submarine' has moody, muted synths, cool sexy Spanish guitars, rolling groovy bongos, shakers, neat flutes and funky organs for a wild 'n groovy a go-go! 'Citroens 'n' Sitars' is a sitar driven bass funker that's real cool and deep - the drums are especially nice making for a very, very pleasing mellow groove pattern. *'Citroens 'n' Sitars - '99 remix' is quite an exotic 'n psychedelic funker! A sitar crazed, drummy rockin thang with lots of spacey sounds 'n efx, neat vocal drop-ins, some nice acid, and it's like, wow, man! Warped, wild ', wicked.

THE WHITE RABBIT - KONTRABAND…This is a great label that pretty much defies categorization by putting out quality and quirky stuff. It's always funky and fun though! 'Fly Momma!' starts with a slight Tribal groove, then a guy talks about how "peoples minds got opened, got listenin to music…" this sample is cut up and set against a very funky and jazzy moovin groove that's kinda deep and flowin and sexy. *'School Daze Mix' builds slowly with brushy percussion and acid twirplings. It breaks into a funky downbeat breaky groove with bass accents, metal hits, and scribble scratchins. Full-on now with an slight Electro feel as the acid winds down and around, spacey things come in and out, and an occasional vox snippit all combine for a real nice trippy, chill track.



I have marked the cuts I really liked with an *

CAPITOL K - SONG FOR B - ELFCUT…Wot a package! Great concept, and a hellovalotta work went into this one! 4 very interesting cuts of Electronic jazz for the millenium! *'Song for Belgium' has a very sweet intro with twinkling as light drumming with an undercurrent of strong bass takes over…voices call out as it goes deep, funky and strange and gets pretty wild 'n wacky rockin out with neat use of feedback. *'Wisdom Teeth' begins with deep ambience…clicking grows then slows as bass gradually gets pumped in and signaling sounds lead to deep, low 'n lovely Aphex like tones with deep bass drops and great scrapings. 'Song for Banana' is an odd, thick mix-up of rockin percussion, exotic song, trippy efx and police sirens, it reminds one of Aphex Twin's 'Logon Rock Witch'. 'Arabs' starts out with a pleasant combo of ticking and twirly keys pulsing, then acid stabs and eerie low tones flow thru and scraping stuff like an amphetamine cricket sounds off.

HALLUCINATOR - RED ANGEL - CHAIN REACTION…Play this main cut 33, 45 or just about wherever you like the feel of it…thick, deep, dubby hypnotic stuff with lots of gurbles, brushes, twinkles and a neat lil' stop/start like the loop is being reset. It grows more intense as it goes along to further enhance it's effect. On the B side, *'Sethos' has a deep Egyptian feel as bongos slowly beat, bell-like sounds, exotic feelings, and echoed effects slide thru the mist. 'Phebes' is a deep, ambient, mysterious piece with layers of long, mutating, trippy synths, far off tribal drumming that grows closer and a large cloudlike, enveloping atmosphere.

RFT - V/A - DIN…The interesting experimental label Din gives us a nice selection of treats from their artists, with a bit of a twist. There's a neat ambientish, clicky Intro and a deep, moody Outro that echoes the feelings of the last track included! Traktor 9000 starts it off with 'So.Weit' a very deep atmospheric downbeat, clicky, swishing, echoey piece. Dynamo then does 'Auben Vor' a deep & sparse yet thick combo of sharp electronics and pulsing bass making a moody melody. Dynamo comes back on the flipside with *'Aufenthalt' another excursion into deepness with sharp accents that keep at you, only relenting to the echoes playing catch up as various atmospheric effects slide within. PS finishes up on *'Freak Walk' feels like your trying to pick your way thru some very sticky mud in a dark and lonely swamp late at night with a full moon rising.

THOMAS FEHLMANN - BLOW UP CHIMP.OVER.FLOW MINUS-TWO. - APOLLO/R&S…Wonderful complex stuff that'll make yer system work for all it's worth! My only 'criticism' is that there are so many identifying names to this EP! The original versions are taken from the verrrry interesting album, 'good fridge. Flowing: ninezeronineight'. Ok, on to the tunes -*'Superfruhstuck (Trashaestheticversion)' has a dubby, thick atmosphere charged with bassy beats and changing backgrounds and accents throughout…voices, trippy efx and echoed organ ladders help make a nice chill mood. 'Wee wee mademoiselle (Rmx2)' goes a 'twirlin and a clickin with neat percussion backgrounds and warped, strung-out horns. *'Wee wee mademoiselle (Full Diversion)' sets a real nice moode with jazzy drummins & percussion, an abstract horn, neat bass pluckins, sweet synths…it gets more expansive at the end. 'Superfruhstuck (TFlowingmx)' takes plodding 4x4 huge beats and washes them down with waning synths and adds a dollop of spacey trippy backrounds.



