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Technotic Culture 
There's a new world out there all right, and you'll have to be brave to master it!  

Check out the The Labor of Love Link Lounge, where a virtual world of technotic experience awaits! Just settle back and click on the couch for a randomly generated tour... 

T/C is also home to a more traditional, yet Curiously Odd Links Page, and to the link-like Cuppa Joe, which'll pump yer morning full of all the on-line news and info you'll ever need, conveniently gathered in a cheery pass-the-sugar, Diner-like setting. 

T/C will also soon be the home of resident and guest opinions and insights into, well, the future of everything! 

Technotic Music 
Call it Techno, Dance, Electronica, Acid, Whateva... It's all about electronic music and the beat of life. 
Check out the latest soundz in RealAudio, including extended mixes by resident Dj Linda Leigh/L3 and special guests, at Top Technotic Tunes 

T/M is where you can peep current and previous issues of The Technotic Times, L3's monthly massive missive on the Technotic music scene. 

T/M is also host of the Technotic Timetable, a world-wide guide to real-time Net-centric events. 


Services, Staff 'n' other Stuff 

Technotica Tool Kit 
Here's a handy spot to pick up the apps and plug-ins that will make Technotica.com sing. (literally!) 

Your 2 Cents 
Contact, Contribute, Complain... Here's how. 

Want to know who's responsible for this Wacky Web Site? Want one for yourself? Need some other kind of Technotic tasks tackled? Then check out Technotica/Design creative services. 


Technotic Art 
An electronic gallery of both fine and technology-related arts. Exhibits change on a regular basis, so be sure to check out the calendar of upcoming exhibitions! 

 T/A is home to the Technotic Cinema, your one-stop hop to the best in essential techno-centric motion picture entertainment. 

Technotica.com, dedicated to the future of everything!
Now, what exactly does that mean, you ask? Well, as we hurtle towards the 21st Century, it is becoming more and more obvious that humankind's technology, the fruit of our collective labors to understand and master the physical world, has begun to surpass -- and even, on occasion -- to obliterate our interaction with the natural world.
It is easy, of course, to condemn this emerging reality -- which is in its' very essence 'unnatural' -- because of the many potentially negative effects it can have on the individual and society as a whole: Alienation, Isolation, Disassociation, etc.
It is also too easy to proclaim that emerging mega-communications infrastructures, such as the Internet, are the ultimate triumpth of the human spirit, a testament to our ability to interact and create, and serve as the welcome mat at the foot of the inevitably destined doorway to a technotopia of automated, electronic bliss -- a totally technology-focused future of humankind.
We at Technotica believe that in this increasingly bifurcated world, an approach towards understanding -- and of mastering -- the dawning Technotic age from either of these extremes is inappropriate and ultimately doomed to failure...
Only by frankly acknowledging the inevitable impact and potential of technology, and balancing that fact with a healthy respect and understanding of the immutable, non-technological natural essence of the universe, can we, as a sentient species, continue to grow in both intellectual knowledge and emotional wisdom.
The Basis of all Technology is Human Interaction...
And that is why we believe the Technotic world is indeed 'the future of everything.'
On these Web pages, we present a forum for mapping the technotic edge. Technotica.com is both vehicle and messenger, a showcase for -- and example of -- the union of technology and creativity. An electronically assembled mind ship, dedicated to exploring the far boundaries of the humankind's efforts to devine and express the vital essence of being. We hope you enjoy your visit here, and that you will come back often! We promise to deliver a continually changing 'window' on the increasingly Technotic world we live in.
We appreciate your interest in Technotica, and would enjoy hearing your comments and suggestions.
Please contact us at Yo!@technotica.com. We look forward to hearing from you!
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