I have marked the cuts I really liked with an *

AUDIO TOTEM POLE - FIRST IN SERIES - EIGHTH DIMENSION PROMOTIONS…A mysterious and lovely piece of work from an unknown producer. *'You Are Tired & Beautiful' is some smooth sh*t! Lovely chill synths wave like curtains in the breeze…nice beats get ya movin and the track builds slow & good. A deep bassline and little acid squirpins tease and it gets funky! 'Touchtones' is a chill sunny groover, perfect for an outdoor bar-b-que or a sunrise set! Trippy synths, lovely sounds and shakity echoed brushes of percussion make a beautiful deep piece.

CHRIS LIBERATOR & THE GEEZER - SMITTEN…Once upon a time, there were many labels all across this great planet which saw fit to produce and release proper quality bangin acid. Now, alas, that time, is passed…but the need, the hunger, the desire for it does still remain within the hearts, souls, and dancing feet of its followers. Thankfully, the good folk over at Smitten & their sister label, Stay Up Forever hath not forsaken us. Here are 2 cuts, 'Our Shit Is Out There' has a big, bold, and beautiful acid line, a steady steppin beat and a repeating vox reminding us that this label's "shit is out there'…smooth in a party vibe kind of way. *'Bad Day At Black Frog Creek' is crunchy stuff indeed! A real step 'n stomp banger, the acid is restrained a bit, but very nicely and judiciously used to the best effect. Lots of mental poingings 'n scrapings, a great bassline, nice percussion that rolls off the beats, and a crazy sound that winds thru here & there making ya feel like yer on a careening subway…dark runnin, lights flickering thru the turns, slowing briefly at the next stop, and promptly off again on its subterranean journey.

D 000 - V:00:00 THE SECOND COMING - D…Paper-*'Lip' It starts strong, and stays strong…bangin and hittin, bleepin and crashing with a repeating synthetic sound that sounds like it may be saying something (probably quite evil!) to you. Poke-*'Your Girl' runs along with deep syncopated beats, fast flippy/clicking and windswept sounds...hmmm, sounds like 'your girl' just may refer to your car when she's purring along! Ikon-'Coqui' is a chiller, deeper thang with hollow beats that roll-off the percussive backing…crickets chirp, the bass grinds down and strange echoey sounds float thru. Poker-'Voice' is a changeable thing. Buzzin along with silly poppity percussion and cool beats that have a downbeat feel make you feel like yer moving backwards! Winding grated vocal sims and all kinds of odd things add to the fun.

DETTINGER - BLOND - KOMPACT…Hard to find deep techno & experimental stuff from Germany with 4 untitled tracks. On the A, first up is a chill deep groover with hypnotic looping synth pulses, light bell tones and hard hitting percussive accents. The *next track opens with lovely, lush, expansive sounds where the beats grow organically from this fertile mist yet lie close to where they sprung letting this luscious atmosphere protect them from the suns harsh rays. On the B side, track *one is a mechanical/working funky beater that grinds deeply away assisted by some snappy/clicky percussion and low-lying organ stabs…it grows really well with the beats getting stronger and the intensity raising. The second one has long synthed ambience and grindy super-frogs going along as percussion slowly builds making neat patterns…light keys tap in to play along….beautiful, deep, moody…may bring a tear to your eye.

DDR - SMITTEN…Both of these tracks take their inspiration from the film 'Fear and Loathing…' and as such, are steeped in a sense of depravity…dark, hard trance that's a far cry from this guy's usual method of tune terrorism. *'Madness' is a deeply bangin tune, runnin with darkness. The vocal samples, "there was madness in any direction, any hour…" comes in and out, a repeating bloopy trancing sound draws you in, and fiercely funky drop outs and layers of sub-sounds get the point across. 'Their Eyes' is a big, steady, deeply bass-ted banger. Hug those speakers baby! A evil-treated vox sample drops in here and there while layers of spreading percussives and a scraping sound build and build in intensity rising to a fevered pitch.

DJ DAN - NEEDLE DAMAGE/THAT ZIPPER TRACK - MOONSHINE…Fun dancefloor fodder fer sure! *'Needle Damage Mix' has neat shakity, camera clickity accented strong beats with claps…it get real grindy and zippy…drops out into some weird cool human beatbox type stuff & other interesting elements and goes off, probably taking you with it!! 'Beat Box Bonus' gives you that human beatbox thing again with a bit more of a beat. 'Needle Dubbage Mix' is a real strong mover with percussive beats that get huge, lots of whippin acid accents, thunderous sweeps, and a grinding bassline. It all drops down to a ruff rub that 'zips' back…sirens and other stuff comes on in to the mix to keep the fun going!

DJ RUSH - REMIXES PART 2 - MENTAL GROOVE…'I Wanna' is the original tune on this here package…it's the side with the nasty picture, and it's a nasty tune. A guy talks about learning his lesson, quits lookin for love…goes on talkin about this girl and then what he wants to do to her…There's breaths, deep stompin beats. Percussive washes and these funny odd horn blats and horny acid…sexy & dirty. *'Ooo La La La La La La La La' is the Electric Indigo remix - It's really neat and different! Deeply stompin, steppin 'n sexy lo-down funkin with whispered loops, a great upright bass and some clattery, clickins that trots and cantors. The *'Dj Sid Remix' is fun! Loopy jazz techno! A loud cacophony of voices, noise, funky upright bass loops, percussion and steppin beats that gets real crazy, man!

ERUPTION - CHANGING CLIMATE EP - SALVATION…'Soulshower' is a real mover! Strong 'n grinding beats, metallic percussion, hits and brushes, galloping wood blocks that later form a groovy pattern, talkin changing synth reps…half in long synths and big sweeps come in (ala' "Red'). *'Ghost Dance' has an unearthly quality about it…drippy thwackins repeat quickly as big 'n growing character beats form a great bassy rhythm with key accents and furious hats lead the way to swiping, wiping synths. 2/3 in, it all clears up some as the keys come upfront with some percussion and the elements alter some as they reintroduce themselves while you are being whispered to.

GERMAN BROADCASTERS - RADIOACTIVE - CHISEL…*Herford Side, 'Radio Broadcast(Kick Mix)', starts kinda chill with a broadcast sinewave…deep beats and flippy acid 'n synths slide in with that old German trance feel. It builds up beautifully, the beats gain strength and the percussion adds the perfect touch to this smooth ride. On the Hamburg Transmission side, 'L.A.'s Knob Mix', beats are clear and strong with a neat tick-tock 'n ringing background that forms a hypnotic circling while building layers of light percussion. A harsher version of that signal comes in & out, along with other necessary elements, as the track builds intensity for a very deep trancing effect. Pressing slightly noisy.

HENRIK B - FEBRUARY - COUNTDOWN 2000… Second in the series of monthly releases leading to the year 2000 by various artists…3 untitled tracks of techno bangerisms. On the A, first up is a fast moving, hypnotic number with pulsing croaking that with repetition will talk to you, a runny bassline, sticking percussion and occasional braking/turning sounds. The *second is a HUGE thang! Very strong and deep scrapy 'n floppy bass (that later gets quite strong and pounding) backed with metallic doubled hits, lots of great percussion accents 'n washes and a strange vox rep that comes in and out of this maddness! On the B side, it's a real vibe builder as big strummins and a deeply imbedded and rubbed bass gets accented by sharp claps…it chills out for a bit as the wind sweeps thru for a moment to cool you down, a voice comes in, and then, it's off, beating big and rough, strummin hard, lots of hits and brushes of percussion and an intermittent grunt and vox.

HENRIK B - INTE BARA B - P SOUNDS… I usually like about 3/4 of this guy's work…same goes with this ep…I found the first cut, while having some bright happy movement, it felt kinda 'canned', the beats are good, and underlying voices interesting, but the accenting sounds seemed video-gamish. Or maybe that's the point of these 3 tracks, to sorta take a theme and work it thru, take it thru it's paces. Because the second cut, kinda has the same driving feel, but takes it into deeper territory with shakey & knocking accented deep beats grinding and neat layers of synths working thru a thick cloud. Then, the *last track completes the series with driving, grinding beats amongst a thick atmosphere of whirling synths and running percussion. The track builds strength as it motors along hypnotically with just enough of a twist here and a turn there to keep the ride interesting.

IFACH COLLECTION - IFACH…P.Ford/I.Loveday does 'Dead Eye v.1' that has an uneasy mood with long synths and strings and deep bassy doubled beats that are surrounded by claps 'n hats softly accenting. Voices throughout make you feel a bit anxious, as do the other little sounds coming in and out. *M.Broom's 'Stairway Skank' is a hypnotic involvement study in minimal techno with movin beats and key pulses that both form subtle changing rhythms accented with brushy hats, cool. M.Broom/P.Ford/T.Melchior come together for 'Pukka Your Lips', a haunting lil ditty that combines signal tones, submarine and choral pulses, beaty bassy deep beats, tappings, brushed sticks, and other odd sounds. M.Broom/P.Ford with 'Lost Secret' is a minimal piece that repeats and strengthens as it goes on with strong beaty beats, elastic acid and hollow 'n brushed percussion.

MARK BROOM - EP - CLEAR POSITION…Mark is an excellent producer who appears here on this always interesting Belgium label courtesy of another excellent label, Pure Plastic. 4 cuts of varying shades of techno. 'Mango' is a big, deep & bloopy twirler with percussive 'n hat washed beaty beats for a hypnotic involving loop track. 'Bubblegum' is big, percussive, trippy, bangin 'n horny with cool filtering for seriously getting into it. *'Agent Blue' has flippity quick 'n rollin beats that are deep 'n bassy - low to the ground. Grindy horns grow as mindful squinches of percussion go deeper for a track that helps fuse the others around it - good to use! *'Bubblegum Beats' is stompin! Big 'n bad with great percussion…soulless techno can be a good thing, just dance!

MICROWORLD - SIGNALS - TRANSMAT…A notable label not heard from in a long time! 'Signals' is a chill affair that takes awhile to build up some steam. Organ-ized pulsing, tapping hats, background twinkles twirling as military-style beats come in very low and slowly get stronger as signaling sounds loop and trance. *'Smile' starts with a lovely synth intro, then some jazzy bass thumbs in. Echoed beats, claps, a sweet low-lying long whistle sound and a piano join in for a chill Detroit Techno journey. Fair pressing.

MOLE PEOPLE - 3 UNTITLED - TEKNOTIKA(MOPE)…Well, the label on this says the artist and track names are unknown, but I know something, this is good, fun Techno! *'Untitled(straight mix)' is a scrapey 'n bleepy mover with nice percussive hits 'n brushes, big, deep, powerful beats and quirky breakdowns. 'Untitled(funk mix)' is just that, funkier, with slower, more dramatic, echoed beats. *'Untitled' beats big and strong 4x4 with a stretchy scrapey acidic bassline, strong percussive taps, brushes, and drum accents. I like it!

NIGEL RICHARDS - IT MUST BE NICE - 611 RECORDS…Yo Nigel! Heh heh…you can count on Nigel to bring the acid, bring the funk, and a dollop of the weird! *'It Must be Nice' has a German trance feel to it with strong marching beat that echoes with hollow droppings, light tappings, mechanical drill pulsings and nice zipbacks…a whispered vox repeats the title. The drill sound builds and warps as the vox becomes more insistent and intense. Neat! 'Connect 4' has a deep, strong 4x4 beat and metallic ringing accented toms, sticky 'n shakity percussion teases and abates as the metallic stuff gets stronger, then it's back in to combine. About 1/2 in, acid, very low, scribbles in and gets a bit horney along with some neat synthwork and hat accents. *'Simon Sayz' has deep, sexy 4x4 beats of a percussive nature…a mourning dove coos as far-off knocking reps and mental low-slung, muted synth pulses rise & fall.

OBSCURUM - SUBTLE CHANGES - MECHANISM INDUSTRIES…A kinda mysterious plastic bagged slice 'o techno wax via Germany. 'Support' is just that, an excellent Dj tool with a crazy, out of control orchestra! *'Main' fades in, in progress…beaty mental techno. It's kinda confusing, kinda frightening…things are going on, I don't understand…can I cope with this? Who am I? It beats with sticks, kinda deeply stomping with many, may layers of insanity…very strange! *'Medium Term' is a whirling, hypnotic with looping sounds and galloping broken beats as sounds come in and out, rise and fall as percussion washes thru…very mental! To be twisted, yes, you feel like you are…deep, but not too much so. 'Ammunitition' is a big, clattery, looping techno stomper that has percussion washing in waves and a slight tribal feel.

PABLO GARGANO - METROPOLITAN…Evil Trance! *'Devil In Heaven' is one of the best hard trance tunes I have ever had the pleasure of hearing, and, it uses samples from one of my favorite (albiet scarey!) movies, 'Jacob's Ladder'. Starting with real ominous music and the speech about "making your peace…devils are really angels freeing you" and his female friend repeating "anybody in there, anybody home" set against grinding trance, that's big and powerful with gorgeous breakdowns using great choral work, some breakbeats and lots of frightening stuff that'll have you looking over your shoulder! 'Bypass' has big steady beats, an evil atmosphere of whooshes, grinds, gurgles, shakes, and pulses from a variety of sources all keeping a forward feel. 'Sound Abuse' is kinda housey and deep. Trancey layers pulse and several acid lines gurgle and throb while soothing pulses and backgrounded percussion do their thing. It all drops out and gets real spacey, then, "This is the Police speaking…this club is closed, forever!" it picks up more energy from there and beats off.

RICHARD BARTZ - HOLOGRAPHIC EP - KURBEL…4 un-named cuts on an excellent pressing! On the A side, *#1 is a Wow! A big start with pulsing sounds, then Huge beats with big time Techno sounds, massive bass and a slight tribal groove. #2 is deep and repetitive with spacey, smooth cool sounds, huge bass and pulses. Flip 2 da B side now, *#1 has big, heavy, steady beats, and an urgent feeling that sounds like a freight train a-comin! Oh No! It's blowing it's whistle and clatterin' down the tracks toward your hapless car, stuck on the tracks. Lucky for you though, a bit of angelic intervention ensues in the form of some housey influences and a far-off vocal call…salvation! #2 is a jazzy influenced chill, deep technoid number that works a real smooth groove for ya. Nice stuff!

ROBERT ARMANI/FEEDBACK - CROWN ROYAL FUNK EP - HIGH OCTANE…Oh My Gosh!!!!!! This is some excellent hard stuff! If yer lookin for something to fill that hard 'n funky void in yer heart, then this puppy will brazenly nip at yer ankles baby! 6 chances to get down 'n dirty. *'Spunky Funk' gives you the Funky funk! It's horny, clappin, has a great guitar sound and is full of big bassy beats that stomp, brush, knock, groove and move. *'Lay The Beat Down' is bangin with echoed trails, hi-hats, claps, hard beats and super brushins that swish deep. 'Endless Journey' is drummy and kinda deep with sharp percussion, urgent clapping, pulsings and funky squidgens. *'Beat Revival' is running with sticks, claps, stomping hard beats, brushy percussion and gets crackly as it grinds deeply with a slight 'Rez' feel. *'Sleep Deprivation' is a Supa-Stomper! Great rhythm on this one with hard snares and neat pulsing strings. It's very involving as it runs and flows deeply. 'Just Tweaked' is lush, deep, pounding, with sharp claps and twinkly metallics that ring deeply.

ROBERT HOOD - RED PASSION 2 - DUET…Aw Yeah…this is the kind of Techno that gets the vibe up! Smooth, deep, intricate, hypnotic and strong, Robert Hood always delivers! On the A, there's a strong steady beat, pulsing keys that accent upon themselves and neat scrapity flipitty floppity tickity tockity percussion runnin around. The *flipside is more upfront and powerful with trippy things woven throughout as the beats stomp on, the percussion brushes and ticks, the organs pulse, neat keys wind around themselves and play sweet little melodies and the artist plays little tricks with the tempo.

ROXY - NO PILLS - ASPRO…Sometimes an original version of something is best left alone. First off, I never thought that the original had a 'pro-drug' message, just the opposite…here's this spaced out woman, desperate for an answer, "what do they use, drugs, hypnosis, what?…I have to have my pills!" and the repeating refrain, "no pills". Anyhows, if you need the original cut on wax, and I'm sure you wouldn't mind having this song in yer Rave archive, then here it is - just ignore the remixes.

RUSH - THE BOMB - HIGH OCTANE…Rush is the Bomb! *'Ejection' is a super cleanly produced super banger! Doubled marching beats with a nice scrapy accent on the downstroke, layers of neat sounds and percussion that come in with some really intense ones taking center stage for a bit then subsiding. 'Plunge' is kinda weird! Starting with some clicking/popping and a strange squid sound that gets all flanged and stuff, percussion builds, then strong deep 4x4 beats present themselves…breaking down to the streams of percussion and that ticking sound, it then gets really tuff on the beats with a nice rhythm to them. 'Impact' is bending 'n turning, buzzing 'n ticking with metallics and kitchen implements, huge beats, steam pipes…it breaks down into dark places…I see this at 5am when the smoke and vibe are thick as molasses and everyone is in that state of timelessness. *'Detonation' is an amazing huge track!!! OhMyGosh!! I can't even imagine, no, scratch that, yes, I can imagine this in a big warehouse…oh the destruction it would cause! Big ass beats, lots of thickly layered undersounds, streams of percussion and hard edged clappings and the warning blasts of a train roaring thru.

SALT TANK - DIMENSION - HOOJ CHOONS…A trance tune so beautiful and moving, I had my hands in the air and tears in my eyes the first time I heard it. I've been an extremely picky buyer of Trance for the past few years…I don't like it dreamy, too synthy or piano laden, and there's been too much cheezy stuff. But, I've been noticing a return to the good old hard trance that I love - and coupled with the fact that I've been a follower of Salt Tank for a number of years led me to pick up both discs of this baby. Disc 2 has the *original, which is a deep bassy beater with hovering and an angelic chorus woven thru (becoming prominently displayed at the breaks)…whirlin, twirlin keys and a nice percussive backing complete this beautiful tune. Then Origin does the '3 Dimensional Dub' that starts with that chorus and adds strong, clear 4x4 beats, a horny acid line, upfront claps 'n hats…psychedelic synths flutter, and there's a great breakdown with thunderous efx. On disc 1, Salt Tank do the *'Voices of Reason Mix' that beats harder than the original, and seems more upfront, assertive and full…very intense and driving. Then ya got some breaky acid with Hybrid's 'Audio Candy Remix'. It's atmospheric, whirlin and hypnotic with great bass, acid, sweeps, a start 'n stop feelin, and an added piano line…it all breaks down to the chorus far-off and some acid.

S.O.L. - QUANTENSPRUNG - SUPERSTITION…The *title track is a big one…very strong fast hard beats with a running underneath that's accented by steady sticks, then galloping woodblocks…the runnings increase intensity as the scenery flashes by like telephone poles out the car window. A dramatic swell of synths rises as the big rigs pass us flashing their lights…and we give chase…heck, the cops can only catch one of us! *'Solaris 1' plays with the balance of sound, beats from here, percussion from there…then a great shakity percussive accented grindy bassline ala' 'I Feel Love' reps…hats stream in, low long synths slide and slink and shiver. A nice cool-down piece. 'Solaris 2' has hard steady beats, running woodblocks flipping, percussive elements in and out…lots of sublayers of low pulsing synths, acid, whooshes and atmospherics…gets really big 'n hard! Great hard trance.

STEWART S. WALKER - JET FUEL & LONGING - BELIEF SYSTEM…Trying to actually describe the sounds this guy can make is a difficult task…so please take all such descriptors in the broadest sense, cause they go well beyond the meager words used herein. *'Self Reference' grows and builds upon itself as the track unfolds. Bloopy and knocking bass that's deep and subtle gets up some funkafied force and steppin rhythms with clattery and sharp hittin upfront percussion attention getting sounds and a groovy grindy bottom. 'Proof of the Long Dark Night' is a deep & bassy starry journey filled with layers of mysterious sounds, subtle horny synths and brushes and way upfront clicky stuff. *'Separation' is really neat! A snappy, crackly feeling with brushy reps develops along with acid blips then some really neat big bass comes in. Layers of flowing synths add melodies and emotions to this seemingly harsh environment. Deep & lovely experimental chill stuff! Thank goodness this track has that crackly, poppity feel because I dropped the rekkid against my record box's metal hinges and scratched it and it doesn't make a difference! On the next track though it does L Oh well. 'White Noise on the Horizon' is deep, spacey and smooth, melodic with laid-back brushiness and some upfront sticks and other percussion laid against flowing and gated sythns and pulsating organs. BTW, keep an eye on this guy!

TRANCESETTERS - ROACHES - TOUCHE…Well! We haven't heard from these guys in awhile, eh? Here they are with 3 great tracks to set things straight. 'Roaches' is a powerful, deep, thick bassy thing with grinding beats and pulsing synths…a guy repeats, "underground forever baby, we're just like roaches, never die, always live". After the breakdown, it gets a bit housey with great keys…the last third really builds up lots of steam. *'Spooky' has deep, bassy beats running, sticks hitting, and it's rollin with an eerie kind of vibe - long spooky deep syths and thunder and a slight squeeky turning sound…it talks to you…nice! *'Snuf-fert' is, oooh! Nice 'n deep with a huge feel that's kinda eerie…there's multi-layers of stuff like breathing, flutes, grindings and a big knocking bass…and it gets really funky!

UNDERWORLD - JUMBO - JBO…3 re-mixes of a tune from the new album on this import 12", and I actually like all three of them cause each one presents a different flavor in a well done way. Rob Rives & Francois K do the 'Main Dish', a good mover with lovely keys, grindy repetitive rubs and a good paced beat with lots of spacey percussive accents. The vox is vocodered and there's a lot of deep acid and spacey efx moving in, out and around. Jedi's 'Sugar Hit Mix' has a deep & spacey feel at forst, then as warped synths, nice keys and scrapity scrapins wash thru, and vocal reps come in deeply, big beats develop and a full trancey sound ensues that's grindy, washed & flying…dreamy! *Future Shock 'Worlds Apart Mix' has pulsing synths at the onset, the full regular vocal comes in and is throughout…percussion builds and big, clackity deep beats, long strings and bird sounds all help make a deep 'n lovely piece.

UNITED EFFORTS VOL 1 - INTERFERENCE INVENTION - G-FORCE… M.Honolink with *'Rotator' has a spy-like vibe…an acid strung plucked running beater with a deep scrapey interior that's perfectly laced with percussion. Svart/Vit does 'Trekant' a deep smooth rollin'n'turnin hypnotic stepper that gets you involved within it as the percussion pulls you in with it's interwoven effects…lots of little bleeps and a really cool long string with a machine warm-up sound in the second half assist the mental feeling. Per Mikael P is *'Lost in Attraction', a strong scrapey banger accented by two-timing sticks and deep claps that grows in intensity…it gets some really neat watery, trippy synths stroking and filtering. Dylan Drazen tells ya about 'Jimmy Despues', a funky character. Doubled 'n stick hit rollin beats and deep organ-izations rise up and flow thru. The beats clear to straight up strong ones for awhile and a bit of synthetic gee-tar accents helps the mood along.

VERRACOCHA - CARTE BLANCHE REMIXES - DEAL RECORDS…The original (not included) of this popular Trance tune is done by Vincent de Moor and Ferry Corsten. Here are 4 great remixes for all yer trancing moods… The *'Hitch Hiker & Dumondt Remix' intro's with spacey sounds, chill beats and foreign voices in an echoed background…it then breaks into percussive backed trance beats and rhythms with nice, deep synths that get joyful & horney…great energy! *'Der Ritte Raum Remix' has big stompin beats, twirly synths, bells and deep trippy layers with acid…it filters out good for the break…Funky! 'Origin Remix' gives you strong electronic pulses that stream and echo as percussive backed strong beats and twangin acid take control…it filters down slowly, then back up for a strong trancer that does lots of lovely stuff with twirls and flying things…near epic, dramatic! The 'French Edit' is dancey! It's swirly with a dream trance-like piano and a wonderful, beautiful full sound.

VIBE BAR REJECTS - SMITTEN…These 2 are penned by label head Steve Smitten and the lovely [lovely?] and talented Dave The Drummer. 'Disturbance' is a hard 'n deeply runnin thing…grindy, sand-in-the-gearbox acid pulsates beneath the surface, as big rigs swaying dangerously with 500 ton loads pass your little Fiat on the superhighway as you struggle to maintain control of the wheel, and decide, 'oh, the hell with it,' let's race 'til the death! Yeah, there's big beats, acid and percussion aplenty if you need to know that stuff. *'70mph' goes for the big stompin beats followed closely by poppity percussion…the beats change to a triple time pattern and a strummin deep synth grows and pulls you along into the ring…swirly sounds pass like the wind around you…70mph may not seem so fast, but with the roof down, hair a-flyin, on a glorious day, in extreme traffic as yer weavin in and out, "throwing burning cigarettes out the car window" and perhaps the odd popcorn ball or two at other motorists, and avoiding that annoying copper who's relaying the info via his radio, it's quite the thrill…well…at least until yer caught!

WHOOP COLLECTION 2 SAMPLER - WHOOP…2 tracks from the mixed CD, giving you a nice idea of what this label is up to. Heck, I always make sure to check them out after that wonderful 'Open the Floodgates '99' track! On the A, there's *Ground Zero with 'Fallout-Full Blown Mix'. A feel good tune of stompin Goa flavored trance. It's got a big whooshing, whirling feel, a pulsating buzz, a dramatic breakdown, and intricate layers of percussion, synths, etc…wow, what a nice ending piece! On the B, it's Human Movements 'Traveller's Theme'. It starts out with a long windswept mysterious intro, ooh! Then, it's off! Wild, horney, dramatic, big acidic trance with lots of male spoken bits about being a traveller, "I seek only transportation to see & experience your reality". There's a big break that's windswept, and then builds with body vibrating bass buzzin, "energy….very powerful"…really hectic!

X MEETS Y - SMITTEN…Gizelle and Dave the Drummer meet up here for a melding of the sexes via music. *'13.5% Extra' starts off with some filtered, percussive breakbeats then some Huge, banging, scraping 4x4 beats are laid on top with squirrelly synths that trance, pulse 'n flow, while some nice deep acid makes for a big movin booty shaker. *'Let it all Flow' is hard! Percussive with big beats, scrapings, and cool vox reps, "Let it all flow". It's twirly, swirly, and will sweep ya up as it builds and builds with runny acid that gets horney, and features mentalism trance-formations…near the end, the obvious gets stated, "I like my music loud." Oh yes, loud indeed.



ENDPOINT COMPILATION 01- ENDPOINT/DUSTTRAXX…This is "Chicago's newest independent label, signing avant-gardists from around the world, and releasing some of the most innovative and provocative experimental sounds being produced today." Here are Restless Rob's takes on the tracks-

-Rehab. Vs Skycraft 'How Many More Times Can We Fuck This Up?' - Is there something wrong with my CD player….? No, this is just an oddly mechanical texture.Maybe there is something wrong with my CD….

-Second Man 'Bound' - Mysterious Casio Funk with a TickTock beat and electronic squiggles. More of a doodle than a full-fledged track, but, "hey Mon, is interesting. Know what I’m saying?" Check out the Koto-esque breakdown.

-Kush 'Moon Boots' - More space/arcade sounds…then what sounds a heck of a lot like a 606 snare… A pleasant journey, even if not to anywhere in particular.

-CNS Engineering 'Queuefa' - Snip snappy, cool outa-space, low key funk jive. A fun, minimal mood maker.

-Nudge 'Sprung' - Something’s slinking, it’s electric, I think, with a minimal feel. Not my favorite.

-Solenoid 'M-Box' - Ah! Something funky - with a distorted bass kick - that you can sink your teeth into.

-Salvo Beta 'Eating the Last Marshmallow' - Phase sampled distortions that sound a lot like Godzilla taking a stroll to me.

-Skycraft vs Rehab. '#5(Superdope) - Can you get beyond that fingernails on blackboard sound? If you can, you might enjoy those electronic horn riffs.

-Nudge 'Still Life with Crack and Rainbow' - Wow…and flutter! Minimal, pleasant, but not very involving.

-Diminish 'Stuntfellows'- Percolating, musical humor…some kind of circus-oid travelogue.

-Solenoid 'Cowberd II" - Is this darned CD skipping again? No, it’s just more kamikaze sound assault.

-Salvo Beta 'Crossing the FM Marsh(a Remix)' - Spacey, ethereal, and quite demented, sort of like banging you head by accident…over and over again.

-Second Man 'Abusing Rob' - Sampled, sliced and somehow scary, while at the same time silly. Fun, but is it music? P.S. Don’t answer the phone!!!!!!!!

PUPPY/DAVID HODGSON - APERTURE - CDR…David is having much success doing it the truly independent way. He's an active member of several list discussion communities, is a productive member of society, and a prolific artist whose music has been well received - it not only crosses boundaries, but is innovative, engaging, very full, layered, emotional and very well produced. There's 10 tracks on this project that will definitely impress you with the range of sounds and influences contained. Please note that when I describe a track as being D&B, it actually falls into that category only as far as the general beat patterns…he makes his own, distinctive derivation of the form. Here's a rundown of the flava of the tracks-

*1-awesome reverb on the bass, dramatic D&B, deep mysterious vibe, nice percussion, rollin...

2-noisy D&B, thick vibe, travels, tuff 'n deep, all kinds of stuff going on, long involving mix-up!...

3-Funky, great flute, feels like go-go then goes breaky, jazzy, neat bongo's...

*4-ruff tuff attitude, D&B big beats strong with lovely bits, neat experiment with the stop 'n start-like paragraphs in a short story each one tells a little bit different angle and goes on a bit more into the tale, you don't really focus on the music elements here-more the feel of it...

5-a bit frightening! But then, not so much. funky technoid D&B, thick 'n deep, there's jazz lurking beneath the surface! comes closer and closer...

6-deep mysterious roller, thick vibe, neat under-sounds swiping...

*7-that deep industrial-like feel, thick mashed drums and bass, cool pulsating feel, neat percussive bits, intensity builds, far-off horn reps, Insane feel!...

8-horny pulsating bass, breaky rhythm, deep 'n moody with organ-izations, goes to quik rollin D&B and gets furious...

*9-ooooh! Builds nice! deep, with kinds menacing feel, great percussion, shakity, growling bass, layers of sounds...

*10-breaky rhythm, synth electro-like that changes to classic techno based ones, lovely atmosphere, flowing, kinda trippy, soothing, deep, great bass...

His web site is a testament to his work, check it at -

KUMQUAT - ST - KUMQUAT…So, this guy, Fred Church, offered this CD of his free to anyone who responded to his post on a certain Net-discussion list. I sent in my request, and a scant 2 weeks later was pleasantly surprised to find it in my mail...and was quite impressed! The packaging, the art, the CD design, heck, even the box it was sent in was all designed beautifully! The concept of it all is sampeldelica with a great sense of humor and a good beat. On to the tunes. The first one *'Circle Stars' is one of the best - it's light, sweet, fun 'n funky. A woman's voice, like a kindly teacher intones names of shapes while neat acid sweeps, strings, chill beats, bells and such keep the heads nodding. *'In the Wonderful World of Science' has funky acid, funny samples, some cuteness, great drummins, xylophones and other sounds. *'The Windmills The Fairies' is very funky 'n groovey in a chill kinda way…it's got lots of neat German vox samples. 'The Lawn is Gonna Die' is kinda weird 'n fun jazzy music and voices set against a neat downbeat with nice piano, twinklings, percussion, horns, and acid. 'Gradually Expanding Rutabaga' is neat! Acid-rock…spacey, funky, chill and wild! 'Everyone is afraid of Clowns' is downbeat, ala Trip Hop, but lots of fun, "dum dum dum dum dum"…there's a great old-time organ, neat voices, a scratchy rekkid sound and strings. Other tracks have a guitar driven space-rock sound, some 70's loungey rock, groovy funk, and lots and lots of amusing sounds and voices…definitely something here will catch yer ear, so seek it out!

Check his website for fun facts about his music -

THE KING - GRAVELANDS - ARK21… Well OK then. When I first heard about this, I was like, Ok, I'll give it a spin, it sounds interesting. Then, when I actually heard it, well, in between laughter was a realization that, hey, this guy Really does sound like a re-incarnation of 'The King'. No, not 'The King' but an amazing facsimile thereof! This guy, James Brown (no, not That James Brown!) is a married, father of 5 postman in Belfast who "has been blessed with Presley's singing voice". The concept on this CD is to have him do songs by dead rockers, sort of a 'tribute'…"What would Elvis Presley be singing if he were alive today?" asks the press release, answered by this interesting selection of tunes, including a Presley hit, 'That's all Right Mama' (Really good! So close!). My faves here are, 'Come as You Are' it's real good, feels fine…great inflection and emotion…I think Kurt would have liked it! 'Voodoo Child' is wild…Elvis would have approved! "Whole Lotta Rosie' Rocks out! 'I Heard it Through the Grapevine' is pretty funny actually, well done, kinda eerie in a way. Take a listen if'n you can to this, you may be surprised…btw, I heard his live show is really something!

BRIAN HARDEN - INNER INSTINCTS - NITE LIFE COLLECTIVE…This here's a full length that delivers that deep Chicago sound. 8 slices of deep groovers. Highlights for me were, 'Peaceful Thinking' where deeply brushed filtered accents and stompin beats backed with dancey percussive shakins intertwine with deep twirling muted synths, twinkly touches and long synths. '2:00' has clear stompin beats, a funky bassline, neat hats and filtering keys with a warping melody that's trippy! 'Live in Chicago' has sharply percussive rolling toms, flowing organs, stompy steppin beats, horn and string accents and a great sense of energy that's runs deep. 'Happy Days' is a lovely brushed up deep pulsing stepper that's horney and twinkling.


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